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Casper's helix

ere, Here is my latest piercing experience... last but not least! Once more I've got to explain my choice for this special helix piercing. I'm working sometimes at my father's office or in places where you've got to see some people, working in the communication business...when I'm not studying art history at university, and unfortunately, due to that, I can't get any facial piercings that is too much "eye keeping"! I also wanted something original, something in my ear but not the casual earlobe piercing. I first thought about getting my inner conch done but after wondering for a few ... read more

yay for my daith!

a week ago, some of the boys that live on my floor in the dorm decided to go get their ears pierced, all for the first time. Already having 9 done, they came to ask me about it. I told them what i could, and made them promise to take me with them so i could watch. So on tuesday, when i had more homework than i knew what to do with, and was really stressed, they came over and told me they were going. I shouldn't have gone, but of course i did. I really had no intention to ... read more

10ga conch

my friends have been getting tattoos lately. I'd love to get more, but hey, I'm a poor starving student. I figured that since I afford to get myself tattooed (decently at least), that I'd get another hole. Here's how it went. I currently have 11 ear piercings. I've been as high a 14, so I'm no stranger to it. I went to my trusty jerlry case and checked out what I had. I pulled out a 12ga BB and a 16ga CBR. I then headed down to the shop to make an appointment. When I got there, the piercer who'd ... read more

Industrial Confusion

getting my tattoo over the summer, I decided I was ready to move on to a piercing. The tattoo looked nice, had no problem healing, so I figured "Why not?!" But I didn't want just the simple ring in my ear or eyebrow, and I didn't want to go quite as extreme as labret or tongue. My friend has plugs in her ears, and although they look really cool, I don't think my body would ever forgive me if I did that to it! So I finally decided on the Industrial. It looked cool, rather simple, and I had only ... read more

My Industrial @ Shakedown Street- Maine

wanted a piercing for years, ever since I saw my best friends and their lip rings. The girls I liked always had lip rings, and my best friend in the last year of high school had her lip pierced thrice, tongue, eyebrow, nose, the works. When my only close male friend came back from Florida with a PA and his tongue done, I knew I needed to get something done. I scoured tat mags, looked at people on the street (around here, piercings are rare) and most of all looked on the internet. My mother was sort of supportive, but ... read more

PiNwhEEl'z TraGus anD CarTiLigE

the first time I ever saw someone with their tragus done was about 5 years ago. They weren't really popular back then, but I thought they were so kool. I forgot about it until earlier this year when my friend, Shelly, showed me hers. We agreed that the next time any of us wanted to get pierced, we would go together. I had some time and I finally saved up enough money (you wouldn't believe how hard it is for me to scrape up $120) and we were off. She went to get her belly button done again and I ... read more

Owwwwww.This one hurt.

. I am here to tell you all about my new holes. 3 days ago I got my tragus pierced. Actually I got the tragus on each side pierced but I have no idea what the plural of tragus is. I decided to get these pierced after seeing pictures of a tragus piercing here on bme. I work at a music store that for some reason does not allow body piercing. They are not to fond of my nostril piercing so I have to be careful about I get pierced. When I saw the tragus I knew I had to ... read more

Tragus at 15

never been interested in piercings until I discovered the tragus. I'd see it on random people, and would think to myself how awesome it looked. After awhile, I told my mom that I wanted to get it pierced. Around that time, I must have been 12, or 13 years old. She basically said HELL NO and that was that. At that time (middle school) I was more into hair dye and weird clothes. I had a HUGE fear of needles but I still thought the whole idea of piercing was amazing. It's so temporary: if you get it and decide ... read more

My First Piercing Ever! (An Industrial)

15 year old gal and I've been wanting an industrial done for about a couple months now. Before I even asked my parents, I researched it to find out if there were any risks and how much it hurt. I then told my mom and dad I really wanted it done and showed them the stuff I came up with. They read it and my mom was a little hesitant at first but I let her think about it. She then said that because I was really responsible about it by researching it I could get it done. The next ... read more

Found A Third Cartilage Piercing AND Love!

> Let me first just say that since April '99 when I first met Pete, my friends and I have really gotten into piercings. Everytime we go to the beach now we get something done! Currently I have 8 holes in my ears. Here is how it all started: One day my mom, my sister, her two friends, and I went to the beach just to hang out for the day. We were wandering the boardwalk of Seaside Heights when I saw this gorgeous guy outside of the piercing place, "The Corner." After seeing him I wanted to go inside ... read more

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