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My awesome rook

So today I got a rook piercing. I already had a conch and a bunch of other cartilage and lobe piercings here and there, and I can safely say I love my rook the best. With my other piercings, half of them hurt and half of them didn't, even if they were around the same place on my ear, so I never really know what kind of pain to expect when I pierce my ears. I was planning to pierce it after I cut my hair yesterday, but at the two shops I checked, one of them was too expensive ... read more

The rook that was worth the wait

The road to getting my rook pierced was an incredibly long one, or at least felt like it. I began on its path more or less a year ago, right after I had my inner conch pierced and I was aching for something new to fuss over. With the excitement (not to mention the pain) of having a new piercing gradually fading away, I found I was no longer as excited to be cleaning my ears twice a day, in fact it was growing to be quite a nuisance. It didn't seem to have as much purpose now the novelty ... read more

Lobe Stretching

First Lobe Stretching My desire to stretch one of my lobes started about 3 years ago. I saw quite a few people in the alternative scene with these tunnels that you could see through and thought 'I want one of those!' So I decided to go out and buy a taper, I had no idea what size it was at the time, I knew absolutely nothing about stretching and just thought that I'd push it through and it would be done. How wrong I was! I got home and proceeded to try and push it through my ear. Of course ... read more

Tenitave Tragus

I've always been different than how my family and friends perceive me. I think tattoos and piercings are so beautiful and wonderful but my parents definitely do not agree. I have had my cartilage pierced twice but only to be told to have it taken out. When I found this website it was like I could explore and not be judged by them. I've know for probably two years that I wanted to get my tragus pierced. It was only a matter of when I could get it done. If I would need their consent or just wait until I ... read more

Lobe piercing love/hate story

A few months back, I'd say roughly 7 months to be almost precise, my friend Vern started piercing. He bought all the tools and needles from dealers online and pierced his cartilage just above his already stretched lobes. He also pierced his tongue and later on he pierced his dick, so I figured he knew enough about what he was doing to not fuck up my ears with a simple lobe piercing. Well he didn't fuck them up but they (only one of them really) became fucked up. So the night of the piercing we were just hanging out at ... read more

stupid baby tragus

I know it's unsafe and a generally bad idea to be pierced unprofessionally and not in a sterile shop, but I have a friend who has worked in shops in the past and I trust. I like that it's a more laid back scene, with lots of talking/laughing. And thanks to his girlfriend, also a friend of mine, their home is always spotless so I didn't concern myself with the obvious risks of getting pierced not in a parlor. I tell him I want my tragus pierced and he agrees. Schweet. I think he charged me like twenty-five dollars, which ... read more

Just go for it.

Just to give a bit of background about why I chose to have an industrial piercing: around five years ago I did a course at a university during the summer and it was at this time that I first saw someone with an industrial piercing, she didn't have any other body mods but it looked really nice and I've been fascinated with them ever since. I've had my lobes pierced twice (aged 8 and 12) but, apart from my tattoo, have no other body mods so I was always a bit nervous about getting it done because of it being ... read more

Stretched Ears and Life

To be completely honest, I wasn't always keen on stretched earlobes; and my reasons for eventually stretching my own weren't ideal. I remember when I first started seeing big lobes on a regular basis. I had always wanted to pierce my ears, but large gauge jewelry just seemed so strange... I thought it was only for people who were desperate to show how different they were (I was a bit sheltered, no?). Some years later, I found myself associating with a hardcore (punk) crowd. By then, stretched lobes had become the norm in many rock circles, and at least one ... read more

Industrial Piercing

Sometime in April, I decided that I wanted to get an industrial piercing in my left ear. I'd only ever seen it on one person in real life, and I thought (and still think) that it was pretty much the coolest piercing ever. After a bit of pleading, my Mum gave in. She told me to take care of it well, though. The only problem was with my school - there are very strict regulations regarding jewelry, not to mention something as 'rebellious' and 'awful' as piercings. I figured that since I was already breaking the rules by having more ... read more

Outer Conch - First Ever Piercing

Introduction The piercing I originally wanted to get was a labret piercing. However my parents wouldn't allow this and claimed they would 'disown me' if I got it done, and considering I still live at home I didn't want to get 'disowned' and have to find elsewhere to live. They did however say I could get my ears done – but they didn't say what part, so I decided to take advantage of this. I haven't had my lobes pierced – it never really appealed to me apart from when I was younger but that was just because my friends ... read more

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