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12g piercing to 4g tunnels

It all started on a sunny Friday in June. I had long been missing the sweet sensation of a needle through the skin, after all my labret had been out for 4 months. Feeling like I could use some metal in my body, I decided to get both my ears pierced, intending to stretch them. After strenuous research, I had chosen a shop fairly close to my house called True Blue Tattoo; I set out on a drive with my good buddy. We pulled up to the place, it was a small shop in the corner of a tiny shopping ... read more

You could say I'm a piercing rookie

I've always been interested in piercings, and my parents say I can get whatever I want done and if I do something stupid it's my own fault (which is a nice agreement to have) but both of them are too queasy to actually come to a studio with me. So I had to wait until I turned 16 to get pierced. As my school is pretty strict on facial jewelry, I have to wait until the Christmas holidays to get my lip pierced. After browsing BME I decided I wanted a rook piercing; it's not too in-your-face but looks very ... read more

My ear-rim piercing gone wrong!

After being obsessed with piercings for more than a year, and having many friends who were riddled in them, I decided to start on my ears. I had my tragus pierced in November and it was so horribly painful. But that didn't stop me piercing more places! I had never really liked ear-rim piercings. My 2 brothers had theirs done last year and they said it felt like a sharp staple but it wasn't as painful as they thought it would be. However, in February this year my friend Kate decided to get her nostril pierced but she pleaded me ... read more

Stretching and Restretching

So it all starts about 4 months ago, when I got my ear lobes pierced with a disposable gun. I don't really see what all the fuss is about getting them pierced with a gun. Honestly, all the people at my school have gotten it done with a gun and none of them ever had an infection. Anyways, back to my story. Before I had them pierced, I always wanted to stretch my ears, only to a 10g though. My mom wouldn't let me, but I still wanted my ears pierced. After I got them pierced and I had the ... read more

First Serious Piercing

I have wanted a needle through my cartilage for quite some time now. I just wasn't sure what part of my cartilage. I've had my lobes pierced since I was 10 and had recently re-pierced the second hole back in January. After that simple piercing I knew I wanted something more. Something bigger and better than just a lobe piercing. I contemplated all my options and finally determined that I wanted to keep it on my ear. But where? After thoroughly looking through many photos on BMEzine I decided that the rook was perfect. It would be more inside my ... read more

My Terrific Tragus Tale

I'll start by saying I'm kind of conservative in my piercing choices. I have two holes in each lobe, my left cartilage, and belly button done. All of my previous ear piercings had been done with a gun, and I didn't realize how bad that was until reading up on BME. I like body modifications, but all things in moderation. It is VERY addicting though! It has been almost five months since I got my belly button pierced, and I got bitten by the bug...again. My first choice was a tattoo, but my parents threatened, in so many words, to ... read more

What this means.

Note: I first wrote this to be under stretched lobe experiences, however upon review I have decided it makes more sense to send it in as a cultural piece. I'll begin with a brief introduction. I was initially hesitant to write this experience, but the need to join in and share with a community that I have been an avid viewer of, since I was made aware of it a few years ago, is taking precedence. Body modification has fascinated me as far back as I can remember. In this specific experience I will discuss my earlobes, stretching, and subsequent ... read more

my conch punch/ stretch

So when I first started modifying my body I had no idea how big of a part of my life it would become. I started getting pierced when I was 15; it quickly became a very big part of life for a few reasons. One was because I loved the way piercing looked, another because I absolutely loved the hole procedure of going into a shop and coming out with a new piercing. Another thing for me at least it just made me feel more comfortable in my own skin. So when I turned 18 I started getting a lot ... read more

Stretching my Lobes to 5/8" ( A How-to, Learn from my Mistakes, and Everything you Wanted to Know about Stretching ) A Guide

Hello, let me start by saying that my name is Austin and I'm 15. So anyways, this is my experience with stretching my lobes to 5/8". I just started my Sophmore year of high school and I started to stretch somewhere in the 7th grade. I don't really remember why I wanted to start stretching, I must have seen someone with stretched lobes and was fascinated. Like most people who are starting I really didn't have any idea what I was doing. All I knew was that most regular lobes are pierced with an 18g needle and from there the ... read more

Failed Tragus Piercing

I've had my nose pierced before, but that's pretty much it. I got it done in Vegas about a year ago, and it was a breeze and was over within seconds. I was totally fine. Next, I decided I wanted to get my tragus pierced because it is fairly different from usual piercings and although I have my earlobes pierced, I don't wear earrings because they don't look that great on me. I thought it'd be cool to have a somewhat permanent jewelry piece in my ear that would show when my hair wasn't in the way. I told everyone ... read more

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