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You Won’t Find That At A Yard Sale…

Well my parents and I were bored sitting at home one afternoon and they told me we were going to shop at yard sales "yee haw" is what I was thinking. After we were on our way to town my dad told me I had to get something at the first place they stopped, I was like "yea sure okay where's a car at for sale?" he laughed and told me to think smaller, so puzzled I sat in the backseat thinking of something, and then dad stuck his tongue out at me which was pierced, from a dare a ... read more

The Bigger the Better II

The History From as far back as I can remember I was fascinated with tongue piercings. I thought it was hot. But I was more into having something in your mouth to play around with. Well when I was 16. But I waited like a good little girl till I was 18 because my parents said they'd have it surgically removed if I pierced it before then. *EGASP!* Ha, but more out of respect than fear I chose to wait. My tongue actually popped my "body piercing cherry" (If you don't include ears, which I don't). I got it because ... read more

Painless and Hiding it is the easiest part.

Well my mom has never been the piercing type. She doesn't think its "ladylike" and also thinks its personally disgusting. She's okay with ears.. that doesn't really matter for her I guess, I finally convinced her after two years to get my belly button pierced last year, and I have always been begging her to let me get my tongue pierced. She refuse's every single time. So my friend Brianna and I have had it in our heads that we were going to get our tongues pierced since about the middle of sophomore year. Up until last week we never ... read more

no numbing cream, huh?

This was my first piercing. I had been planning on getting a VCH as well my tongue, but I decided I didn't think I could go without kissing aaaand sex at the same time, so I decided I'd start with my tongue. I debated it all week and kept making excuses to not get it done (pussying out). Finally, one Friday afternoon after work, I called up my friend and ask him to come with me for support, and took the train into NYC. I met up with my friend and we make our way down to St. Mark's Pl, ... read more

My second center tongue piercing!

I got my tongue pierced for the first time in 2005 two weeks before my 16th birthday. After having that, I had fallen in love with double pierced tongues. It took me over two full years to convince my parents to FINALLY allow me to get a second (now at 18.) On September 7, 2007, I finally got my parents to take me to get it done. I walked in, and told the guy at the front I wanted a second tongue piercing, he was eating and I think when I said what I wanted, the food went down the ... read more

My perfect center tongue

I woke up in the middle of the night, about three months ago. Back then it was my habit was to ask myself every night "what do I want?" or "what kind of person do I want to be?" Well this question doesn't seem to really have any sort of answer, but one night, I woke up and I had this idea in my head that I really wanted to get my tongue pierced. I might have gone and done it the very next day, except that my boyfriend of three years was opposed to the idea saying "name one ... read more

Mijn tongpiercing

Het kriebelde al langer als een jaar... Toch maar eerst onzichtbare piercings genomen want mijn baas is niet blij met piercings! Ik zag verschrikkelijk op tegen een dikke tong... ook iets waarvoor ik eerst een tongsurface (onder mijn tong) heb laten zetten... De zwelling viel me bij deze peircing heel erg mee... De pijn daarin tegen niet! Arg! Wat deed dat pijn! Dit viel heel tegen in vergelijking met mijn tepel bijvoorbeeld... Hierbij had ik 3 dagen last van mijn tong maar kon meteen weer eten, de zwelling viel mee... Deze piercing is helaas binnen een maanduitgrgroeid wat me eigenlijk ... read more

matching tongue web piercings for two friends going separate ways

By the time I graduated highschool at the age of eighteen, I already had several piercings (nipples, nostril, stretched lobes, other ear piercings) and knew I wanted to have more done. Piercings were something that my best friend through highschool and I got into together - we went together to have our nipples done some time ago, and we were both stretching our ears. After graduation, we were faced with the reality that we were going off to different universities in different provinces, so we decided to get matching piercings to commemorate our friendship and as a last send-off toward ... read more

I feel so stupid!

So I know you're reading this to see how various tongue piercings have went for other people. You probably don't have a tongue piercing yourself, and you're probably thinking about getting one. At least that's why I visited this site before I got mine done. I had to see how others went first. So, my tongue piercing went beautifully. They tell you to look at the shop to make sure it's clean before you get it done. In my scenario, I was too damn nervous, and everything ended up going so damn fast. But I went with a buddy who ... read more

Tongue web DIY again.

Stef again. So last night at about 3am I pierced my web with a sewing needle. I have already written a story about that. Just to cut it short, my bellybar was too big to go through the hole because a sewing needle is really thin. So I decided to leave it until I got a CBR the next day and re-pierce it then. So today I woke up and my web was slightly sore and a little swollen from last night. It was ok to eat and talk etc. but kind of sore to move my tounge around too ... read more

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