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Everything I know I learned from piercing

This is the story of how I learned that piercings have meaning. It was a process. I had my ears pierced just before my 30th birthday. For a woman that's kind of late not to have had your ears pierced at least once, but the fact that I was turning 30 had nothing to do with my decision. Or maybe it did, subconsciously. I also had mono at the time. I was out of work for 6 weeks with mono. It was horrible. I slept almost 24-7 for about 4 weeks and the last two weeks I gradually built up ... read more

There are some awesome reasons not to stretch too quickly.

I became interested in stretching my ears when I saw a friend of mine with her 15mm ears. I once thought stretched ears were truly disgusting, but over the years had come to appreciate how feminine they can look and how much of a right of passage they feel once you've began stretching. For me, ear stretching is a symbol of endurance and patience. You can't wake up one day and decide you'd like to have 00 gauge ears for the night. It takes time, painstaking patience and occasionally even pain. Even if like me, you decide to limit how ... read more

My helix/cartilage piercing!

It's been three days since I got my helix piercing. And I do not regret doing it! After wanting my lip pierced for sooo long, and arguing with my mum about it countless number of times, we both settled on me getting my ear pierced. I hadn't any other piercings, on account of me having a heart problem when I was born, and an operation when I was six to fix it. "Hole in the Heart" as it was more commonly known, and after my operation my surgeon told me not to get piercings or tattoos EVER as I had ... read more

My Ear Stretching Experience

I've been lurking about BME for a short while now, amazed at the stories and photos of other peoples piercings that I thought it's now my turn to tell my story. It starts on April 17th 2008. I met up with a friend in town and decided to have a walk around before we both went to a mutual friend's birthday party. We were having a look in a favourite shop of ours when I noticed that they had a packet of 4mm plastic tapers and a packet of 5mm. The weird thing is, up until then I'd hated ear ... read more

My Conch Piercing in France

A couple weeks ago I started thinking about getting a new piercing, but I had no idea where. Every time someone suggested a location, it didn't really interest me. Finally, I decided to go online and look up random piercings to see if anything caught my eye. I was on a website that showed all of the different types of ear piercings, and the conch struck me immediately as interesting and unique. I began to do more research about the conch piercing; more specifically, how much the piercing would hurt. It seems that everyone who has gotten their conch pierced ... read more

Intensity is worth it.

I've had a fascination with piercings for some time. I grew up with parents that were fairly strict when it came to this kind of thing, so it was more or less a dream. However, when I turned 18, this dream became a reality. I would be able to be pierced and there's nothing they could do! I've wanted a variety of different piercings, but through the years the only thing I ever went through with was the 3 lobe piercings I have in each ear. Another thing that kept me from getting anything was the lack of money. I ... read more

What is that thing on my ear?!

About a month ago, there was a huge streak of kids just going out and getting piercings, and of course, I was one of them. One of my very best friends had just gotten her tragus pierced, and as soon as I saw it, I was determined to get it. It was the cutest thing that I had ever seen. Around four weeks later, I was on my way to New tribe excited for my new piercing,(without my parents consent). Up the stairs I went, made my appointment, and eagerly waited until they called my name. Five minutes later my ... read more

Gauging Do's and Dont's [I did the "don't"]

I guess I speak from experience when it comes to ear piercings. I've had everything from the lobes to the cartilage pierced, and I've done most of them myself. Out of the 19 earrings and one cartilage piercing, I've done 15 of the earrings and the cartilage piercing. Just recently I decided that I loved the look of gauged ears. They're beautiful to me and I wanted them. My lobes were pierced when I was a baby and since then I've worn earrings. About two months ago, I decided to start the stretching. I shoved a 14g bar from a ... read more

to stretch or not to stretch.

Okay, so ever since I was around the age of 16 I have been obsessed with the idea of stretching my ear lobes. I have always loved the look of stretched ears and I haven't ever met anyone who had personally experienced any problems with the stretching they did to their ears. I was more than ready to begin stretching mine. I had researched everything online so that I could come up with answers to people's questions that seemed disgusted by the idea The more days that passed, the more I wanted to see myself with stretched lobes. I consistently ... read more


Just like most people, my first piercing was my earlobes (at age 9). Jump ahead 10 years and I got my septum done on a whim one night. Next, my lip a few months later. Thats when I decided that my ears were a little bit boring and needed a little bling. One day I was at the mall picking up a new cell phone when I saw a small jewelry store that did ear piercings. I went in and browsed and asked about getting a basic helix with a stud. The young (ditsy) girl working there then got out ... read more

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