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Oh thats the one condition

My friend and i are frequent browsers of BMEZINE. We often come in search of piercings we would like and what we wanna get next. We both love the industrial piercing. I was steered away from it because I heard that it had hurt and i wasn't sure that i wanted to deal with that pain. And thats how it all began. We searched on Myspace for the piercing places around us and decided we should give Iron Quill a try because a friend of mine had gotten her hips and tongue done and they were done well. Also Dawn ... read more

5mm conch punch, stretched to 7mm

I had unevenly pierced both of my conchs in the past 3 years, first getting a vertical industrial on my left year and following up with a conch ring on my right, not concerned about their symmetric placement. About a year ago I started to think that my ears were becoming too uneven and cluttered. I was still happy about my vertical industrial, but never really wanted the helix-to-helix industrial on my right ear. It didn't help that it took two years to fully heal. I decided that I would take out all of my other ear piercings and only ... read more

"You know how bad that thing's gonna hurt?" a vertical industrial.

It started a month ago. It was my average day in the snack bar at the pool I work at. I was working with a good friend of mine. We'll call her Alli. She was talking about how she was getting a tattoo soon so I recommended she check out Cheap Trx, as I had such great experiences there in the past (all with piercing but I love the staff and I've seen their tattoo work as well - it's excellent). She said it sounded good and we got to discussing piercings. Alli only had her lobes pierced at this ... read more

My Favourite Piercing (Industrial)

Of my five piercings, my second and also my favorite was my ear industrial. At this point I had only had my tongue pierced, and being over three years ago i was still in school. I live in Sydney, Australia, and trust my piercings only with Lord of the Jewels. There are a few of them in Sydney, but Chatswood is by far the closest to me. They have a very professional, surgically clean environment, and i find the price good and the service even better. I've since forgotten her name, but the old Piercer at this Studio has done ... read more

The first piercing, the first stretch.

My interest in body modification started a little later than for others. I had never had so much as an ear piercing. Throughout high school, while others were getting their lips, noses, eyebrows and unmentionables pierced, I was content to finish life with the same amount of holes that I started with. I stayed uninterested for a long time, actually. Even tattoos, usually a staple of the white, middle class male, didn't hold a whole lot of appeal for me. I saw my buddies getting their generic flash tribal design tattoos and all I could think was, "Wow, you're kind ... read more

Guess who fainted?

I'll admit, when it comes to choosing any sort of piercing, I sometimes jump the gun. It is safe to say that my tragus was very spur of the moment, a celebration of being of the legal age to no longer need parental consent. I did research on the piercing before going, but it was not incredibly extensive, regardless of that I was feeling confident that it would be a minimally painless procedure (I was hoping for the best there, some people had told me that it is the most painful piercing). On Friday, I phoned ahead to Adreline on ... read more

My very first cartilage piercing!

It was about three weeks ago when I got that sudden rush to the head that means I really wanted to get a new piercing. I wouldn't say I'm a piercing veteran, but I've had a few more than most and I was ready to get my very first cartilage piercing. Plus, my birthday had just passed and I thought it was a good excuse to buy myself a birthday present. Most of the piercing I've had were done at a particular salon, and I always went with the same friend. Since my last piercing I've moved closer to the ... read more

12g piercing to 4g tunnels

It all started on a sunny Friday in June. I had long been missing the sweet sensation of a needle through the skin, after all my labret had been out for 4 months. Feeling like I could use some metal in my body, I decided to get both my ears pierced, intending to stretch them. After strenuous research, I had chosen a shop fairly close to my house called True Blue Tattoo; I set out on a drive with my good buddy. We pulled up to the place, it was a small shop in the corner of a tiny shopping ... read more

You could say I'm a piercing rookie

I've always been interested in piercings, and my parents say I can get whatever I want done and if I do something stupid it's my own fault (which is a nice agreement to have) but both of them are too queasy to actually come to a studio with me. So I had to wait until I turned 16 to get pierced. As my school is pretty strict on facial jewelry, I have to wait until the Christmas holidays to get my lip pierced. After browsing BME I decided I wanted a rook piercing; it's not too in-your-face but looks very ... read more

My ear-rim piercing gone wrong!

After being obsessed with piercings for more than a year, and having many friends who were riddled in them, I decided to start on my ears. I had my tragus pierced in November and it was so horribly painful. But that didn't stop me piercing more places! I had never really liked ear-rim piercings. My 2 brothers had theirs done last year and they said it felt like a sharp staple but it wasn't as painful as they thought it would be. However, in February this year my friend Kate decided to get her nostril pierced but she pleaded me ... read more

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