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What I think is my Anti-tragus???

about me, I am 14 turning 15; I have my tongue, nose, navel and ears pierced. I now have a total of 13 piercings, mostly located in my ears. For the longest time I have wanted a tragus piercing, I have always found them really unique and different, so I went to my piercer. I talked to him about piercing my tragus and he told me that he does not do tragus piercings, he then explained how there are too many high risks of losing your hearing if the piercing is done wrong. I eventually gave up on that piercing ... read more

No More Room!

ORY: Since my boyfriend Pete is a piercer, I've been interested in all kinds of strange mods. In fact, I'd get my nipples pierced right now, if I weren't living under my mother's roof, but for now my ear's are all I'm allowed to mess with. However when I go to FSU, my college, in about five months, I'm getting it done! As of early July '99 I started messing around with the idea of projects. I had gotten an orbital which I adored, and being that Pete's in Florida and I hadn't had a piercing fix in over six ... read more

Dickhead Daith

y piercing experiences all started with some upper ear piercing's on the outer conch , they did them with those stupid gun's ( I hate those things ) . I got them done at the age of about 13 I had two of them . One day I was walking down-town and I saw this girl with her Tragus pierced (she works at a local store) , I thought that was awsome so i got it done at Ink-Fetish (suggested by many People) in Barrie Ont. After I had that done it was-not that painfull but it did hurt , ... read more

tragus before church

i first heard about tragus piercing i thought it might hurt. That year in school i saw a few kids with it done and talked to a few of them. That summer i decided to get it done. When i went to get it they said i need a parent with me to sign the necessary papers. So i went home and talked to my mom about it. She wanted to see a few pictures of what it looked like. My mom knew i was starting to strech my ear lobes and she wasnt to happy about that so i ... read more

my own little ear stretching story....

story should start around the time that I was five or six and I was looking at the latest issue of National Geographic wondering how on earth did they ever got those damn plates through their ears, lips, etc.. So I guess my therapist would say this is where the obsession started and took several years to resurface. Last September my friend *Cloe wanted to clit pierced. I decided to go with her. When I got there I began to ask the piercer, Michael, questions about ear stretching and what not. Although it was not the first time to ask ... read more

Worse than Nicotine

I was sheltered too much for too long. Way too much. Mom and Dad both being hard core left-wing Rush Limbaugh-loving Conservatives, growing up with them I knew no better. I was never exposed to any real body modification, and a small tattoo would get ooh's and ah's on the rare occasion that I left my home-schooled household for a taste of the Outside World. Until I got to public high school, that is. Bobby had the biggest holes in his ears that I had ever seen. I had never seen anything like them, so 7/16 was pretty big to ... read more

Take care of your tongue or it will bleed.

I don't know I ever got into piercing in the first place. Growing up in a conservative christian home with normal parents, normal siblings, I was destined to become the conservative christian boy right? Well I guess I definately started out that way. I'm definately still a christian, and even though I still consider myself on the conservative side, my family (and ESPECIALLY my extended family) sees me as the black sheep. It all started when I was seventeen. Like any other normal seventeen year old boy, I wanted holes in my ears. Normal enough right? My parents didn't think ... read more

Stressing out over a tragus!!

k piercings are awesome, and I am really intersted in most of them. I have wanted to get either my left rook or my left tragus pierced for a long time. Before that it was my tognue but my dad was against that, and everyone seems to have that. And before that it was my eyebrow. However, in my parents house my dad says sticking to your ears until you are 18. But the tragus and rook didn't come to my attention until now. I have read all the stories about both the rook and the tragus on BME. I ... read more

Second Industrial

gotten my first industrial piercing done October 12th and it was acting up pretty bad. It was keloided, hurt like hell and making fun goo, the usual fun things that my piercings do when they get mad at me. I went to the piercer who had originally done the piercing for me and he was little to no help on what to do with it. Leaving me irritated I had to seek out help somewhere else. I went to a few other piercing shops which also gave me little to no help, mostly they were too busy or just didnt ... read more

My industrial experience--plus a 30-day journal

ince I saw a big glossy photograph of an industrial on the wall of Andromeda in NYC, I knew that one day I would have one. I wanted it so badly; I had never seen anything like it before. Something about the aesthetics of that unusually long barbell impaling the ear in two places sent shivers up my spine. However, I was only 14 at the time, and did not have the money, nor the parental consent, to get it done. Finally, a few months before I turned 16, my folks finally gave me permission to get it done. I ... read more

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