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Sweet Tongue Piercing!!!

Since I was ten years old I've wanted a piercing. I was ready to get my eyebrow pierced for my eleventh birthday but I totally got over it pretty quickly. So I got the idea of me getting a piercing out of my head because I kind of knew that it wasn't going to happen anytime soon. When I went to visit my sister Marie in Quebec for christmas vacation, she was talking about getting her tongue pierced. Which I really wasn't surprized because she's been wanting her tongue pierced for the longuest time ever so I didn't pay much ... read more

Overcoming fear

My first piercing (other than the usual earlobes) was a second lobe piercing that I did myself. Since then, I have gravitated towards letting professionals stick needles in me. I have seven piercings and one tattoo as of now, and I am planning on just a few more. Most recently, I got my tongue pierced in Montreal. I had wanted my tongue pierced for a while, and the only problems were finding a studio in which I felt comfortable while on vacation, and finding the courage to do it. The thought of getting my tongue pierced caused me a certain ... read more

my badass tongue web

[Just a little background information] I've been piercing myself and others for the past two years. All of my piercings are DIY and I don't recommend them unless you have the proper materials. Infections are not a joke. If you're 18 or over, just cough up the cash, you won't regret it! MY piercings and tattoos are hidden because my parents do NOT approve of them. I've had to take many piercings out simply because I knew they'd find out. I tend to do something and not think about the consequences. Not the greatest quality! I was determined to make ... read more

Easiest piercing I've ever had!

Here is my story about my center tongue piercing! About a month ago before I went on vacation I had the idea of getting a new piercing. I wanted to get it done a couple weeks before I went, but my friends wanted to go with me. So exactly three days before I went on vacation I went and got my tongue done! I didn't care about the pain, but for some reason all I was worried about was it swelling and me not being able to breathe. I have a lot of anxiety about breathing. I have asthma, and ... read more

DIY Tongue Piercing

First of all I want to start out by saying that DIY tongue piercing is very, very, very, risky and hitting a vein can cause you to bleed to death.Not to stop anyone who is dead set on doing it themselves, just to say so if your unsure about it don't take any chances. So now that it is mentioned time to go on with my story. Back a long long time ago I really, really, really, wanted my tongue pierced, but I was 16 years old. MY influences came from watching T.V. and seeing how some people had their ... read more

Another piece of metal in my tongue yay!!

Hi, my name is Aimee. I first discovered BME about 2 or 3 years ago. I think it's a great place to read other people's experiences and look at pictures! Any who...this is the account of my second tongue piercing. I already had one from about 4 months previous to my second. I have always been a fan of body mods. I love the way they make me feel, they sort of inspire confidence and comfort within myself and I feel like I am who I am supposed to be, and not just some robot going on with the mundane ... read more

After a long long wait!!

Well it all started about three years ago, I got my eye brow pierced as a reward to myself for having my son. At this time I was 15, and my mom still had to sign for me.. Well after they eye brow piercing, i went to the lip, that lasted maybe a week, then the belly button, which was healed in about four months, then the vertical labret which would NOT heal after eight months of trying, then the eye brow again, THEN they all disappeared for work.. so I began stretching my ears just for some fun, but ... read more

Not-so-long awaited tongue

It's taken me a couple of months to finally get my tongue pierced, due to various different engagements and money issues but I've finally bit the bullet and got a new hole. Tongue piercings, were always something I was around, be it due to family having those piercings or just random shop workers (when I visited Germany I saw a girl who had her smiley pierced. I was rather intriguied but thats for another story) but I never felt the need for one myself. Then along came a boy who will remain nameless. He has his tongue pierced three times, ... read more

Happy Tongue

A year ago or so I went to get my second piercing, which was tongue. I had moved to Toronto so I was looking for a good piercing parlor. Every source (friends, web) seemed to all recommend New Tribe, so I gave it a try. I had always also wanted to get a tongue piercing but decided to wait a little to see if it was just a spontaneous desire or did I actually want it badly. After much research and thought I decided I did want a tongue piercing. I arrived there, told them what piercing I wanted and ... read more

Finally My Tongue Piercing!

Getting my tongue piercing is probably a decision I have put the most thought into ever! My desire for one started when I was around 14/15 when I decided I would ever have the courage to do such a thing so I stopped thinking about it even. That was until I was 16 and I mentioned it to my parents, which didn't got down well at all...My Mum and Grandma both being nurses could not understand why I would want to put myself at such risk, and told me on the day I was going to go for it, if ... read more

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