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a total of nine... and increasing

rted when i was 4 and started asking my mom everyday if i could get my ears pierced, of course she kept saying no. But being persistant finally got the best of her and told me to ask my dad. She assumed that he would go into a rage and refuse to let any daughter of his get holes in her ears.... i love daddys... he of course said yes and i went and got it done that day. went to the mall, got earings shot into my ears. Then a few years later, i decided that i had to ... read more

ears, navel, cartlidge, nipple, tattoos @ 14

piercings and tattoos, like totally! I have so many artistic ideas that I was to do to my body. Well, it all started when I was 1 year old. My mom had my ears pierced for the very first time. (Awe, how damn cute!!!) Then, when I was 10 I wanted my ears pierced for the second time so...I talked them into that. Unfortunatly, they got infected so I had to take them out. Then, for my 12th birthday I had my 2nd holes put back in!!! Then, three months later, I was starting to get obsessed with my piercings!!! ... read more

wal-mart earlobe and cartliage piercings

irst off let me tell you a little about me... I'm sort of an opposite... I'm completely shy, but I love odd things such as piercings and tattoos, goth, vampires, witches, ect... I'm 16 years old from North Carolina, orriganlly FL. And I have 7 ear piercings all together so far... And i can't wait to get other piercings.. hehe... :o) i find piercings very sexy, depending on where they are... I think body piercings are a good way to show your personality... Piercings can be shown off it you want them too or hidden, which is very kewl! I ... read more

It began with my ears and migrated southbound.

rted in the bathroom one day with a safety pin and some extra earrings. (Background info: my parents are divorced, so I don't have my dad breathing over my shoulder about these things, and my mom is a bit of a pushover when she sees that I'm happy. My dad hates piercings, even in the ears, and my mom isn't too tolerant of anything else. ) I had already gotten my ears pierced at one of those mall shops when I was twelve, once in each ear. Then, when I was on vacation with my sister and grandparents, I got ... read more

Lindsey's Cool @$$ Industrial at 15

My name is Lindsey and I'm 15 years old.... when I was 4 my mom got my lobes pierced at the Piercing Pagoda in the mall. Until 7th grade that's all I had... now I'm a sophomore at AGHS and I just recently had my "new addition" put into my right ear to accompany my six other piercings and two 8 gauge plugs. Here's the deal: I went on a last-minute summer vacation trip with my best friend Crystal & her family to Roanoke VA & Ocean City, MD. Before we left, my mom gave me permission (it was incredible... read more

Tragus..minus pain

years old from Melbourne, Australia and i just got my belly button peirced about 10months ago and i loved the feeling of it. So i decided to get something else done. I had only just thought about getting my tragus peirced for about a week when i asked my mum. Suprisingly she said i could get it done but i needed to discuss it with my dad. So i asked dad and he immediatly said no. He also said no to my belly button which i got done aswell. I had been asking mum to book it in but she ... read more


6 months of hemming and hawing, gazing at all the different sorts of ear piercings on BME and getting my timing right, I finally went in to get a 16 ga. helix piercing done. I had only gotten my lobes done when I was 16, and then had my upper cartilage done at a mall place with an ear gun (AHHHH!). My mom flipped out for some reason over that one, but being 18 there wasn't much she could do. She made comments after that one and this newest addition, I guess she sees piercing as a bad form of ... read more

My MaNy PiErCiNgS (and my ability to use my shift key)

nce I was recently informed that this sight is no longer excepting crap I'm going to have to improve the quality of these experiences. My other oh-so-crappy ones are at http://www.bme.freeq.com/pierce/02-tongue/990818/tngmysel.html http://www.bme.freeq.com/pierce/03-nose/990819/nosanint.html http://www.bme.freeq.com/pierce/07-navel/990715/navhorr.html Check them out. Read them. Alright now on to the point (and you didn't think I had one, tsk tsk). I have pierced both my ears 9 times (total not each, I'm not a freak, well maybe....). I had the oh-so-basic lobe piercings when I was four. They used a gun and I ended up with these ugly little "gold" studs which I must have found attractive ... read more

Basic Earlobe Piercing: Text for the first timer.

this document will be of some help in educating kids and parents about what exactly goes on during a basic earlobe piercing: When I was fifteen, I made a comment, jokingly, about how I would like to get my eyebrow pierced. Well, my Mom took it seriously and talked to my Dad about it. A few days later my Dad sat me down and told me although i could not get an eyebrow piercing; i could, in fact, get my ear pierced. I had no intention of getting anything pierced, but i thought about it, and thought it would be ... read more

The Piercer Gets Pierced

eone who has been piercing for approximately 5 years now, I've found that my experiences in getting pierced since I've been piercing have changed a bit from those before I began piercing. While my experiences now aren't necessarily any better or any worse, they are definitely different. I think having the "technical" knowledge about what is going on and being very familiar with the surroundings and equipment makes things a bit less unnerving. At the same time however, so much of my time is spent helping other people relax and work through the anxiety of their piercing that it's easy ... read more

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