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Lots of ear piercings!!

my first ear piercing when I was six months old. I'm 15 now. My mom brought me. Some people think that's a little strange that I was so young when I got it done but I don't mind. I don't remember a thing so it's not like I'm traumatized or anything. And I'm glad I got it done then because otherwise I don't think I would have been "brave" enough to do it again. (and again and again and again)I went to get my second lobe piercing about three or four years ago. I got it with a gun in ... read more

Girls, envy, and ear streching at home.

y name is Zak i live in Virgina Beach, Virginia. Well i know what your thinkin' , ohhh the beach that sounds like fun!. Well its not,if your like me you want to be able to dress like you would like and act like that too in your place if residence. Well in virginia beach you cant. Anyway i was at a Guttermouth/nobodys show on monday night, August 23rd. I was with a friend of mine named Nicole. Nicole and i always tease each other back and forth about one thing or another, and in between two of the bands ... read more

Multi CBR Lobe Stretching

fellow metal addict. My obsession with peircings began about 6 months ago. At first I wanted my tounge peirced so bad! I pleaded with my parents but there was "no peircing of any kind besides 1 hole in 1 ear" going on in this house. Which I dont have to tell you was really bumming me out. So all I could do was get my ear peirced at a little place in the mall with a gun. I was Really nervous about getting my ear peirced, and yeah I know your thinking, damn what a wussy, but at this time ... read more

My Odyssey

l started when I was ten years old. I find it hard to remember specific details from that long ago, but I do remember my aunt asking me if I wanted to get my ears pierced. I had never really thought about it previously, to be honest. You see, I live in the Midwest, and in 1980 piercing one's ears wasn't a big priority, even for females. My aunt had her ears pierced already. I thought it looked really pretty, so I agreed. The next step was to get approval from my grandfather, who was raising me at the time. ... read more

Helix Pierce (Where'd My Bead Go?)

ond piercing experience was much less traumatic than the first (navel that didn't heal well), mainly because I now knew what to expect. My bestest friend Fallen and I were wandering the Haight in the early December evening because I'd gotten a hair up my ass and decided I wanted a helix piercing. I'd researched it, I'd thought about it, and I wasn't going to be talked out of it. He drags me into a particular shop "because it's got the coolest fucking name" and we fight our way past S&M clothing displays, neon raver wigs and a rack of ... read more

"Look honey! She's got glass in her ears!"

so i have a couple friends who do piercings in Fort Wayne, where i live, and i could shamelessly advertise them here MarkWintersWildman'sBodyPiercing but i won't because I'm going to tell you about my inner conch piercings. The first time i ever saw an inner conch pierced i thought it was a joke. I mean, who is that crazy? I was about 15 and at that time you just did NOT see anything like that in good old Indiana. But a friend of mine went somewhere and got it done and i was in LOVE. This kid got a 6ga ... read more

6th time being pierced , 2nd tragus

wanted my right tragus pierced since the day after I got my left one done . I thought about it and thought about it . . . but for some reason it was always bumped down in my priorites for tattoos , trips to Baja , and general wasting of money . So after talking mad shit consistently for 2 weeks about going to get it pierced , the day arrived . I had the time , the cash , and the guts . I needed the guts because I knew this piercing was going to hurt . I got ... read more

I BLAME the VET entirely! (Tragus, Logarth, Eyebrow)

RST PIERCE (EYEBROW)/b As I was discussing a holistic approach to controlling Jacob's (my gorgeous cocker spaniel) terribly frequent seizures (probably brain tumour related [*pout*]) with the vet, I couldn't help but fixate on the silver hoop adorning her 'brow. I'd first seen one six years previous and had considered getting it done back then but never gave it much serious thought. As my poor pooch's condition worsened, I found myself visiting the vet almost weekly. This was enough to push me over the edge... I NEEDED A PIECE OF METAL BARBARICALLY INSERTED THROUGH MY EYEBROW TOO! I briefly discussed ... read more

first cartilage piercing

17 y/o male, from Toronto, ontario. On friday i got my first piercing done & I loved it! I had wanted to get a piercing for a while now, but pressure from some very tight friends & family stalled me for a while. despite being told how much of a "fag" i would look like, and how gay earrings were (please pity me because as you can see im surrounded by meat-heads) my urge to get this piercing couldnt be held back. I went to the tattoo & piercing studio that friends had recommended to me on friday morning. I ... read more

Pierced lobes at THREE YEARS OLD!!!

ad the subject heading correctly--yes, I got my lobes pierced when I was a wee three years old! It's funny, there's only a small handful of experiences from your early childhood that you can remember vividly...but this is most certainly one of them! So I apologize if the experience is a little foggy at parts...but I'll do my best! It all started when my Great-Aunt Margie had a Rosh Hashanah dinner in her roomy apartment. My entire extended family on my dad's side was there. Now, my cousin Howard--or is it second cousin?--was in possesion of an ear gun, and ... read more

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