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My Hot New Tongue piercing

To be honest I had always thought that tongue piercings were disgusting, just plain weird and probably dangerous. I'd heard loads of stories about people being paralysed and losing their sense of taste. Then I saw a guy on the train and he licked his lips giving a glimpse of his tongue piercing, I swear I had never seen anything sexier. From that moment on my view on tongue piercings changed but I still didn't think that they were a good idea. Then I got my scaffold piercing and caught 'the piercing bug'. I was having a discussion with a ... read more

My Beautiful Tongue Web

Since I turned 16, it's been almost a tradition for me to get a new piercing when my friends and I went on a road trip. I've known that Absolution was the only place I wanted to get "real" piercings (not ears etc.) and tattoos since I got my septum pierced there a few weeks after my 16th birthday. Somehow I just trusted the staff there with sticking needles through me more than anyone else I'd ever encountered. (Plus, Absolution is the name of an album by my favourite band :D) After my last piercing (frontal helix) I was at ... read more

My B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l Tongue Piercing

The day I decided I was going to get my tongue pierced was sometime about four years ago, since then I've been begging and pleading with my Dad to let me get it done. I love them, they look so awesome to me. I have a couple of friends who have them and didn't have any problems with them so that helped to convince my Dad to let me get them. He was reluctant for a long time but eventually just gave up trying to convince me out of getting it. I have already had my navel, hips (surface) and ... read more

Working Myself Up For Nothing...

Okay, well where to begin? I guess I will start by telling about the days leading to this event. First off I will tell you that this was my first piercing or body modification ever, and usually I am not the person to do this kind of thing, but my girlfriend really wanted to get it done, and I had considered it in the past so I figured, "What the Hell?". I live about three hours south of where I got this piercing done, and we were planning on going up there that weekend to visit family, so we figured ... read more

An Awful Pinch

I am a 19 year old with a navel ring I've had for almost 4 years, I've had my nose pierced twice and my ears are pierced twice also. Not to mention I have 2 tattoos on my back and a large tattoo going from my hip to underneath my left arm. You'd think I'd have no hesitation with needles but getting my tongue pierced was a totally different story. When I was younger I told myself I would get my navel pierced at age 16, my first tattoo at age 17 my nose pierced at age 18, and my ... read more

Tongue Piercing; loving it!

Several days ago, I decided to get my tongue pierced (central). The thought had briefly crossed my mind previously, but I had always been too scared for two reasons: my father would completely flip, and the pain (I have a very small pain threshold). Recently my father went to Oman for a work trip, so I seized the opportunity to have a few piercings. I got my labret done for the second time, and now I decided to face my fear and live the dream of having my tongue pierced. After school, I hopped onto YouTube and watched a few ... read more

Patience, grasshopper!

Alrighty. My tongue piercing experience. I got it done twice. Let me briefly talk about the first time. I go to school in a somewhat shady city (Waco, anybody? haha) But I'm from Austin, so I decided to go to Austin to get my piercing one weekend. Everything went fine, the guy was real nice and professional. He told me everything before he did it and showed me the autoclave and all that. Pierced it, didn't hurt, had some ice, and went on my way back to school. All the normal stuff like swelling and rinsing and ice for the ... read more

Newest in a line of self-piercings

All right, two days ago I pierced my tongue web. It is definitely, my favorite piercing of mine, right next to my two cartilage piercings. I have a love of piercings, but I'm sure this will be my last, unless I trim down and get my navel pierced. Recently I have been looking though the depths of the internet for a piercing to aspire to when I was 18 and out of the grasp of evangelicals. (I go to an extremely catholic school, which is strange for me considering my 9 years of public education) I have always been fond ... read more

my tongue piercing

I had been wanting my tongue pierced for a long time but never did it because of my job and plus I had always been to scared because of needles all the complications that can go wrong with it. I hope this story/experience helps you in some sort of way. So decided to start researching about what they do ,how long it takes to heal,and how long it takes until your talking normal again. All the things I had read sounded really horrible like not being able talk or eat at all for a few days and on top of ... read more

Awesome piercing!

I wanted to wait a while before I wrote up my experience because I read too many here on BME that have been written on the day of the piercing which then have no information about healing and such. So I hope this covers anything you need to know. I've wanted my tongue pierced for a few years but with age being an issue I put it to the back of my mind and waited. It got to last summer (August 06) where I met a girl with her tongue pierced which sparked my interest again. Hearing nothing but positives ... read more

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