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starting a small project

I have been wanting to get increasingly piercings after my first, which was an ear cartilage piercing a matter of days after my 16th birthday, it was this late as both of my parents are very conservative and neither have any piercing apart from lobes or any tattoos and have a very strong opinion of them and ho much they dislike them. Anyway I enjoyed the experience so much I got a second within a week or so. Both of these were done at eclipse also, in Camden, and while the piercings themselves are very good the people have practically ... read more

My (eventually) successful Tragus piercings

My freshman year of college was my first taste of freedom. I have always been enticed by tattoos and piercings but have never been able to get one. I decided that after I turn 18 I would get something pierced regardless of whether my parental unit agreed or not. Fortunately, she did. I searched for days through BMEzine searching for piercings I thought would compliment me. I decided on a Tragus piercing. My friend often frequented a local tattoo shop, Big Kahuna, inquiring about tattoos, so while I was there I asked about getting both of my tragus' pierced. After ... read more

So I Decided to Get an Industrial...

My mom's rules for piercings were always simply, "No." And that was always the end of the discussion. I'd tried to persuade my mom, who I spent most of my time with, to let me get several piercings over my grade eight year, and with no success. By the middle of ninth grade, I already had a good idea of all the piercings I wanted- I just had to get them. My first one would be the biggest, and possibly most painful of all: The Dreaded Industrial. At that time, NO one I knew had one, and that was a ... read more

My conch piercing

I've never really been into piercing until recently. My parents are pretty strict and because of this I had only had my lobes pierced. But, about a month before I turned 18, I was able to talk my mom into getting my lobes pierced two more times on each side and a simple helix piercing (done with a gun, BAD idea I know). So, after those piercings were mostly healed I decided I wanted some more ear piercings. I really want my lip pierced, but I decided to stick to ears for now. I began looking online because I was ... read more

my sixth piercing, my pretty unusual (ish) tragus

This is the story of my gorgeous little tragus piercing that I got nearly 2 months ago when I was 12. I have always really been into body mods since I was eight when I got my earlobes pierced the first time (after months and months of begging to my dad, he thinks piercings cheapen you). Then when I was eleven, I got my earlobes pierced again which I kind of regret now seeing as I was allowed any bit of my ear pierced but I didn't really know any then. Then when I was twelve I got my right ... read more

My Cartilage !! =)

Let me just start off by saying that BME is a very addictive site. Surf around and surely, you will get hooked like I did. I used to hate piercings, and now I think they look gorgeous on anyone's body. So here's my story on my first cartilage piercing at the NRG Salon in Erin Mills Town Centre in Ontario, Canada. I had my navel done (story also on here) at the same place 2 years ago and I love the lady who did it! Her name is Mary and she's the sweetest little Asian lady you will ever meet. ... read more

What's that on your ear?

Well I remember wanting to get an industrial piercing back when I was watching a TV show of some girl that got kidnaped and they were interviewing her. I was so into the story but as soon as I saw her piercing on her ear I was totally paralyzed. I loved it! I stopped what I was doing and went to my computer to go look it up and found out it was called an industrial piercing, well hers was a vertical industrial. So I went to my mom and asked her if I could get this. I was 15 ... read more

My painful yet amazing industrial piercing

I have wanted an industrial piercing for a few years now. I have 7 piercings on my left ear, and only 3 piercings on my right ear along with both sides of my lip pierced (snakebites). I have been saving my right ear for room for my industrial and finally have that space filled. I am currently 17, almost 18 years old and have wanted an industrial for a long time. For my 16th birthday, I got my lip pierced at a wonderful studio called primal decor. I heard about them from my boyfriend who got his nose pierced there. ... read more

My 8g Conch; The Best/Worst Piercing Ever.

So I had been wrestling with the idea of getting my inner conch done for quite a while. I knew that I loved the look of them and that it would suit what I have going on with my ears as it is, but I also knew that I wanted something different. I was thinking of trying a larger gauge, because it seems like everyone in the town that I live has either 16g, or 14g. Can you say boring? After a few months of thought, and many conversations with Steve. I had decided on a 10g, which I believed ... read more


I was never really a big fan of piercings and or tattoos untill recently. My friend knew that I had done my industrial and really liked it. I asked him about different piercings because I knew he enjoyed piercings as well. He was showing me different piercings that he thought I might like. He showed me this UFO piercing and I immediatly fell in love. I read the stories and thought it didnt sound too bad but I was still a little frightened that it was a combination and thought maybe i would just get the rook part of the ... read more

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