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craigs tongue piercing

I remember when I was little over nine years old and my brother came home with a tongue piercing. This was the time in my life when I began to see that normality meant different things for some people. As soon as I seen this piercing I wanted it I asked my mum if I could have it and been little over nine years old she laughed in my face and said no. Over the years though the desire for a tongue piercing never ceased I wanted this piercing and I was going to get it. Although there was a ... read more

Aftercare is a Bitch

I have a fair few piercings and got the urge to get something else about a month ago.I saw a girl with cute venom piercing, two piercings either side her tongue. I thought, why not, my cousin recently had her tongue pierced in the center and had no problems with it . I the place I go to for all my piercings is safe and clean and have a £10 piercing offer on so why not ! Im more than familiar with this place, ive had 2 lip piercings, lobes, nose and both tragus' done here, ive been with my ... read more

A Change In Perception

Growing up, I wouldn't have ever thought that I would one of these types of people that would have any form of body piercings. I grew up "under a rock" - overprotective parents with limited interactions with the outside world. This was further instilled when I moved to an upper middle class neighborhood where it seemed to me that nobody wanted anything to do with something that deviated from the norm. A few years later, full of rebellion and a desire to see past the boundaries that were built for me, I started working at a Wendy's. Wendy's did more ... read more

Tongue piercing that's lasted well

Of all my piercings, past and present, my tongue has been the most long lived. This piercing took place before I had ever stumbled upon BMEzine, or dabbled in much body-mod/experimentation. I was fairly clueless about piercing methods, or even the extremes that body-modding has been taken to by people around the world. At eighteen I was in the habit of skipping class, as I was bored with high school, and had just gotten my first car. There weren't any piercing shops at the time in my small home town on Vancouver Island (called Ladysmith), but there were a few ... read more

S'grand (Y)

So finally after months of waiting,, I got my tongue pierced yesterday =]. I'd been planning for weeks and my dad finally gave in and gave me the money to get it done. On the morning he tried to convince me not to get it done but I told him he may fuck off kos its my tongue not his. He did make me a bit nervous though. So I went into town yesterday morning with a couple friends and waited for my other friend to come in because the piercing place scared me and my friend knew all the ... read more

Piercing senza problemi!

Mi sono documentata molto prima di andare nello studio e farmi forare la lingua... Video, consigli, esperienze di chi l'aveva già fatto. Ma in fondo ognuno è diverso e non avrei saputo come il mio corpo avrebbe reagito finché non l'avessi fatto. Quindi un mattino entro nello studio che tempo prima mi aveva vista fare un tatuaggio e tranquillamente dico di volere il piercing alla lingua. Ok! La ragazza mi fa sedere sul lettino e mi chiede se sono tranquilla. Certo! è importante non essere agitati o in ansia, credo sia fonte di dolore al momento del foro... Le ho ... read more

"Oh my god AHHHHHH"

Can I just clarify the person screaming there was my best mate, who is a total wimp ;) Well about 4 months ago now actually my mum struck a deal with me. She detested my flesh tunnels with a passion, and one afternoon watching tele she came up to me "Liv. If you promise me, you will shrink those blasted holes to an acceptable size, i'll let you get your tongue pierced." I was shocked, but aggreed, I mean, I only have 2 years left at home before I can re-stretch them :P So yeah, that weekend I woke up ... read more

Not my best piercing experience.

I had dabbled with the idea of getting my tongue pierced over the last couple years but had never seriously considered it. For background info, I have three cartilage piercings, my nostril and my nipples pierced, as well as having had 2g lobes in the past. The last little while I have been experiencing some serious piercing cravings (if you have a few extra holes, I'm sure you know what I mean), but kept saying there was nothing left I really wanted to pierce. However, yesterday, two of my best friends decided they wanted to go and get matching tattoos. ... read more

my tragic tongue

Tragic tongue I want to start off by saying this shouldn't make anyone not want to get their tongue pierced. I just have some rediculous bad luck. I've wanted my tongue pierced for a really long time. I had to wait till I had a job that allowed it and I had moved out of my house. So I did because I am restpectfull to my parents wished even though nothing would make me happier that giving my mother a heart attack. But I digress. It took me a few years, but I have my own place and everythings gravy. ... read more

My tongue-web of awesomeness

Seeing as I like to roam about here on BME frequently, I feel I should perhaps contribute my own little slice to the infinite wealth of knowledge contained here. =D. So let's begin. I've always liked piercings. I've always wanted a piercing a little more exciting than just my earlobes [which were pierced with evil guns when I was a wee girl and subsequently healed over. Ah well.] But what was always the question. It began with my eyebrow when I was thirteen or so. Then my lip. Then my tongue. How about an industrial, that's pretty cool. But no, ... read more

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