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I'd do it again in a second

thought about getting my Tragus pierced for along time now and since this was a unique piercing (here anyway) I wanted it even more. So I decied on a day made the appointment made sure I had money and off I went. I told my Mum that I was going to have my Tragus pierced, and she's always supported my piercings so up she came signed my forms and left me to it. I told the so called piercer at the hairdressers what I wanted and they showed me some jewellery, I chose a plain surgical steel ring. I had ... read more

lobe piercing, and the pain caused by my stupidity

i've been dying for some piercings for a while... i remember i wanted my nose done in 3rd grade (of course, i had no knowledge of the procedure or anything). but, i'm only 15, and though my parents generally let me dress however i want, and do what i want with my hair (and i do, of course), they're somewhat conservative about piercing. so, after carefully breaking the subject, we figured it would be best if i started small and worked my way up, so to speak. so, i start with my lobes. i wanted it done cheap and quick ... read more


NG DAY: JULY 17, 1999 My sister and I went to check out this new piercing place, I was a little nervise because the Canadian Red Dragon in Sudbury pierced my tongue way to close to the tip but I didn't think it was fair to judge the new place based on my last experience since the piecer here wasn't the one that did my tongue. I have been wanting to get my tragus, left nipple and my navel pierced horizontally, Since my sister was disgusted with the thought of me piercing my nipple and i promised my best friend ... read more

Industrial Experience - Perforatoin in D.C.

ay in early February I decided that I wanted to get something pierced. Not being sure what, I browsed through the bme pages. I decided that something below the neck was probably a bad call (at least it was at the time). Anyway, I never really found most facial piercings that attractive unless there were a lot of them decorating the face. And besides, I work in a science lab and needed something somewhat less conspicuous. That is when I ran across the pictures of the industrials. I was instantly attracted to this. Maybe it was the size of it, ... read more

a snug and double rook piercings amongst friends.

weeks ago my friend Amie and i decided to get new cartilage piercings. She already had an industrial and wanted double rook piercings in her left ear. I already had a tragus piercing (that i stretched myself from a 20 to a 14) and a rook piercing. I had in the past had my tongue, septum, labret, and both my nipples pierced. This was my first visit to Diamond. I found their name through the Tattoos.com artist search. I had a long list and spent the good part of my morning calling around to see who had what jewelry and ... read more

Two quick lobe stretches

reading several posts about people's experiences with piercings, I've decided to take a couple minutes and write up my two cents about the subject.. I wouldn't call myself poor, I'm just not finacially stable, and having my ear pierced isn't one of the top things to spend money on, so everything I did, I did with what I had at my house...and what I could spare a couple dollars on. I think it looks better and it's more unique as well. They're both in my left ear, the right side stays "clean", it's just a little thing I have. So ... read more

Plastic Reconstruction Of My Ear Loops

st had my ears pierced when i was about 12-13. it was a pretty cool things for guys to do and i followed the crowd. much to the dismay of my friends the single left earlobe pierce soon turned into a left/right pair and then eventually 3 in each lobe with 2 in the cartilage at the top. i pretty much left my ears until i was 17 when i added a handful more to the left and started to stretch the 1st holes. i quickly progressed so within about a year i had 3/4" (20mmish) tunnels. by this time ... read more

My 1/2 ear stretch

e is Matt Hamrick, i'm 15 years old and I have been interested in piercings since I was 12. When I was 13 I got my ear pierced at the mall and it healed fine, then I saw all these people in my teachers National Geographic magazines that had these great big holes in there ears and I was amazed. I thought it would be awesome to stick your fingers in your ears so I decided I was going to do it. I looked at some stores and I didin't now anything about gauges so I just got jewelry that ... read more

My Ear Piercing Stories!!!

ys! What's up? Alright, now you guys gotta sit tight with me on this one, cuz it's gonna take just a couple minutes to read, but I'm gonna share all my ear piercing experiences with you! Ready, set, go! Okay, it starts when I was 7, I go to some Jewelry place in a mall in Carlsbad, Cali, and get my lobes done. Yippee, they get infected within a couple of months, I am being a pussy about it, and take em out. Let's go 5 years into the future when I'm 12, and I have my lobes pierced again ... read more

English opinion required

always been interested in looking different from the next girl. At around the age of 10 I wanted a green mohiequen and a ring in my nose. My dad, of course, said no to both. At the age of six I had my ears pierced for the first time and the age of 12 the second stud came into place. I was bored by that time of having the same amount as others so I started to pierce them myself I ended up with four rings in each hole and two within the cartilage which had to be taken out ... read more

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