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No... it doesn't stinking hurt!

ear my friend and I decided that we wanted to get something pierced. After seeing a girl at school with one, I decided on my tragus. Unlike the girl, who got her's done with a gun (shudder), I was going down to Ritualistics. Ritualistics was voted best place to get pierced and tatooed at in Edmonton. We called them up and set up an appointment, me for my trag and Jerad (my fearless friend) his ceptum. The day of our piercing had finally arrived and we were psyched. Jerad already had his tongue done but this was my first piercing. ... read more

My long awaited Inner Conch

rst time i saw an inner conch piercing was when I was at a festival, I had to look twice at this guy, but I thought it looked way cool. When I discovered BME, i saw the piercing again, and I knew that I had to have it. I read the experiences, and looked at the pictures, and began to talk to my mum about it. She wasn't happy at all, and said that I couldn't have any more piercings. I didn't talk about it for a while, then asked her again, and told her that I really wanted it, ... read more

Nipple Piercing at Body Work Productions

the hell am I doing?" I kept asking Carolyn as she drove me to Cleveland. "You've been talking about this since you got to school, and I'm not turning around." So we drove. The whole day I'd been shaky, and unable to eat. I forced down a few bites of a salad for lunch, and drank a lot of orange juice. I was determined not to pass out on the piercing table, and I WOULD be able to walk out of there under my own power. I'd been reading the BME nipple pages, trying to get a feel for other ... read more

Holes in my head...and my doggy wants a tongue stud

from a rather conservative family I was never allowed to get my ears pierced while living in my parents house. Those were the rules of the house and I respected them. House rules were different at college though. I got my ears pierced a couple weeks before thanksgiving '98 (junior year of College). I thought for sure my parents would flip out when they saw them at the family Thanksgiving get together. To my surprise they didn't even notice. The long hair I had at the time probably concealed them. I think my cousin must've pointed them out. My folks ... read more

A hellish industrial experience

been thinking about having an industrial done for quite some time, and finally decided to go ahead and get one. I didn't think it would be that bad.. i have a total of 10 ear piercings that i had performed myself without complications, and thought that getting it done at a studio would be a sure-fire way to get it done correctly. I also was not too concerned about the pain, since I had pierced my own nose (which i no longer have) and pretty much remembered what that (*crunch*) piercing of cartilage felt like. I didn't really consider the ... read more

Questions about ear stretching

ll, I'm a 14 year old boy and I come from kind of a rich, conservative yuppie-town. People look real down on you if you do anything different. My parents always said I could get my ear pierced, because they didn't think I'd do it. I had a lot of problems as a child (Most of which I like to think are okay now..hehe...for real though, I'm fine now, outgrew them all.) I think that this plays a role in my fear of needles (as a child I had to have a lot of tests and stuff done, MANY of ... read more

From a normal ear lobe piercing, to a 8g hole

all summer i had begged my parents to let me pierce my ear. I had to take summer school, so i made a deal with them that if i made a's both sessions in summer school, then they would let me get just my left ear done. So, soon summer school ended and i was off to hot topic to get my ear done. I brought my friend with me and he tried to make me all nervous and stuff. Well, the guy there got the gun all ready and stuff, and put a dot on my ear and put ... read more

A Simple Cartilage Piercing

nted to get my ear cartilage pierced for a while, but I was very very afraid to. The worst part was, I couldn't tell exactly what it was that I was afraid of. I've had each of my lobes done twice (witha gun, at the mall, a long long time ago), and I hadn't had any problems there. I am definitely afriad of needles, but somehow that wasn't it either. All I knew is that I definitely wanted my cartilage pierced, but fear was holding me back. I read a lot of the experiences on BME to try to get ... read more

My Piercing Addiction

his story is not going to tell about one specific piercing. It's about all of them. I first got my ears pierced in 2nd grade...I was about 7. My mom tortures me with this one picture (pre-orthodontic help) where I'm standing outside this cosmetic shop with my nappy hair tucked behind my ears. On display are my red, throbbing earlobes with newly placed gold stars. Boy, did I think I was the absolute shit. After a few months with the standard lobes, one of my ears got infected (I think the right one.) I had a pussy, bloody, swollen earlobe ... read more

What I did to my ears last summer

a bright summer afternoon in a sleepy town in California, and I was lying in bed waking up from a very strange dream. I couldn't remember most of it, but one image persistently swirled through my sluggish brain- myself, standing over the bathroom sink, piercing my soft pink earlobes with a needle. Somehow the most satisfying thing in all the world had been, in the dream, to stick that sliver of metal all the way through my earlobe so that it stuck out the other side, gleaming in the feeble bathroom light. I'm weird, I know. After about 30 seconds ... read more

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