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Easy tongue piercing.

I've always admired people with tongue rings, but I suppose I never pictured myself with one. I knew eventually, I'd get one, but it was never on the top of my list. After some stretching of my ears[I'm up to 1/2], my helix, and a pretty big tattoo, I was ready for a 'real' piercing. Of course, like all stupid teenagers I've had some DIY piercings. Belly button, tongue web, and I even tried to pierce my tongue once. My belly got infected, the tongue didn't work, and the tongue web is another story. For awhile, I attempted talking my ... read more

Double tounge ring fun

For the longest time I have wanted my tongue pierced but I knew that my parents wouldn't let me. I'm not a complete stranger to piercings ( I have a standard and inverse belly button ring) so I was never afraid to go under the needle. Around January of last year I decided that I would finally get it done. I had it done by a friend of mine who has done many piercings because I knew that I would never be able to get my parents signature for my piercing. She's done her own piercings and many other friends ... read more

My tongue piercing

Okay so it all started with some kind of fascination for piercings, 2 week previously I'd got a lower labret piercings and fell in love with it, next I'd already decided on my tongue. I went up a local studio, but this wasn't my best option – Careful, make sure you always use a reliable parlour and make sure your 100% happy. I chose this place as it was the only place that would do my piercings for me (as I was 14 at the time) I went into the studio where I was asked tow rite details on a ... read more

My New Tongue Bar

My experience started out with a trip into Aberdeen, to meet my new girlfriend. She had decided that she was going to go to Claire's Accessories to get the top of her ear pierced, my objection was that I know from general common sense that these kinds of places are not reputable piercers, and do not take much care in their work and a piercing gun can damage cartilage and cause ear collapse. So I decided to take her to a reputable piercer, and my usual idea is to go to Retro Rebels and have John Blake do the piercing, ... read more

Loving the tongue piercing

I got my tongue pierced about 6weeks ago, as a final act of teenage rebellion before I turned 20. I had been intrigued by tongue piercing's for a while, but hadn't actually seriously considered getting one myself. But when I started my new job two of my favourite people there both had them and encouraged me to get it done. So I did! I did a lot of research, even asked my doctor just to make sure I wasn't going to bleed to death or something similar. He told me a horror story about some chick who got an infection ... read more

I Love My Tongue Piercing!

I'm only 15 years old but I already have a lot of knowledge about piercings and body modification. For more than a year now , I've been very interested in it. I had triple pierced lobes , then at the age of 14 I self pierced my own right nostril. I didn't use a very good technique (in fact I used a sharp gun stud , but at the time I didn't no anything about piercings..) but it turned out fine and I've had it for a year now and nothing's ever happened to it :) I've also self pierced ... read more

Venom Piercings

First thing is first, I was absolutely terrified of getting these piercings! The sides of the tongue are made from quite thick muscles and has the lingual nerves each side, whereas the centre part is made from thinner muscle - I was preparing for some serious pain here, whether I needed to or not. Cold Steel was the studio that Samppa - madmax wanted to work from so that's where these were done. This was fine, apart from Coz (who works at Cold Steel) saying, rather loudly, how much he hated piercing venoms which he had to do on someone ... read more

Terrified Of Tongue Piercing?

Ok so here it goes! As a reasonably open-minded young(ish) woman, I had wanted to have my tongue pierced for a very long time. At that point (around 5 years ago) I'd had my earlobes done twice, the cartilage in my left ear done twice and my left nostril(with a piercing gun - oh horror of horrors!). However when it came to right down to having my tongue done I was one of those 'Oh my God! that must be horrifically painful so I'll just dream of having it done and never ever venture into a studio' kinda gals! Lots ... read more

My tongue web

I'm not huge on bod mods for myself, but I've always had a thing for them. I have 2 cartilage piercings, lobes, seconds and one tattoo, relevantly average. I'm a huge tattoo/piercing research freak, and recently I've had my eye on the tongue web. There's just something really sexy and appealing about it, and for a good couple of days last week I kept finding myself googling tongue webs. I've always wanted to get something unusual pierced, but could never think of something I could picture myself with, but the tongue web seemed perfect. So after it had been bothering ... read more

My First Oral Piercing

It has become pretty popular for people to get their tongues pierced. When I first saw this when I was younger I wasn't really interested in getting it done. I thought it was a bit trashy so I decided it was a piercing that I just wasn't up for. I tend to be a bit girly and I just thought any piercing on my face would seem a bit extreme. But as I came to be about 16 I started becoming obsessed with body mods. I decided that screw it, I may be girly but with the personality I had ... read more

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