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My personal experience with stretching my ears...

My experience started when I was 14 and in high school, I had a friend had 30mm stretched ears. It was the first time I had seen something like that and I would always look at them in amazement and thought that they were beautiful! I could only have my ears pierced at the time as my school was really strict on piercing right down to the colour hair bands your wore! She had just joined the school so they let her off with her stretched ears as long as she put plugs in them. Throughout the years through school ... read more

The confidence to try something new - The conch story

I'm so happy!!!!!!!!! I finally worked up the courage to go get my conch pierced at somewhere I hadn't tried before. I thought, "Come on, you got paid today, just go do it!". I've walked past the place quite a few times and chickened out, not really being scared of the piercing itself, but I'd not been there before, and I didn't want to go to the shit place I went before. My friend who I work with recommended it to me, now I don't have that many piercings... my lobes were all gunned at various places, my scaffold was ... read more

Little dermal punched conch

I had wanted my conch pierced for quite a long time and finally I found a date, 29th June 2007, when I had the time and finances to be able to go and get it done. I was really excited about it, so I was so annoyed when I almost couldn't go! I woke up feeling really ill and like I might be sick but I started feeling a bit better and went into town anyway. I wanted it done so badly! I made sure I ate about an hour before as I am prone to feeling dizzy and have ... read more

Scalpelling up to 18mm

I've been stretching my ears for quite some time but have always had to tape even at the smaller sizes due to my skin being so un stretchy. Everytime I've tried to taper even up by 1 mm all that happened was I was in pain and my ears got iritated and swelled. After what seemed like forever I had managed to stretch the bottom two holes on each ear, the first to 10mm and the second to 8mm, my plan was 20 in the first and 10 in the second, but after getting to 10 and 8 I saw ... read more

DIY Lobe Piercing

So, I am in love with any type of body mods. Of course, being so young I am restricted. I am also restricted because of parents. They are cool about piercings but i have to wait a while between each one. I had 6 piercings (Up until an hour ago). One on my lower right lip which is about four months old. The rest are on my ears ranging from 5 to a few years old. So about an hour ago I got the random urge to do a piercing. I know it is a bad, bad, bad idea to ... read more

my newest addiction

Well its taken me a long time to stop thinking about what everyone else thinks and do what I want to do. But thats a whole other issue!! About two weeks ago I was skimming through a magazine when I saw a picture of a girl with a Tragus piercing. I thought I was so pretty. The hunt for more information was on. I searched the internet for several days. Looked at pictures read stories, etc.... When my husband came home from work I couldn't wait to tell him what I wanted to do. Hes so cool because he never ... read more

The Pain of Beauty (In Rook Form)

The Pain of Beauty So I have been looking up some ear piercings on the web recently, as I find myself to be bored with my current piercings once again. Just three months ago, I got my nose pierced professionally, and I was ready for change. So ready for change, that on a completely random impulse, I singly pierced my left lobe for a third time several days ago. Not the smartest or safest thing to do. In addition to my nose and lobe piercing, I have two lobe orbitals, one in each ear, and a helix in my left ... read more

It's Nice. It's Good. It's Getting Bigger...

Let me make something clear. I am not a professional. I do not recommend what I do to everyone or really anyone. What I am is someone who is aware of their own body and limits as well as someone who doesn't do something 'drastic' without researching. I began stretching a year ago. Previous to this, I think my body was trying to tell me to stop putting holes in it after the last three of my 21 piercings had gotten infected and took me at least a month to heal. Stretching from beginning to end took me around 8 ... read more

Scalpelling My lobes from 13mm to 3/4"

I realized my "goal size" wasn't big enough before I had even reached it. You see, the issue I had with my lobes was that they were tiny. Not thin, just tiny. Unfortunately like a lot of other people that embark on the stretching journey, I wasn't blessed with big fatty lobes. I began the sloooww stretching process about four years ago. Recently I reached 13mm, my goal size, always allowing my ears to self stretch. By this point, I had already built a massive collection of plugs, only to realize that I wanted bigger. Deciding to go bigger meant ... read more

Daith - second time lucky?

I first had my Daith pierced about 18 months ago at Holier than Thou in Manchester – It was my favourite of my cartilage piercings (the others being a forward helix, a conch and an anti-tragus) but unfortunately it just didn't want to play and I ended up making an executive decision to take it out as I still had a conch and anti-tragus in the last parts of healing in the other ear and I needed to have at least ONE side I could sleep on! Now, last month my best friend Danielle had decided she wanted somewhere pierced, ... read more

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