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My Daith Experience @ Psycho Tattoo

g src="daith.jpg" width=240 height=300 align=right> I moved to Israel in September 1997. My best friend Kristi came to visit me in February 1998. One day she mentioned that she wanted another hole in her upper ear cartilage. I suggested that we go get our ears pierced together as a souvenir of her visit. I had found a great piercer (Guy at Psycho Tattoo in Tel Aviv), and he had done my nostril and both nipples. We went by the studio, and he did Kristi's ear first. She just wanted a simple cartilage pierce about halfway up her outer ear. It ... read more

DIY Outer Conch

ome time ago, I wrote about my own do-it-yourself nipple experiences. Now I have a new story to tell, about helping to pierce my neighbor's outer conch cartiledge. College is full of pierced people, from the people with the 'trendy' piercing (navel, eyebrow, and now tongue), to the people with a serious interest in modifying their bodies. Just the other night, I saw a guy in the elevator with stretched lobes fit with metal loops that his earrings hung from. It looked really cool! Anyway, my neighbor came over one day and asked for some alcohol so she could clean ... read more

Jeremy's Tragus Piercing Experience and Grand Theft Auto

Jeremy's Tragus Piercing Experience and Grand Theft Auto I was getting into piercing, but I only had normal parts of my ear pierced. When I was a junior in high school, I got my left earlobe pierced (big whoop) and then once I got into college I pierced my cartilage.. I had to take that out because I was involved in army ROTC but once I decided I didn't like ROTC is when I started to experiment. In January of my freshman year in college I got my cartilage pierced again, and then I went to Trash American Style in ... read more

Ear stretching

'm a 16 year old boy who just love piercing, and I have quite a lot of them, including stretched earlobes.I'd never heard of such a thing as stretched earlobes until I visited a music festival 2 years ago. Me and some friends were strolling around town when we noticed a small piercing studio. At this time I had just one piercing, but my interest for it was still very big, so we went inside. Since I wasn't 18, I didn't expect the piercer to do any work on me, but I figured that I would just go inside and ... read more

Tales of a Repressed Childhood Piercing Fan

img src="ear.jpg" align=right width=290 height=389> I was a straight white male raised in a rather small New England town. I had wished ever since I was about 15 that I could have my ears pierced and go out in public like females without drawing undo attention. It wasn't that I was into fem-wear or TV, I'm perfectly straight, and I just felt that I wanted to do it. I knew it was a no-brainer that my parents would never understand and that they would probably send me off to Canada or something if I even suggested piercing my ears. At ... read more

Ear Piercing Tips and Lobe Stretching, Pauls way

A little history about me before i begin, i'm a 45 year old guy, i have a 6 ga PA, both nips are at 8ga, and i have 6 piercing in my left ear, one of which is a cartilage, and 1 piercing in my right earlobe. I got my first piercing, my left earlobe, about four years ago, and like lots of other people had it done at one of those mall ear piercing places. I know what you're thinking, that guns are bad, but at the time i wasn't online to read the FAQ's, or BME, but despite ... read more

sarah's ear stretching experience

'm 15 years old and have been fascinated with body piercing since before I can remember. One of my earliest memories is of being a toddler and wanting to pierce my hand webbing. So it's no surprise that, now reaching the brink of adulthood, I've been dying to shove some metal through my flesh. I begged my mother to let me get new piercings (other than ears) and she refused. I decided not to disobey her by getting pierced anyway. Here in Ohio (and in many other states) the only way a minor can be pierced is if 16 or ... read more

8g Tragus Dermal Punch Experience @ Infinite

ht now I am very happy to announce that I'm the brand spankin new owner of an 8g dermalled tragus! Not many people can say that, and no one that has ever been pierced at Infinite can, so says Jim Weber! He said that my traguses (or is it tragi?) are very large. At first I wasn't sure of what I wanted when I went in, ah the choices: tragus, anti-tragus, conch industrial, vertical lobe, hard to decide! Basically I really liked the look of the anti-tragus, and that was what I wanted. I showed both Jim and Jeff a ... read more

Sewing up my lobes.

first had my ears pierced when I was about 12, it being a "cool" thing do amongst our group. Well I guess it was for the rest but for me I felt it was something I needed to do for myself. Our different reasons seen when my friends were wearing a huge gold sleeper (with a VERY thin -ouch! - section going in the ear) in the single left lobe piercing, while I'm wearing 3 in the left and 2 in the right lobes with a couple of high cart piercing (is this that normal for a 14 year old ... read more

Tragus, Nipples, and lobes oh my!

'm don't exactly fit the average piercee's profile. I'm a young college student who mostly shops at Old Navy & the Gap and I have relatively conservative parents who live in an upscale neighborhood. When you first look at me you wouldn't expect me to be that type of person, but I am, and quite proud of it! A little over a year ago I was introduced into the piercing scene. A friend of mine had his ears gauged, and a labret piercing. I wanted to get my right ear pierced anyways, (the left one was already done) so I ... read more

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