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I finally pluck up the courage to do my Tongue Web

I've always had a real interest in different piercings and one that not every one has.I already have an 12mm stretched lobes,an orbital,an industrial,2 ear daith piercings,3 sets of lobe piercings and my navel pierced. But I still don't feel finished. A huge problem with fulfilling this is parents. Don't you hate when they try to rule stuff that YOU want on YOUR body? Anyway.. im always trying to discover new piercings that I can hide from them... Then I came across the FRENULUM :) Perfect piercing..you can play with it see it whenever you want just by lifting your ... read more

DIY Tongue Web

Simply, i was itching for a new body piercing. I had already done my nipples any belly button myself, but i wanted more, more, more. It was the thrill of a needle breaking the skin, sliding a barbell or hoop in it's place, and squealing for joy when the ball was screwed on. It was like my nicotine- I couldn't go long without another taste. So, after some deliberation, i decided on a piercing my parents would not easily see, because while they are relatively laid-back people, they seem to find piercings rather unattractive (I had to beg for six ... read more

On a tongue piercing and its healing

The day after I finished my third year exams, I got my tongue pierced. I had planned on getting it done before the exams, as I thought that the two weeks of not silence and study would be a perfect environment to heal it in. My piercer advised me otherwise, though – he said that the stress of my exams would delay the healing, and it could distract me from my study if anything went wrong. So on May the 16th, I went in to V Piercing, beneath Inkwell Tattoo, in Dublin. Mark, the piercer, was tattooing someone when I ... read more

Nervous for NO REASON!

So, ever since I was 12 I've wanted my tongue pierced. Mom never wanted me to get it done, but once I turned 18 I made it VERY clear I would get one whether she liked it or not. She was totally convinced that if she didn't let me, I'd come home with tons of piercings just to spite her. She odviously doesn't know me veryyy well lol. After arguing for a few days, she caved in and took me. I was sooo excited I couldn't sleep. But finally the next day arrived and I got dressed to meet mom, ... read more

My venoms - painless piercings, painful healing

As I trundled around BME planning my next piercing I came upon the tongue piercing photo section. I'd never wanted my tongue pierced as I figured it'd make talking and eating difficult in everyday life, but I noticed the "Off Centre Tongue Piercings" section and had a look. In my relative inexperience I'd never seen these piercings before and I instantly loved them. 'Venoms' were more original than a regular centre tongue, and I love symmetry, so I investigated in my usual way by reading experiences. After I felt I could deal with the healing process, I chose my moment; ... read more

My 13th piercing! and I'm 14

Hi everyone. My name is Cassie and I have 13 piercings so far. I have wanted my tongue pierced for like 2 years now. The piercings I have so far are 3 lobes on each ear, 2 cartilage, 1 industrial,1 tragus, 1 nose ring, 1 lip ring and now 1 tongue ring! I have done a few of those myelf. I did my cartilage myself, my 6 lobes, my lip and my now pierced tongue. Ok. Fast forward like I would say three months ago. I wanted my tongue pierced really bad but my mom being the butt that she ... read more

Getting my tongue done!

Growing up, I was always confronted with body piercings and tattoos- thanks to my older sister. By the time child number four (me) arrived, my mother was already used to the "outrageous" body modifications one can have done. Four years ago when I turned fourteen, I was in the process of doing my everyday household chores as Judge Judy was yapping about the defendant, for he had many piercings and tattoos. Without thinking and more so hoping to scare mom, I blurted out, "Mom, I want to go get my tongue pierced this weekend. Come with me to sign the ... read more

Favorite Mod (so far)

I fell in love with tongue web piercings the day our camp counselor lifted up her tongue and flashed the kids with a bit of metal when I was eight years old. Mom and Dad were against any piercing that wasn't located on my earlobes, so I picked fights with them frequently. Mom told me she would take me to get it when I turned 18, but I could not wait that long. Luckily I had a friend who did piercings! She had been late on a few bills and needed the extra cash, so my friend agreed to pierce ... read more

[diy] Center Tongue

Let me start by saying that I, in no way, advocate self-piercing unless you know what you are doing. This means you have a decent understanding of the body's anatomy, have sterilized hollow gauge needles, help from a friend in case you screw up, and have autoclaved your jewelry. Don't be a moron. Anywho. A bit of background; I'm 16, I'm a huge fan of body modification, and I do all of my own piercings. I do not trust anyone else other than myself with my body, and I plan to pursue professional body piercing as a career. If I ... read more

A new me. New venoms.

After recently going through a long, drawn-out, divorce I decided it was time to do something different. I have had my tongue pierced before, but it was just the simple single barbell through the middle of my tongue. I wanted something no one else had. I had researched different piercings and came across a picture of a beautiful girl with venoms. I decided that is what I wanted. I had been saving my money for this special piercing for a few weeks. When the day had come that I had enough I gathered up my courage and headed for the ... read more

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