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7'th grade self cartlidge piercing/stretching

n seventh grade i had gotten home one day after breaking up with my girlfriend( you know how those gay little 7'th grade relationships are)and i looked in the mirror and i decided that my cartlidge needed to be pierced. so i went into my room and found the little stud they used the last time i had gotten my ears pierced(i had two little regular holes in each lobe)and went into the bathroom. i was kinda nervous at first because i had never pierced myself, myself. but without numbing it i just put the stud through, and there it ... read more

Freaky Kool Industrial

name is Kimberly, and I live in Halifax, Virginia. A pretty small town; low population, lots of almost retired, close-minded people, and angst-filled young people constantly searching for something to do, and somewhere to go. The few people who are of adult age, who are'nt so close-minded and ignorant, really have no say in important matters of their community and the lifestyles of the individuals living in it. So, people my age(I'm 17, by the way), just have to sorta float around this sleepy town, looking for their own individualisms, their own future--not the future that old gas stations and ... read more

Wussboy gets stabbed/Eat eat eat!

i am a wuss. I hate needles, and i hate pain. But i wanted to get my ear pierced all the same. I have a strange obsession with metal, and i thought having a piece of metal actually IN me would be the coolest. I also like the image of piercings. My girlfriend has 5 in each ear, and they look so neat. So, after about a month of debating, i decided to go ahead and do it... I started asking around for reccomendations of places to get pierced, and someone suggested to my g/f that we check out Outer ... read more

My 15 cents ear stretching adventure

>How I got started: My first encounter with stretched earlobes came in, of all places, a movie theater. We had arrived a bit late for a showing of some movie, I don't recall what it was, and the only seats we could find had me directly behind some extremely tall and wide guy. I was craning this way and that trying to find some way to see around him, when I noticed the light shining through his ears, and discovered, to my immense amusement that I could be watching the movie through his ears. Hah, I though it was the ... read more

Thomas finally pierced his ears

been thinking of getting my lobes pierced for a long time. And finally I did it! What is special about that? Not much, you probably see guys with pierced lobes every day. And you are right, but I have wanted this since I was 12-13 years old (I'm 19 now) when a friend of mine pierced his left lobe. I was afraid of my family's reaction. Even when my mother said my friend looked great I did not dare. Some months ago I bleached my hair and I realised that doing that was cool both with my friends and family, ... read more

Lobe Piercing and Pain

rst thing is that I'm a wuss. I'm 17 and I've had my ear lobes pierced 3 times before this experience but they were done with a gun so they had a back on them to irritate my ears. Not to mention I seem to be allergic to both gold and titanium! So, I had to let them close all 3 times. Well, I decided that I was going to get them done with a needle so they could put a circular barbell in. My friend had it done last year and she told me that it only hurt a ... read more

Self Done Cartilage

one Cartilage Peircing by Colin "Wilykat" Bolton Aug 9th 1999 [email protected] Before doing this I had read experiences all over BME and looked up on proper procedure. Sterilizing things etc.. I already had my lower left lobe done. Peirced with a gun about 5 months ago jsut because I was 18 and figured it'd be fun. Big deal. So after going through BME and checking out all sorts of other things to do I finally decided on what I'm going to do with my ears. Wanting a upp cartilage pericing on my left was a goal. Then an industrial on ... read more

The tregus and the apprentice

ired of seeing everyone with bellys pierced, everyone with noses pierced, everyone one with eyebrows pierced and especially everyone with the cartlidge at the top of their ear pierced. So I decided to go stides above everyone I know and I went to get my cartlidge peirced. Once I got my tounge pierced.. that just wasnt enough. I already have three tattoos and my boyfriend has his eyebrow and tounge pierced "two in each". And the way my boyfriend sees it is 'You can take a piercing out when you get sick of it... but you cant take a tattoo ... read more

Oooh, it's called a Tragus

e is Suzy. I am 19 and I live in a place called Dover in the UK. My Tragus is the first thing I've had pierced properly, with a needle, not a gun. I'll tell you the story. Well, I've seen loads of people with their Tragus pierced in London, and I decided that it's a really good place to have a ring. So, last week, I went to the place where I had both my tattoos done, because the people are really nice and I knew I'd be in safe hands. The person doing the piercing that day was ... read more

Two Daiths, Two Cities

ch of 1999, I went on a weekend trip to the Big Apple with a group of high school artists. We did the normal "tourist-y" things like the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the Empire State Building. We also did "art-sy" things such as spend time at the MOMA and SoHo. But after SoHo, there was a wilder side of the New York experience. A friend and I walked over to Greenwich Village with a mission- so be pierced. He wanted a second helix piercing and I wanted my tongue pierced. We came upon a shop called Whatever which ... read more

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