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My NCY piercing experience

'm a 15 year-old girl from New Jersey. I have a total of 6 holes in my ears. 2 in both lobes, and 2 in the cartilage in my left ear. I know these aren't hard-core piercings, but I thought I might share my experience with all of u. OK, well, I got the 2 in lobes done at the mall, no pain, just the clicking sound of the piercing gun, and I was on my way. A year or two later after I got those done, I wanted more. Actually, I have wanted an eyebrow piercing since I was ... read more

tragus..self-piercing at home

already have my tongue pierced,ears pierced 8 times,and now my tragus and nipple. i did my tragus and nipple by myself at home.i read all of these stories about getting your tragus done and the painful epierences associated with it. well anyway it is christmas vacation and i am home bored with nothing to do.the day before vacation i wore a clamp on my tragus and so many people were grossed out that i really wanted to get it done.(i had never done a piercing myself before).i decided to do it that nite. i got all of my tools ready ... read more

Hot Topic, Lobe Stretching, and Crying like a LITTLE GIRL

like a lot of girls I got my ears pierced with a gun at the Merle Norman's in the mall. I was 9, and after beggind my parents for 2 years they finally let me pierce each ear, once. When I turned about 14, I started to become interested in body piercings as a whole, and I found BME and learned a lot on procedures and jewelry. During my sophmore year, I decided to splurge some extra X-Mas money on a pair of beautiful nobium *purple in color* 18g captive bead rings. I bought them for $20.00 at Hot Topic, ... read more


through high school, I don't think anyone ever thought I was normal . . .Yeah I looked normal but, I was a little antisocial. On my 18th birthday, it just so happened that I had the flu. So, 10 days later, I was off to a friendly piercing studio. Since that day, I have acquired a total of 5 piercings. My favorites are definatly my ears, and that is what I'm here to talk about today. My very first piercing ever was my tragus. My boyfriend at the time, took me to the piercing place and held my hand. I ... read more


ryone out there! My name is nick! last night i got my ear cartilage pierced! But that's not how I wanna start my story. Last summer, i was looking on bme (which i had found awhile before) and i saw the tongue piercings which was love at first sight. i asked my parets and of course, like all concervitive parents say they said "NO!" the also said that if i realy wanted one i would have to wait 'till i'm 18! so i was pretty pissed but i went back to bme to find sumpin' else. I came up with ... read more

here, this wont hurt a bit....

started when I was about 10 years old. My mom took me to the hairdressing studio in the mall to pierce my ears with a gun. I recall the worst part about this was the wait for the girl to pull the little trigger. I wasn't sure what to expect, so I was holding my breath, and all of a sudden, BAM! I heard a noise and felt a little tug, then the girl moved on to my next ear. This time I was more scared because of the noise and the slight throbbing in my other ear. It went ... read more

Hi, I'm Cassie, I Have a Very Small Tragus

in San Francisco for a week and, being so far from home, was looking for an opportunity to get pierced. I knew there was a wealth of good piercers in California, but I couldn't seem to remember any names. After asking for advice on rec.arts.bodyart and talking to a few people about good experiences they had in San Francisco, I decided Body Manipulations was worth checking out. After a surprisingly easy drive to the area of the shop (it's in the Mission District) and a close parking place, my friend and I wandered into the shop. We looked at the ... read more


always been into body modification of all types, piercing especially, and I have my tongue and navel pierced. I was thinking about getting an industrial and the other piercings I've had done being completely pain free I was a little nervous going in. Before I made my appointment I talked to my friend Tori about her cartilage piercings. She got hers done at some accessory store or something done with a piercing gun and she said when the person did it, it hurt so bad she almost told that person not to do the other one. She was already freaking ... read more

Missy's Beautiful Tragus

my ears pierced twice when I was 7 years old. When I was 12 years old, I decided that I needed a third hole in each ear. This then led to a cartilage piercing, which led to many more piercings in each ear. I ended up with nine piercings in each ear. When I was a freshman in high school, I saw a girl with a tragus ring. I absolutely loved this piercing, but I knew nothing about it. While surfing the BME website two years later, I saw photos of this beautiful piercing. I decided that I wanted to ... read more

cats, rabbits and rooks, oh my!

a bit of background about me: I'm 20 years old, female, with a tongue piercing and a mild fear of needles and blood. I had a great experience when I had my tongue done (you can read that story too, it's called "SLURP!") and I wanted to get my rook done. I'd read lots of articles here on BME, and looked at pics as well. I still had a bunch of questions though. I decided to drop into Insamsara and look into it. I'd had my tongue pierced there, and was very comfortable there...so there was no question about where ... read more

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