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Two Years Later

I'd always wanted a cartilage piercing. My aunt was the first person I knew that had one, and I had admired and envied it since the age of 4. My mother, being relatively conservative, tried to combat my desires by allowing me to get my lobes pierced twice: before I began kindergarten and again before the start of middle school, but it wasn't enough. There was something about the piercing that always intrigued me-- partially because it was different, but mostly because it was forbidden-- and I had to have it. It was the summer before my sophomore year of ... read more

My new conch!

I've wanted my conch pierced for the past two years, and my parents have always been dead set against no piercings outside of the first two lobes, and nostril (my mother is the only one that approves of this one...). Anyways, at the beginning of the summer my best friend and I were going to get piercings together to celebrate sophomore year of college, and just because it's been three years since we've had anything pierced. I was planning on getting my nostril and my conch done, she wanted to add two more piercings on the bottom of her bellybutton. ... read more

Mediocre shops and boring piercings

For a few months, I had decided to get my earlobes pierced for a second time because my mother asked me to stop stretching my first ones. When I finally got up the nerve to ask her, she didn't really have a problem with it as long as I paid. I looked up the two piercing studios in my area and Ink Link was the only shop that had reviews on BME, and they sounded promising. Also, I hadn't heard of them tattooing minors, unlike Devotion Tattoos. My mom finally took me today. We went to go eat Sonic first ... read more

Tunel domowym sposobem

Swojego pierwszego kolczyka zrobi³em 6 lat temu gdy chodzi³em do pierwszej klasy gimnazjum. Zrobi³em go bo ¿aden z klasowych kolegów nie mia³ kolczyków w ¿adnej czê¶ci cia³a. Do czasu. Kiedy nie by³em ju¿ jedynym w klasie który mia³ w uchu kolczyk zacz±³em kombinowaæ co by zrobiæ a¿eby ten dodatek wygl±da³ nieco inaczej ni¿ wszystkie, zacz±³em wiêc nosiæ w uchu agrafkê lub zak³ada³em ringi bez zapiêcia wk³adaj±c je przez chrz±stkê do loba co wygl±da³o nieco bardziej indywidualnie ni¿ zwyk³y kolczyk. Ale jak to w szkole wszyscy zaczynaj± ciê ma³powaæ. Da³em sobie spokój. Wyci±gn±³em kolczyka. Bez kolczyka chodzi³em oko³o 3 lat. Ale ... read more

My industrial experience

About 1 month before my 17th birthday I had really wanted to get something pierced for the longest time, but my father is very conservative, but my mom doesn't care about anything I do to my own body. I had originally asked to get my tongue pierced but that was shot down the second "tongue pier-" came out of my mouth. So I went back to the "drawing board" or in other words bmezine.com. When I saw the industrial pictures I knew that's what I had to get. I showed my mom she was shocked at first but she said ... read more

How To Not Hate Yourself

It was a sticky summer day in Detroit, Michigan when I saw my first industrial piercing. My best friend, her family, and I had headed down to a massive electronic music festival hosted every year by the city to experience the loud, pulsing music, break dancing, and, of course, the thousands of people that attend the festival. The five of us were hand in hand, weaving our way through the crowd when I saw something that, at age twelve, disturbed and confused me: a college-aged guy with a huge spike going through the cartilage on both sides of his ear. ... read more

The road to stretched ear lobes

I had my ears pierced when I was 10 years old, in Claire's Accessories, as a birthday present. I thought this was awesome but my ears never healed and eventually I just had to let them close up. Probably not such a bad thing as they were uneven we all know about guns! Fast forward 7 years and I decided that my ears needed something done to them...sooooo I pierced my own, if they didn't heal up I wouldn't have wasted money. That was my excuse anyways! I took to the bathroom with a freshly boiled earring, needle, some vodka(to ... read more

my industrial experience

Hey, I'm Paige :). I'm fourteen years old and just recently got my industrial piercing in Dryden, Ontario at Tattoo 4 u. My industrial was my first piercing besides normal lobe piercing which have grown in now. I was unaware of my piercers name, but that didn't really matter to me. The first step was picking a piercing. I was immediately drawn to the industrial piercing because I found it unique and creative :). It didn't seem too crazy, or too painful. I thought it would be a good start to my piercing experiences. The second thing I did was ... read more

Everything I know I learned from piercing

This is the story of how I learned that piercings have meaning. It was a process. I had my ears pierced just before my 30th birthday. For a woman that's kind of late not to have had your ears pierced at least once, but the fact that I was turning 30 had nothing to do with my decision. Or maybe it did, subconsciously. I also had mono at the time. I was out of work for 6 weeks with mono. It was horrible. I slept almost 24-7 for about 4 weeks and the last two weeks I gradually built up ... read more

There are some awesome reasons not to stretch too quickly.

I became interested in stretching my ears when I saw a friend of mine with her 15mm ears. I once thought stretched ears were truly disgusting, but over the years had come to appreciate how feminine they can look and how much of a right of passage they feel once you've began stretching. For me, ear stretching is a symbol of endurance and patience. You can't wake up one day and decide you'd like to have 00 gauge ears for the night. It takes time, painstaking patience and occasionally even pain. Even if like me, you decide to limit how ... read more

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