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DIY Tragus (such an original title!)

Firstly, I shall warn the reader (although hopefully the title did that =/) That this is a DIY experience. For those of you who do not like that, please don't continue reading. For those of you who wish to laugh at the experience and revel in my stupidity, continue to read if you so wish to. I don't advocate DIY piercings, on the whole I do not like them, and would prefer to get professional piercings. However I do like the experiences I gain from them. Now thats out of the way...Today I have been feeling so much better than ... read more

Self Done Stretching

I first got my ears pierced at the age of 9 and regrettably it was done with a gun. Had I known that they were as unsanitary as they are, I would never have done it. But being 9 all I wanted was two ear piercings. When I was 14, I was at a festival and found myself looking through some beautiful body jewellery at one of the vendors. I was amazed at the unique designs as I had never thought of putting anything besides a standard sized earring in my ears. My need and desire to be different than ... read more

An Encouraging Daith Experience....

Let me start by saying that this piercing was very uncharacteristic of me. I'm the kind of person that plans everything and knows as much as possible before going into something new. Before getting a piercing (not that I have many) I research as much as possible. I could hold my own in a conversation about piercings with nearly anyone including most piercers. Therefore, getting this piercing with absolutely no prior planning was way out of character but admittedly kind of fun. When I walked into Thrive Studios this afternoon, it was to talk to Jesse about some genital piercings ... read more


To be honest, I never thought I'd get the rook piercing. I have my regular lobes pierced, a second lobe on my right ear, and a middle of the ear cartilage on my left year. After I had those four, I thought I'd be done. I got the first two at Claire's when I was younger, and when I got to high school I went to this really dodgy place and got my other two done by some really unprofessional and inexperienced lady who pierced my ears with guns. I supposed you're not supposed to get them pierced with guns ... read more

A helix piercing and the glory of the internet.

Like pretty much every female I have ever talked to ever, my lobes were gunned at the mall when I was ten. I cleaned them with alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, twisted the little poky studs around religiously, and never had noticeable problems. I trusted that my parents and the girls who worked at Claire's knew what was best. Lucky for my body, though, by the time my helix piercing days swung around I knew for more about piercings than I will probably ever need to. I had discovered that my mother does not know everything about everything (no offense, mom), ... read more

Part Three

So, it's been a while since I stretched my lobes or got any new piercings. Mainly, because I'm in my third trimester and I haven't much felt up to it as of late. I have just been keeping in the same jewelry, so I don't have to deal with the hassle of changing them every day or finding something new. I haven't even gotten out to buy any new jewelry since I stretched my bottom holes out to a 6 gauge some time ago. Don't get me started on that last gauging either. I didn't bother cleaning the glass swirls ... read more

10 sizes in 18 months

My lobes had been pierced for 10 years when my stretching journey started back on February 27th, 2007, when I had my first stretch from a 20 gauge (gunned! yikes!) to a 10 gauge. Since gunned earrings aren't even really considered a gauge, and since the sizes between 20 and 10 are so small, this is the ONLY time you could ever go up so many sizes at once because it would be the equivalent of going up one or two larger sizes. I had decided that my first stretching goal would be my lower lobe piercings being at 0's, ... read more

My Tragus

So in the year 2006 I went on a piercing frenzy. I had both of my cartiladges pierced at the beginning of the year (February and March), I pierced my 3rd and 4th holes with a sewing needle (bad idea) only about a month a part(April and May) and got both of my tragus's and eyebrow pierced (August). Oh and in December of that year I got my Inner Helix pierced too. Originally I planned on getting my lip pierced instead of my eyebrow but my mom lied to me. She said in January of that year she'd let me ... read more

My new rook!

I had gone down to Insight with my boyfriend who was planning on getting a half-sleeve sketched up, and was quite nervous after reading several stories about rooks being quite finicky to heal and on top of that, super painful to get. After all, I had only had my lobes pierced (when I was six) and my common, non-painful, easy-to-clean belly button (eight months ago), and I have the lowest pain threshold of anyone I know who still wants piercings/tattoos. I was determined to get it after wheedling a few months about the idea. My belly button piercing had finally ... read more

My Ear Stretching Experience

I've been lurking about BME for a short while now, amazed at the stories and photos of other peoples piercings that I thought it's now my turn to tell my story. It starts on April 17th 2008. I met up with a friend in town and decided to have a walk around before we both went to a mutual friend's birthday party. We were having a look in a favourite shop of ours when I noticed that they had a packet of 4mm plastic tapers and a packet of 5mm. The weird thing is, up until then I'd hated ear ... read more

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