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first cartilage piercing

17 y/o male, from Toronto, ontario. On friday i got my first piercing done & I loved it! I had wanted to get a piercing for a while now, but pressure from some very tight friends & family stalled me for a while. despite being told how much of a "fag" i would look like, and how gay earrings were (please pity me because as you can see im surrounded by meat-heads) my urge to get this piercing couldnt be held back. I went to the tattoo & piercing studio that friends had recommended to me on friday morning. I ... read more

Pierced lobes at THREE YEARS OLD!!!

ad the subject heading correctly--yes, I got my lobes pierced when I was a wee three years old! It's funny, there's only a small handful of experiences from your early childhood that you can remember vividly...but this is most certainly one of them! So I apologize if the experience is a little foggy at parts...but I'll do my best! It all started when my Great-Aunt Margie had a Rosh Hashanah dinner in her roomy apartment. My entire extended family on my dad's side was there. Now, my cousin Howard--or is it second cousin?--was in possesion of an ear gun, and ... read more

Hooked on Piercing

it all started six years ago when I was a senior in high school. I made a deal with my mother that if I got certain grades that I could get my ear pierced. I made the grades and I was soon on my way to the closest mall to get my first earring (I didn’t know then the things I know now or I would have found a good piercer.) I lived in small town and even thought it was 1993 I had never really heard of body piercing. Anyway time went on and I graduated high school that ... read more

Two Daiths, Two Cities

ch of 1999, I went on a weekend trip to the Big Apple with a group of high school artists. We did the normal "tourist-y" things like the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the Empire State Building. We also did "art-sy" things such as spend time at the MOMA and SoHo. But after SoHo, there was a wilder side of the New York experience. A friend and I walked over to Greenwich Village with a mission- so be pierced. He wanted a second helix piercing and I wanted my tongue pierced. We came upon a shop called Whatever which ... read more

My industrial

ed something original. I already had a normal little loop in the cartilage and then it got popular. Then I got a septum, which is cool, but not really noticable with a retainer. So I was looking around BME(my Bible) and came upon the almighty industrial. Its name just makes me feel powerful. So, like always, I read the experiences and looked at the picutres and thought and thought about it til I decided that I was going to get it. One of the major factors was that I was in Hawaii and I wanted to get something to really ... read more

standard lobe piercing

a year ago I got my mom to take me to the mall just to get a normal ear lobe piercing.For some reason she did not think that guys should have their ears pierced my I'm like welcome to the 90's mom and when she saw that all of my friends had theirs done she was like fine but I only want you to wear a small stud that no one can see and I'm like sure what ever mom When I got there I picked out a gold stud and the lady got out the gun and pierced it. ... read more

Daith @ BWP

Friday, I took my last differential equations exam. Math doesn't improve my mood much, especially when most of my time has been devoted to studying it. During my walk home from campus, I decided to celebrate the END of my last math class (EVER) with a piercing. As soon as I got home, I called Body Work Productions (in Cleveland, OH) to set up an appointment with Derek Lowe (for a daith) later that afternoon. A short nap and lunch took up most of the two hours before my appointment. I walked into BWP just before three o'clock, allowing a ... read more

Pierced at camp w/ a safetly pin!

I'm Rachel. And this is my horror story of my self piercing at camp in the bathroom. Alright, of course, I'm under the age and there was NO WAY the rents would let me get it done. I've asked and begged and BEGGED about piercing things, in fact, iw as the one that pierced 2 of my own holes on each side. Tye didn't care abotu the gauges though. But my rents r conservative firm batist people. Which sucks ... baad/ My ears have 4 holes in each side and the bottom hole on each side is 8g w/ plugs. ... read more

my strange streching procedure

my name is Anthony. I love in a horribly boring little town in upstate New York. My little story starts off with normal ear piercings that many people on the earth have, so it's nothing special anymore. But at the time, it was a big moment for me and stuff. I got my ear pierced when I was 12. And that was so exciting and new to me. But it got old after a while. So when I was 15, I decided to pierce my ear again. So one night I did, loved the pain. Then I got bored with ... read more

My ear expirience

start things off, I first got my left ear pierced when I was 8 years old. I vaguely remember why I wanted it, I think I saw it on TV and liked it, or something like that. It was in 1991, and not many people had piercings (or any other types of BodMods) around here, not many do now either, so it took a while to talk my mom into signing for it and accepting it and all that stuff. I think the main problem was my grandparents, they are christian fundies and hate all pierced people..no offense to any ... read more

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