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Don't be afraid to speak up and do your research!!

anted to get an industrial piercing for the past 5 years. I origionally saw the piercing on a fabulous supermodel named Guenevere Van Seenus. So after years of contemplating on my piercing (I'm a long contemplater ok?) I decided to get it done for my 20th birthday and I kinda tricked my parents and cousin into joining me. So, the day after my birtday, the four of us ventured off into 5 Points , a really cool artsy side of town, into one of the most well known piercing/tattoo studios in town. I've shopped there plenty of times. Along with ... read more

Much-mod'd Goth girl (18 UK) is a wuss?

'm Lucy, I'm 18 and I'm a Piercing Addict. (Sorry, I'll drop the AA meeting style introduction now) Seriously, I felt I should introduce some British (ahem, Scottish) flavour to this site seeing as it alll seems to be US experiences - MOD'D PEOPLE DO EXIST UP HERE. Not very many of us, mind you, but hey. Well, considering I already had 17 piercings (lobes, carts, nasal, labret and nipple) and 2 tattoos, I figured that a rook piercing wouldn't be too bad really. I don't want to put anyone off, cos it's not that bad, but be warned - ... read more

A Modification History

fall of 1997 I began my freshman year at college. I was over 800 miles away from home and all the twinges and desires I'd had as a girl about modification were beginning to resurface; it took only the request of a dorm mate to witness her tattooing to get me fully enthralled with and deadset upon modification. After I witnessed my friend get tattooed I decided that I liked the studio fairly well; it was small with only one piercer and two tattoo artists, but then so was the town I was going to school in. I made an ... read more

Industrial Down The Shore...

ys wanted some sort of ear piercing (and other piercing too) other then my lobes and my cartiledge (which is what I had done at the time) I got my lobes when I was 5 years old at the mall and I recently stretched them from 18ga to 14ga on January first two thousand. I got my left Cartiledge done in july of ninety eight in Atlantic City, New Jersey on the boardwalk at the mall that looks like a boat. Those piercings, even stretching didn't hurt me at all. It was August seventeenth ninety nine and it was my ... read more


well this experiance dates back to just a few months ago, id been considering getting my lobes stretched for a long time, but i wasnt sure if theyd suit me and i didnt even have my ear lobes piersed. (which alot of people find odd considering i have 13 piersings) so it wwas a delema to say the least. i also had so many questions, would it hurt? if i stretched them would they ever return back to normal? what was the risk of infection and what were the consequences of infection? would my ears look completely screwed up? what ... read more

Why I hate ear piercings

s my amusing tale of my ear piercings, why I hate them. It all started when I was 14 years old. Everybody had their ears pierced. But not me. So, naive little me went to Ardene's (much like Claires) and had my ears mutilated with guns. It burned for hours and hours. On the plus side, I couldn't feel the piercing. It was hard to talk on the phone that night, and I had to sleep on my stomach. Later came my bellybutton, done with a needle. I had aquired sleeping on my stomach from having my ears pierced. Big ... read more

Return of the sieve

e last left fran (that would be me), she was with nipple piercings, pondering an industrial. The laundrey list now, some five months hence, includes the aforementioned industrial, lobe stretching, labret, and inner conches. How far i have come! First things first. Industrial. This is easily the most painful thing i have ever paid to be a part of, outside of perhaps a limp bizkit concert, but i was under obligation to take my brother, andthats a whole nother kettle of fish anyway. Industrial. Yes. So i could no longer stand the feeling of piercing stasis, and went to see ... read more

Lobe stretching

re! I'am a 31 year old piercing freak and I love BIG HOLES ! My piercing journey started 15 years ago.I was often watching magazines of african culture and it's tribes.I watched them on saturday evenings together with my parents. Well,there was a lot of boring stuff,but sometimes they showed very interesting things,like people with big holes in their ears.I was very surprised by the first time I've seen them.But then I was very excited.I thought by myself:"Let's be unique". Then I began to pierce my right earlobe.My heart was beating fast,when I was setting the needle on the skin ... read more

My ears, my obsession. . .

s, my obsession . . . For many years, I wore traditional gold hoop earrings with thin posts that stretched my ear holes and caused some discomfort especially in the cartilage piercings, which had been done by "the gun." I wanted to reward myself for four new life accomplishments so I went to Metrosity to have all my earrings replaced with captive rings and to add two more piercings. That was three weeks ago . . . When I got there, the staff was wonderful! They were very helpful in selecting the jewelry for my nine ear holes (2 of ... read more

My Stretching Story

saw people with large plugs in their ears, i used to think it looked barbaric and disgusting. My mom said they look like Ubangees, which are the African people who have plates in their ears. But now she calls me a Ubangee. :) It all started in the summer of 1998 when a friend had a 14 ga curved barbell in one of the many holes in her ears. I thought it was just the coolest thing and of course, I had to have it. So i bought one just like it. With a bunch of ice and neosporin, that ... read more

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