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Piercing #2, My Tongue Piercing Experience

After my first piercing which was a Prince Albert I thought it would be over for me, I got the piercing I wanted and that was it. Then when I explored more of BME, I was hooked and wanted to get more, and my major goal is to get my tongue split. Though research and talking to a former piercer I decided to get a tongue piercing in hopes of stretching out the hole in my tongue and prevent or limit re-growth. The major problem for me at the time was I was in school, yes I have a job ... read more

My Tongue Piercing 25/07/08

I've always wanted a piercing so I decided to get my tongue pierced (as its interesting but also easy to hide for work). My boyfriend, my two best friends and I were going into Sydney for Sexpo, so I thought "Hey, that would be the perfect opportunity". BEFORE For about a week in I read up on tongue piercings with my main focus on what can go wrong. While some of the stories scared me a bit I was still determined. I then researched a few different piercing parlours in different areas and found this really professional one, Polymorph Piercing. ... read more

My lovely venoms

I had this amazing idea of getting my tongue pierced, but I had thought about it for the longest time. Finally I decided I was going to go through the pain of getting venoms, despite how much my mom said one hurt. At this point I had already had 15 piercings and I thought I would live. I had worked at a piercing shop for about 2 months now and after seeing no one come in and get it done, I though well hell with it, I'll be the first. Jessica (the piercer, and my coworker) agreed to do it ... read more

Mi Primer Pierce

WoOLa Desde hace mucho tiempo quería un piercing, de hecho, hace ya casi 8 años. A los 10 años me enamore del pierce en el ombligo, no podía pensar en otra cosa y tratando de bajar mi obsesión me compre aretes de presión, pero no funcionó, se veían tan bien que no podía esperar a tener uno de verdad. Le pedí permiso a mi mamá y después de un buen tiempo me dijo que sí, que ella iría peri yo tenía que encontrar el lugar. A pesar de que vivo en una ciudad pequeña no me dejaban salir mucho, claro ... read more

Word of Mouth

The title to this experience has more than one meaning, which you will understand once my story is finished. I decided approximately three years ago that I wanted a second tongue piercing, but was disappointed to be told that I couldn't have a one. Determination is usually a virtue but in my case I should have been less determined and more cautious. I went to ask if it was possible, and after some humming and hawing, yeah he agreed that it could be done, but only if I took out the one that I already had(that was crooked anyways) and ... read more

Third times a charm

Well after months, maybe even years, I finally got up the courage to get my tongue pierced. At 33 yrs old, I decided it was now or never! I drove up to a reputable tattoo shop in my town and spoke with the piercing apprentice. I told her I was thinking about getting it done, but I was VERY nervous. She told me if I wanted to do it, it's not to dwell and make myself so nervous, just do it. I agreed, signed the papers and I was on my way. I had done some research, watched a ton ... read more

glad I had it done

On Friday the 15th of August 2008, I decided to get my tongue pierced. I've wanted it done for a long time but could not persuade my mother to let me have it done. Most of the girls in work with me have got it done and I asked a lot of questions, that was then I decided I wanted it done for definite. After long arguments with my mother she finally let me have it done. I decided to have a big meal before I went in knowing after long nights of research on the internet that I will ... read more

Snake eyes Take 2

Okay, I had gotten my Industrial Bar done in July at the infamous John's Tattoo Shop in Islip, Long Island and since then I had been wanting for another piercing. So I searched around the web looking for different piercings instead of something someone else in school would have, and I came across surface piercings. They seemed pretty sick but as I read on, healing and taking care of it would've been a pain in mine. So I kept looking. One of my girls had the snake eyes done and they looked so cute on her! So that was it, ... read more

First piercing a success!

OK, let me start off by saying that Ive wanted this piercing for probably about 3-4 years before I actually was able to go do it. For one, I didn't know much about tongue piercings or piercings in general most of that time and I'm not a person to just jump into something like that. So it was coming up on my 18th birthday and I started looking into piercing more and more seeing as my parents would never let me get something pierced so I had to wait. Originally I wanted to get double off center tongue piercings (Ive ... read more

Self-Repiercing Tongue

I've been looking on different sites, mainly BME, for stories about repiercing your own tongue. I was unable to find anything about self-REpiercing, so I decided I would just do it and share my story in case anyone else was considering this. I had my tongue pierced about 8 months ago, but had to take it out 5 months ago because someone snitched on me for it. You see, in the Marine Corps, or any other branch of US Military for that matter, any body piercing on a male is unauthorized and therefore illegal to have. I loved my tongue ... read more

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