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Center tongue - Day by day aftercare

DAY 1 Hell yeah, finally done! I wanted to get my tongue pierced for about two years from now! Well I just made it – like 11 hours ago. And even if, right now, it's not the most comfortable sensation I have felt in my life, I'm still pretty happy about it. I went to Le Slick Styled Steel because they have a pretty good reputation. When my friend and I got there, I wasn't that nervous... I was decided! The shop was very clean and I felt comfortable of getting my piercing there. While we were looking at the ... read more

tongue web, twice

After retiring all of my many piercings last year, I've wanted some metal in my mouth for a couple of months now. As i am sitting GCSE's at the moment, it's not really possible to get the facial ones which I very much want back. After deciding on tongue web as it's hidden and in my opinion a very pretty, I looked around for places in my area which did it for a reasonable price. My first place to check was 'Tigerlily' in Oxford town centre, as this is probably the safest bet with piercings, but I personally find the ... read more

My hot tongue piercing

Ok, so here goes. Ever since I was a kid, I've always been Into body modification. Whether it was a tattoo or piercing, I loved the idea of It. When I was a teen, I even bought a tongue ring and stuck it under my tongue, pretending it was real one. So one day, I started thinking about a new piercing. I already had my navel pierced so I knew I wanted another one. At first I wanted my eyebrow done but everyone was telling me I was to pretty to mess up my face. And then It hit me, ... read more

The Needle and Little Silver Ball

Making the decision to get my tongue pierced was not very difficult for me. I have known I wanted a tongue piercing since I was in my sophomore year in high school. A few of my friends have their own piercing's and play with them constantly (after the piercing was healed of course) and I would be jealous. I wanted my very own piercing. But sadly I'm not allowed to get my tongue pierced; my mom was strictly against it. Yesterday was my turning point. Last year I bought nipple piercing's for my friend and I. It was my friend's ... read more

My super perfect tongue piercing

Dopo molti anni di ripensamenti, ho deciso finalmente di fare il tongue piercing. La mia migliore amica lo aveva fatto già un paio di anni prima, il collega di mia madre l'aveva fatto ultimamente ed entrambi hanno cercato di convincermi, con ottimi risultati ^_^ Prima di farlo ho letto una marea di storie, ascoltato le esperienze dei miei amici, guardato foto fino alla nausea... volevo essere perfettamente informata riguardo a ciò che stavo per fare, il dolore che si poteva provare, i rischi, i tempi di guarigione e tutta la parte "noiosa" che ruota attorno alla pratica dei piercing. Raccolti ... read more

My new tongue piercing

Hi Everyone, Let me first start off by saying thank you, thank you to everyone who wrote their experiences on www.bmezine.com because without you guys writing your experiences about tongue piercing here I don't think I would have gone through with it. Lets start with a bit of background shall we, im Sarah, Im 20 and love piercings and tattoos. I have 4 Tattoos and a few piercings (tragus both sides, eyebrow, nose, Naval twice, nipple, various cartilage piercings on my ears and my industrial bar which has sadly been retired due to lack of healing) Onto the main story ... read more

My Little Secret

It was February 8th 2008. My fiance and I were staying with a friend while her dad was on vacation and my birthday was coming up on the 12th. I had told my fiance that I wanted my tongue pierced for my 21st birthday so he said he would pay for it. But we were going to wait until I went on my Spring Break from college to do so but I couldn't wait that long XD. So while my friend and I went out doing some errands and we got done early and I had the money on me ... read more

hurt more than friggin expected

Kay so, After my seventh ear piercing (three in each earlobe, and one cartilage), I decided that I would not pierce my ears any longer. Like any teenage girl, I thought of getting my belly button done, or my nose, but upon ninth grade arrival, EVERYONE, (well, like 85% of people - the "rebels" or crowd followers)had their belly button or their nose. That's when I realized those two are out of the running. One day, my friend brought up tongue piercings, she was joking, but I said "hm, that would be cool". Then I realized not many people had ... read more


Do you know those times in life when you do everything you aren't supposed to? The ones when you cut it really close and you're clinging to your ways out of nothing but stubbornness? Of course it all turns out alright in the end, but you know that you pushed your luck and the next time, well lets just say there isn't allowed to be a next time. This is my take on one of the aforementioned situations in my life. In no way do I highly recommend nor suggest any of the stupid choices that were made on my ... read more

I look soo cute

Ever since grade seven, I wanted my tongue pierced. I wrote up a huge letter to my parents listing the reasons why they should let me, but they still said no. I've had a handful of jobs but just never had the extra money to put aside to get it done. But then last week, I got my tax return, and decided to use it to finally get my tongue pierced! I'm now seventeen, in grade twelve, so it's been a long time of wanting this, I was super stoked. I got it done at Kreative Khaos, it's super clean ... read more

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