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Not my best piercing experience.

I had dabbled with the idea of getting my tongue pierced over the last couple years but had never seriously considered it. For background info, I have three cartilage piercings, my nostril and my nipples pierced, as well as having had 2g lobes in the past. The last little while I have been experiencing some serious piercing cravings (if you have a few extra holes, I'm sure you know what I mean), but kept saying there was nothing left I really wanted to pierce. However, yesterday, two of my best friends decided they wanted to go and get matching tattoos. ... read more

my tragic tongue

Tragic tongue I want to start off by saying this shouldn't make anyone not want to get their tongue pierced. I just have some rediculous bad luck. I've wanted my tongue pierced for a really long time. I had to wait till I had a job that allowed it and I had moved out of my house. So I did because I am restpectfull to my parents wished even though nothing would make me happier that giving my mother a heart attack. But I digress. It took me a few years, but I have my own place and everythings gravy. ... read more

My tongue-web of awesomeness

Seeing as I like to roam about here on BME frequently, I feel I should perhaps contribute my own little slice to the infinite wealth of knowledge contained here. =D. So let's begin. I've always liked piercings. I've always wanted a piercing a little more exciting than just my earlobes [which were pierced with evil guns when I was a wee girl and subsequently healed over. Ah well.] But what was always the question. It began with my eyebrow when I was thirteen or so. Then my lip. Then my tongue. How about an industrial, that's pretty cool. But no, ... read more

My Tongue Piercing Experience

I use to say that I would never get my tongue pierced. However, the years have gone by since that remark and the idea of a tongue piercing was growing on my brain. Then about a week ago, I was out with some friends and I finally decided to just go do it. I, myself, am the type of person who wants something like a tattoo or a piercing at that moment and has to go get it right then. Otherwise, I usually end up not getting it. Which is what I did with all five of the tattoos I ... read more

good ol' Venoms

Well, as an avid bme visitor, I've become obsessed with various body mods and rituals. A lot of them are out of my reach, or I'm not committed enough to them, so I just end up admiring them through my computer screen. One of the piercings I've been into for a while which was quite possible for me to get were the 'venom' piercings. Now, I already have my center tongue, belly button, nipples, septum, conch, and ears stretched. I also have a rib tattoo and a foot tattoo, which are pretty big, so I'd say I'm pretty good with ... read more

aftercare far worse than actual piercing, definitely bearable though

This is the story of my tongue piercing. I was going to Sydney on Friday with a girl friend and decided that a tattoo would be far too expensive and spontaneous so decided I would get my tongue pierced instead. I do not suggest planning it out like this. Well I do, but don't set a particular date because this is what I did and ended up psyching myself out..almost. So I decided to buy all the necessary aftercare stuff, such as a new toothbrush and liquid meals, thinking if I prepared this much I wouldn't back out in the ... read more

A Painless Piercing and Useful Tips They May Not Give You

I've wanted to get my tongue pierced since I was probably 14 years old, I've just always thought that they were incredibly sexy. The only thing that discouraged me was the fact that it may be viewed as "gay" since I'm a little bit feminine anyway and that I just had to wait until I turned 18. After my 18th birthday the idea of a piercing was in my mind more and more, just begging to be put into action. After I found out my sister's new boyfriend has a tongue piercing, I made up my mind. I was going ... read more

A great tongue piercing experience.

After getting my septum pierced about 4 months earlier, I decided that it was time for something new to adorn my body. I had been thinking about a tongue piercing for quite some time. I thought it would suit me fine and I like piercings that can be hidden easily, since my parents don't fancy the idea of their daughter getting pierced and it might be a problem for my job later on as well. When I'm considering a new piercing, I always make sure that I'm well informed. I had been looking at the BME encyclopedia risks – section ... read more

restoration of my fave piercing....

I originally had my tongue pierced about 2 years ago, I loved it from the moment it was done. I went back to place (not other side!) where I had it done to get the bar changed to a shorter one, and it was ok..or so i thought...The bar was slightly too tight, so I loosened it a bit, didn't think I had loosened it as much as I did...but there you go, went to bed, woke up next day...bar on my pillow, ball in stuck down the side of my mouth....NO MORE TONGUE PIERCING.... I was gutted. So that ... read more

My first piercing, the least painful yet

Ever since I was 12, I have wanted my tongue pierced. Before all the emo kids started getting snake bites and multiple lip piercings and before any of my friends thought it was cool. I wanted people to see me and say "Wow, that's a piercings I have never seen before". At the time it was unique, although its not so much anymore. It was the summer of 6th grade, I went into a piercing parlor with my dad while he got his first tattoo. I was not aloud in the back with my dad so had to sit up ... read more

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