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j's industrial @ Mythical Markings

>j's industrial @ Mythical Markings THE DESIRE i had been debating between (for some reason with me it's not so much a matter of it as it is a question of when and what) getting either a tragus or an industrial ever since i got my last piercings (both nipples, before that was my tongue and both lobes) when i saw some pics of industrials on BME i knew i had found it, this was just too cool to pass up. on thurday october 1st i went to Mythical Markings (BTW if you ever happen to be in knoxville stop ... read more


For as long as I can remember I have been a reject of society, even in grade 1 I can remember always being deferent(I wore glasses). At the time, I would try my best to "fit in" . This continued though school until grade 8 when I was finally able to say ‘FUCK IT" who cares what everybody else thinks. I didn't get pierced at the time, I just started dying my hair every color in the world. After grade eight I went into high school where I met other people like me, it was then I made the choice ... read more

My latest pierce added to my collection.

have been comeing to BME more often than not lately. Doing a bit of research on a piercing I've wanted so dearly. My rook. I have a total of 13 piercings, both ear cartlidges, and three in each lobe, both my nipples, naval, and tounge. I decided I wanted something not as common as the next person. After months of debating whether or not I wanted to go through the pain, and healing of another cart piercing. You all know what a pain in the ass they can be. I finally got he courage three days ago to get it ... read more

my lobe stretching

I was off to get a new piercing ( my septum to be exact) at NEXT body piercing and aftercare in Vancouver BC. One of the piercers there Jenn had done all my other piercings so of course she did this one. While she was putting the needle through my nose i noticed the big holes through her ears and i thought to myself "I have to have these". When i got home the first thing i did was log on to BME to find a way to do this. After looking at all my options i decided to do ... read more

daith - the completion of my ear piercing journey

img src="lishear2.jpg" align=right width=216 height=300> on tuesday the twentieth of october, i received, according to my master plan of aesthetics, my final ear piercing: the wonderous daith (pronounced doth). i've thirty total for those interested, with eleven in each ear, including a tragus, rook, low helix, conch, & now the daith. yes, i'm a walking book of ear piercing placements. so anyway, this beauty was installed by a one kay millard-davis of dream illustrations in chillicothe, illinois. really, she's the best piercer in this state so far as i've found, though she has a tendency to use the wrong gauge ... read more

new RoOk...loOks InsAne... i Love it

Well, people, I have done it again, and I now have 12 ear piercings!!! 4 in the right and left ears, 2 in the right cart. And 1 in the left cart... And what I just did??? An awesome as hell looking ROOK!!! I came across this piercing by accident as I was looking for a tragus piercing. Then I saw the rook and thought, holy shit, what the hell is this!?!?! it looked soooo awesome, that I decided that I had to get it done. Two days later, and I was headed to the piercing shop after school. I ... read more


while back, after having my amp done, my nipples done (nice & deep), and a couple cuttings and brandings I decided to go for the craziest piercings of all...THE LOBES! I had been developing an interest in the whole stretching process, I had already done some on my nips and the idea of someday having pop can sized lobes was starting to really grow on me. So, with stretching in mind I talked it over with my piercer (Sage, previously of NNUBA, now working at the Underground in Van) and we began with the idea of starting at 10g. I ... read more

Dermal Punched Lobe

got my first piercing about a year and a half ago. Until recently, I have confined myself to non-visible piercings. (Insert the usual story about a conservative work environment here). I have been contemplating "coming out" with an ear piercing for about a year. I finally decided that it was time to get it done last week. I read the experiences and looked at the pictures of various ear piercings on BME several times during the decision period. I read all the healing and stretching information in the Piercing FAQ. And I lurked on RAB for about 9 months. I ... read more

Daith Experience in Georgia > Pyscho Tattoo

n 8. 1. 98 i got my ear daith piercing. I have been planning to get it done for about 6 months now and finally i got it done! My friend and i went to a piercing studio called Psycho Tattoo in Georgia (which i highly recommend to anyone). I walked in their a talked to Chris (my piercer) about getting a daith done, He was happy that i went to him to get it done b/c he wanted to put it in his photo album of peircings he's done. We both decided to have a small 14 gauge ring ... read more

Adding to the numerous ear stretching experiences......

started with a gunned hole and this big brass safety pin that I wanted to put in my ear. I tried numerous times to get it into my ear, without luck. So I asked some of the inhabitants of the RAB what I was doing wrong and they said that I just had to muscle it and use some lube. Lube? The idea had never struck me. So one night when my then girlfriend had dumped me on my ass out of the blue I had decided to drowned my sorrows in some, no a great deal, beer. That night ... read more

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