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...and my tragus makes 8

her always told me that she thought getting your ears pierced was barbaric. That only fueled the fire and make me want my ears peirced even more. It took me a few years of whining adn begging to be good and do all my chores for her to relent and let me get my ears pierced. I got the regulation first peircing done at a mall with the piercing gun when I was 13. It was uneventful and healed quickly. My second was done on a really boring Friday with my sister and a needle from mom's sewing kit. The ... read more

now where can i find a safety pin...

s the story of two self ear-piercings, completed rather inexpertedly my good self some months back. it all started around two months ago, when i got angry. gradual frustrations over the previous few weeks had left me, well, frustrated, and i needed to do something drastic. i'd been planning on getting some extra piercings in my right ear, to balance the two studs in the cartilage of my left ear (done with a gun... ah, me.) i believe i was sitting in science fuming to myself when i came up with the idea... so i mentioned it to a few ... read more

My rook that wasn't ment to be

had my Inner conch and Nipple pierced since September 24th now so I figured it was about time that I submitted the experienced although im going to do two separate stories for them. I went to the piercing studio around 11am expecting to have this female piercer only to find out that they let her go (only due to her work ethics, not her piercing ability). I filed out the usually paper work and payed for my rook and nipple to get pierced. I went to the studio excepting to get my rook pierced. I have wanted it done for ... read more

Single Simple Cart Piercing

ided one day that I would like to do something to be "different." I thought about a tatoo, but that was too much pain. Then I was think tounge piercing. I did research on it, and asked my mom. She said it was out of the question. Feeling bummed, I was looking on this site about other piercings. I decided to appraoch my mom with ear cartilage. She said sure, as long as I could pay for it. Well, I had some money stored away that she didn't know about. I got, and went to the mall with my friend. ... read more

Disasterous tragus.

visiting my dad in Buffalo, NY, and knowing my dad would let me get anything pierced I was debating either my tongue or my tragus (hey I was 13, that stuff was really cool then!) and I opted for my tragus since I was sort of afraid a tongue pierce would chip up my tooth enamel (my enamel is very weak anyway, although I later got my tongue pierced in two different places). We looked in the phonebook and took a look at places in the area. One was very dark and seedy looking, and didn't even ID so we ... read more

Zero gauge in my cartilage

sitting at home on evening while my parents were away and i was bored, i'd wanted a piercing for a long time up to this point, but my parents weren't too happpy about it so i did it behind their back. I took a safety pin and cleaned it with antibacterial soap, put it over an open flame and then picked a spot, i shoved it through my cartilage and let it rest for about an hour, then put a regular stud in. After a week of grounding and what not i was at work where i asked my friend ... read more

Painful Reward - Conch Piercings

le Fridays ago I had the day off of school. I'm on Lithium so my parents and shrink had been trying me to get my blood taken to test the levels of my medication in my blood system. I was very hesitant to get this done because I hate the idea of having large amounts of blood taken out of my body - as I do not like vaccines because I don't like the idea of dead viruses going into my body. So I decided to milk the situation and get something out of it... At first I wanted to ... read more

lobe and cartillage peircings

my ears, i've got 3 lobe peircings in my right, and 3 lobes and 1 cartillage in my left, none of which hurt me in the slightest bit. i was afraid the 1st time i went to get them done (i was 8) and i chickened out. finally i got my courage up and i told my mom i wanted 'em done for real, so i got my 1st lobes done when i was 10 at my doctor's office (my mom was afraid to take me any where but there). my doc did the peircing w/ a gun, and told ... read more

Vertical Labret Alternative

ted out in the peircing world a month after i was 18. I had gotten my tongue pierced at studio one in glenolden, PA, and since then i was addicted. I met an enthusiast at my new job, and he has been a great source of info on the subject and is overall a damn good guy. He just happens to be seeing kristin, and such is the story of how i got hooked up with my new piercing artist. I got both nipples pierced at infinite after my tongue, and i decided to go back for a vertical labret. ... read more

Is that a straw?

s were first pierced when I was very young, against my will, I assume, because my parents wanted to pierce they're daughter's ears. I don't really understand why parents do this. My baby ears were gunned at the mall, and needless to say, they were constantly bloody and infected. No fun at all. So my parents let them close up (I was too young to make any of my own decisions). When I was in second grade, I decided that I wanted them pierced again, so my mom took me to the mall (big no-no right there) and I got ... read more

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