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My First Oral Piercing

It has become pretty popular for people to get their tongues pierced. When I first saw this when I was younger I wasn't really interested in getting it done. I thought it was a bit trashy so I decided it was a piercing that I just wasn't up for. I tend to be a bit girly and I just thought any piercing on my face would seem a bit extreme. But as I came to be about 16 I started becoming obsessed with body mods. I decided that screw it, I may be girly but with the personality I had ... read more

I Finally Did It!

*for the record, my friend's father is a professional. I wouldn't let anyone less that a professional go anywhere near me with a needle!!!* I've always loved piercings and tattoos and the like. My friends have them, and so do my mother and aunts. But getting any other piercing but my ears until I was 18, now that was a whole other ballgame. My father is a complete conservative when it comes to this type of stuff, I always asked my mom since I lived with my father, and she always said sure, but then my father would find out ... read more

Bad frickin idea.

Alright here goes. I wasn't originally gonna write about this, but I thought it was pretty valid so this is it. A year and a few days ago, I decided I really wanted a piercing. I've always, since I was small had interest in body modification, long before I even referred to it as such. It just came natural to me. I had started hanging out with more people with similar interests. They opened up my eyes to it and made me a helluva lot more accepting. I really wanted a mod and even more so I wanted an IAM ... read more

what was supposed to be a center

When I was ten saw somebody with a tongue piercing. I automatically fell in love with it. When I asked my mom if I could get she immediately said no. I didn't even have my earlobes pierced. Every year, for my birthday, I asked if I could get it done and each year she said no. when I turned 15 she let me get my nose pierced. When I turned 16 she let me get a tattoo and still she would not let me get my tongue pierced.By that time I was fed up and would do almost anything to ... read more

tongue piercing

I had my first tongue piercing done in November 1999. It was 12g and I wore it constantly, I stretched it up a bit to 8g in fall '00 but went back to 12 shortly thereafter because it annoyed me. I took it out completely in summer '01 but to my surprise, it never closed up. Over the next few years I wore it intermittently when I felt like it. In spring '03 I decided I wanted it split but I had just moved to Cleveland, Ohio from Seattle where the artist I knew and trusted for that type of ... read more

The awesomeness

My (JUST underage) tongue piercing experience has been amazing: it is a tale of pain, perfection, and insanity, starting with my discovery of the piercing place called "Golden Body Rings:" the only place I could find that would do an oral piercing for someone under 18 (I am 17 btw, not.. 10). I have only ever done my earlobes before, but this was the only other piercing I really wanted (more subtly sexy than bellybutton ring, sort of a dirty little secret piercing). The only iffy thing was the piercer guy, who I'd heard was kind of a creep... but ... read more

Now that is sexy....

As a young child I have always been fascinated with piercing of all kinds and of course also tattoos, but my family always raised me to be a "cleaner" image to what they would describe as "dirty" which I would just say, it's fucking sexy as hell to be covered in tattoo's and piercing, sorry but That's what I think! Ha-ha I've had previous piercing before my tongue piercing but this would be the second piercing I got from this place called "Kara's urban day spa" yeah their pricey, but if you want your piercing done right, for me it's ... read more

My tongue piercing and gauging.

A little warning about self-piercing, I advise everyone to go to a professional piercer and not attempt to pierce yourself. Many piercings are safe to do yourself but some can seriously injure you, possibly leading to death. And the story, So fall break is just around the corner and my mom and sister are taking a trip to the local piercing and tattoo shop, Just Another Hole. I hadn't been planning on getting anything pierced when I went but I had a bit of extra money and decided to get a new piercing. I had snakebites and my ear pierced ... read more

finalmente !

dunque, era da un pezzo che desideravo di avere il piercing alla lingua! E lo stesso nel quale battagliavo con i miei per un permesso. Ovviamente, essendo tempo fa ancora minorenne mi sarebbe servito un certificato nel quale uno dei miei mi autorizzava al ''trattamento''. Non ci sono mai riuscita; così decisi di inventarmi una frottola, chiamare la piercer di una mia amica, e farle bere che volevo prendere un appuntamento per mia figlia, ma che non avrei potuto assistere a causa lavoro;di conseguenza le avrei,per correttezza,fatto una telefonata che le desse il via libero. Lei, devo dire molto gentile ... read more

DIY tongue web

I'm going to start off by saying I will not discourage anyone from attempting to do their own tongue web. I'm a perfect example that if someone truly wants a self done piercing, they're going to do it regardless of what anyone else has to say. I just advise you take the proper precautions like I did, and be sure to follow up with aftercare. I must say, from my own experience, if you are going to DIY a tongue web is the way to go. It's quick, easy, and painless. Just don't be stupid about it! That said, here ... read more

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