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cats, rabbits and rooks, oh my!

a bit of background about me: I'm 20 years old, female, with a tongue piercing and a mild fear of needles and blood. I had a great experience when I had my tongue done (you can read that story too, it's called "SLURP!") and I wanted to get my rook done. I'd read lots of articles here on BME, and looked at pics as well. I still had a bunch of questions though. I decided to drop into Insamsara and look into it. I'd had my tongue pierced there, and was very comfortable there...so there was no question about where ... read more

stories of a practice dummy

ster and her boyfriend have had multiple piercings for a few years now, within the last year her boyfriend has begun doing piercings and stretches as a side job. When I saw my sister's shiny blue 2ga plugs I thought they were the neatest thing ever... I had never seen anyone with stretched earlobes before, being only 14 and coming from a small town. I wanted my ears stretched so badly, I bought the ugliest 12ga circular barbell and put it in my left lobe it was so big and so tacky that my sister told me her boyfriend would ... read more

A beautiful industrial

ks..time for me to brag about another wonderful experience at Laughing Buddha :) I had gotten my tattoo there back in October, but had never had any piercing done there...though Lisa (the piercer) had done a little bit of my stretching on my lobe. I had originally wanted to go with another piercer for my Industrial, but he wasnt at his studio last night, and I *had* to have it done last night. I had made the deciscion to get an industrial a while ago...when my ears will be complete, there will be matching industrials, the conch on the left ... read more

Sucessful Tragus!

3 months ago I decided to get my tragus pierced. It wasn't an impulsive decision in that I have wanted it for years, but impulsive in that I decided I was going to do it that day and that was that It wasn't my first major piercing (I'd had a nose ring for three years and a tongue for two) but it was my first in two years, I normally live in a town with one crappy piercing studio and after getting my nose pierced there with an ear piercing gun I decided taking the short cut is a dumb ... read more

I'm nowhooked on piercing!

nally hooked on piercings! I just got my second one, a tragus piercing, I love it already! It's only been in for like 6 hrs., but it's already stopped bleeding, and rather painless. My first was my belly buton, about 3.5 months ago. I'm from a rather large city, so bellybutton piercings were rather common placed, but of course, my parents hated it! They didn't even like the idea of me having a regular cartledge piercing. I finally got up the guts to go to the shop a few days after some of my friends went. I grabbed a friend ... read more

A Warning about Cartilage Piercings

ing about Cartilage Piercings! If you read no further, just read this: DO NOT get your ear cartilage pierced with an ear-piercing gun! My ear is ruined. I know that plenty of people get their cartilage pierced with a piercing gun, and the piercings turn out fine. I, for one, had one perfectly good cartilage piercing done with the gun, so I know how you might think it's safe to be pierced with the gun. Well, it's not! I went to get my second cartilage piercing done in June 1998. I was having it done in the same ear as ... read more


t, here's the story of my conch piercing experience: It was a Friday night, and my mom suddenly decided that I wasn't allowed to go out. She says to me, "going to a concert on a school night is priviledge enough." (I went to see Sevendust the night before. Holy shit what a great show.) Anyway, I was pretty frustrated seeing as how there was a party going on and of course I wasn't allowed to go. Lucky me. By now, my friends are going to think I am some sort of a masochistic psycho, but I don't mind. Pain ... read more

A college student's experience

n eighteen year old female college freshman attending a college far away from home. When I was seven years old, my ears were pierced for the first time by my doctor. I got my ears pierced in exchange for undergoing very painful allergy testing. Then when I was thirteen, I got my ears pierced for a second time, this time at a local mall. Ever since then, I have wanted to get more holes pierced in my ear lobes, but my parents would not let me. My desire to get pierced again was further enhanced by my mom getting a ... read more

Maybe I Should Jokingly Ask my Parents More Often...

ngly asked my mom one-day if I could get my cartilage pierced, and to my surprise she said yes. I was so excited, I had wanted it done for a long time. I told all of my friends, they were like 'I know your mom wants to take me to get mine done too' (their parents must not be as cool as mine). My sister and I looked at jewelry just for the fun of it (She was going to get her belly button pierced, she jokingly asked too!) So a few weeks later we went to get it pierced, ... read more

Lobe streaching done easily and mathematically.

st piercing was a simple earlobe job done with a gun by a former roommate who worked at Claire's Boutique. If I had known then what I know now, I would never have gone there, not even for earlobe piercing. Quickly I learned that an ear piercing stud and butterfly clip are about the nastiest thing you can have in your ear. I switched to a 14 gauge captive bead ring and have have used that one or a couple others with decorative beads in my ear since... Up until yesterday. I constantly pull and tug on my earring or ... read more

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