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My now beautifully adorned tongue!

Almost four years ago, I went to Italy (where I live now) for University and one year after I got there, I got my first tattoo, one year after that the second and third followed. My friends in Italy love them, my friends in Toronto hate them. Ah, gotta love that North American open-mindedness... Anyway, onto my tongue piercing story: November 2007 was a month of tongue piercing sightings for me! I saw them everywhere! I started to consider one for myself so I watched YouTube videos, read Yahoo! Answer articles and all sorts of other things on the Internet ... read more

My New Favorite!

Ever since I was about 14, I've been interested in piercings. Several years and thirteen piercings later, I was itching for something new. I had already pretty much covered my face, and wasn't really interested in anything on my ears. So, after some thought, I decided on getting my tongue done. I knew my friends wouldn't like it (they have the misconception that tongue piercings are trashy and for whores) but I didn't care, its what I wanted done. I went to the shop where I got my snakebites done, but the piercer was sick, not sick enough to miss ... read more

My first piercing at 25 yrs old

Well just got my first piercing at 25 years of age, I have never even had my ears pierced and went strait for the tongue. It was not that bad the clamp hurt more than the needle. Just wanted to share my experience because I kind of went against the rules. Before I got pierced the Artist told me not to change my tongue ring for at least six weeks, well I could not wait, exactly one week later I changed it. I use allot of mouth wash all day long and Gly-Oxide as well. To my surprise it is ... read more

Il mio 4° piercing

Due mesi fa ho fatto il monroe (labbro superiore, laterale), e poco dopo mi è venuta voglia di fare il tongue...uno tira l'altro!:D E' il mio quarto piercing, ma ogni volta è come se fosse la prima...mi ci è voluto un pò per sentirmi davvero pronta! Non avevo paura del dolore (ormai, bene o male, so cosa si prova), ma del dopo...del gonfiore, della lingua dolente, di non riuscire a parlare bene, di soffrire la fame, delle sensazioni che avrei provato nell'avere un corpo estraneo in bocca. Ma mi sono informata per bene, e alla fine ho deciso: lo faccio! ... read more

Everything I dreamed of and MORE!!

So, I came on here and read about half a million stories when I found out I was going to have the opportunity to finally get my tongue pierced. I had wanted one in high school, but growing up in a very strict religious home, with an extremely emotional mother, I couldn't do it for fear of her losing it. I had a couple of friends who had their tongues pierced in high school, and I was always jealous. I wanted the cool tongue ring and to try it out on my boyfriends... but now I have a boyfriend that ... read more

Double center tongue piercing...and aftercare!

I had been planning a trip to Mali with my boyfriend that was due to take place in early January, but I just broke up with him last week (hence, no more trip). Bummer on the travel front, but I figured to celebrate my newfound singleness; rejoice in the fact that I would be remaining in California, with water clean enough to wash fresh piercings in; give myself a pat on the back for being almost done with school for the semester; and just because I hadn't gotten a new piercing for a few months and was feeling a little ... read more

Taste the new obsession.

I had been pestering my dad to let me get my tongue pierced since I learned about it. Not for sexual reasons, as everyone assumes...just to make me happy. He constantly said no, but on the 3rd of July 2007 he randomly asks if I'd like to get it done the next day. I couldn't help but ask why and I found out that my aunt was going to get a tattoo that would take ages and she wanted my dad there. Of course I said yes after hearing the explanation, and the nerves started up. Before this I could ... read more

She finally said yes!

I have always wanted my tongue pierced, since I was about 10 or 11 years old. I don't know why I was always attracted to it, but I was. I turned 18 this summer, this is now December 07, and already have two tattoos and my belly button pierced. I started doing research, by visiting websites such as this one and reading good and bad experiences, which is very important to know what you are dealing with. The first couple of conversations I had with my mom about it were pretty negative. She kept saying no because she thinks it ... read more

Ouch!. I didnt expect that.

I'm 16 and have been waiting for this tongue piercing to happen now forever!. My mom was real iffy about me getting it done it took her at least a month or 2 to actually let me get it done. I also have my labret nose and navel twice which she was fine with but this was a little hard to get her to come around. It was about midnight and me and her were up just talking like usual and I asked if I could get it and she said fine Casey. I was SUPER! Excited and couldn't wait ... read more

My tongue piercing experience

Now to clarify that it was not 6 months ago, it was seven months ago and go strong. My decision to get my tongue pierced was a week prior to my birthday. My parents had asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I hadn't decided what I wanted for my birthday, which is unlike me for I want the world. I told them let me think about it. They told me okay and let me watch my TV. While I was watching Mythbuster (Love that show) I saw for a myth that one of the mythbusters (I think it ... read more

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