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Quick, but not quite painless.

Hello! This is a story about the piercing that brings me one step closer to my final layout plan: my conch. I've known I wanted a conch for a while. I don't remember where I first saw it, or exactly when, but I do know that it's been over a year since I decided I was going to get it. I also knew it was going to be one of the last piercings I got, because mine sort of go in sets, and I also wanted to build up to it. I was actually planning on waiting a little longer, ... read more

cute little anti-tragus

When I decided to get my anti-tragus pierced, it was mostly a spur of the moment thing. I had wanted the piercing for a while, but one day I just decided, "today I'm getting a piercing!" and I decided then that anti-tragus was the piercing I was going to get done and I was really excited to get it. I brought my friend along with me to watch and for some good company. She drove me to a shop near my house, but when we got there the girl at the counter said she could not do that specific piercing ... read more

My industrial - off limits from boyfriend saliva

Ever since the first time I saw an industrial I loved it. I thought it looked beautiful and knew I would end up with one eventually. About four years later, I finally got round to it. I was finally 16, had enough money and had moral support to make sure I didn't back out. I never had any trouble finding a studio I felt comfortable with - I'd heard good things about Nirvana Piercing from a lot of people and as soon as I walked in I knew why. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, cleaner than should be possible and a ... read more

My gorgeous conch!

So having stumbled onto BMEzine earlier this year, I got heavily into the bodily modification scene. Previously, I had loved piercings and had noted some of the ones I'd seen on people on the street. After discovering this site though, I was able to educate and inform myself on all different types of piercings (as well as aftercare and risks). I began listing the ones I must have. However, having extremely strict Asian parents (who believe that piercings ruin your aura) there wasn't much I could get one. I had two helix and three lobes already gunned (- I know, ... read more

An industrial piercing at 14, what else can you ask for?

My name is rachel and I am 15 now but I was 14 when I got my industrial pierced. Ive always loved piercings. It all started when I got my belly button done 2 years ago. I wanted a cartilage piercing too but since I was 13 my parents wouldnt let me. Anyway 2 years went by and I got my cartilage pierced and then I decided to get my industrial pierced. My best friend was there and he said he'll get it pierced with me. My original thought about getting the cartilage piercing was to already have the bottom ... read more

Stretching and Re-stretching

Like everyone else on BME, I have a fascination with body modification and ever since I was younger I have always wanted some mod of my own. My parents disapproved of most things but I did have earrings since I was a baby. It wasn't until I was about 14 years old that I decided to stretch my earlobes because I loved the way they looked no matter what the size. One night at the mall I went into Hot Topic and bought a pair of size 6 acrylic tapers and had my friend meet me there to bring me ... read more

My first cartilage piercing

I had wanted a cartilage piercing and had been bothering my mother about it for weeks maybe even months. In june I had gotten by second holes done and now wanted something different. Initially, my mom didn't want me to get the cartilage piercing. She'd come up with excuses on why not to come to the piercing shop with me. My father flat out told me that I was crazy for wanting the piercing and he had said the same thing when I wanted to get my second holes done. I researched cartilage piercings online and finally found a piercing ... read more

A Helix Through a Pointed Ear

Quite some years ago, i met a waitress with a helix piercing and instantly thought it was magnificent. My left ear is naturally pointed, which is why it has been named Spock. I thought of how cool that piercing would look going through the point of my ear. The idea never faded, but I decided to let it sit in the back of my mind because I knew my mother would never go for it. Since then, I have moved away and met a girl who is very much into body modifications, and has passed the bug onto me. Since ... read more

starting a small project

I have been wanting to get increasingly piercings after my first, which was an ear cartilage piercing a matter of days after my 16th birthday, it was this late as both of my parents are very conservative and neither have any piercing apart from lobes or any tattoos and have a very strong opinion of them and ho much they dislike them. Anyway I enjoyed the experience so much I got a second within a week or so. Both of these were done at eclipse also, in Camden, and while the piercings themselves are very good the people have practically ... read more

My (eventually) successful Tragus piercings

My freshman year of college was my first taste of freedom. I have always been enticed by tattoos and piercings but have never been able to get one. I decided that after I turn 18 I would get something pierced regardless of whether my parental unit agreed or not. Fortunately, she did. I searched for days through BMEzine searching for piercings I thought would compliment me. I decided on a Tragus piercing. My friend often frequented a local tattoo shop, Big Kahuna, inquiring about tattoos, so while I was there I asked about getting both of my tragus' pierced. After ... read more

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