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My beautiful Industrial

Hi, I've always wanted my industrial but never had the guts, which is weird because I have many other piercings including my nipples...I just have a weird pain thing for ear piercing. I don't know how I came up with the idea that it would hurt more than that but I did. Ha-ha So after long hours of searching on BME and considering which type of industrial I wanted and where I wanted it, I found the one which I thought would suit me the most. And that ended up to be from the top of my ear near my ... read more


My conch piercing was my first major piercing. Prior to it, I had had my earlobes done three times each, had a septum piercing, and a ribcage tattoo. Needless to say I had no idea what to expect. I wanted to get both conches done at the same time until someone reminded me of the fact that I would have great difficulty sleeping. PRE-PIERCING First came the convincing of the parents. I am old enough to get pierced without their permission, but after doing that once (septum) I decided that it would probably be better to ask first. Anyways, they ... read more

5mm (4gauge) cartilage stretch

Before I get into this, hindsight is an amazing thing! I was debating between a punch and stretching, I decided on the latter for the strange and simple reason of "if I get it punched its over and done with and I will be bored afterwards!" stupid reasoning but it worked for me at the time. I pierced my ear myself, I knew the risks but didn't have £25 to spend out on a new piercing – so I grabbed an old stud earring and pretty much just shoved it through my cartilage, very limited pain but lots of blood, ... read more

Rook is right!

I think I was around 15 or 16 years old when I got my rook done. I'm 21 years old now, so I honestly can't remember the exact age, but I decided to write about my experience now, because it is probably still my favourite piercing! In high school, I went through a brief piercing phase, with my ears. I only had 2 earlobe piercings on each ear, and getting my cartilage done was a big deal! But the first time I saw rook and tragus piercings, I thought they were so cute! I had never really seen them before, ... read more

My Tragus - Lucky Number 7

Alright so when I got my nose pierced at the age of fifteen I happened to have more piercings then all of my friends. Which was saying something since I had my first lobes down the year before my nose. Now then I had gotten my cartlidge pierced (With a gun, I know a major no-no.. But it turned out ok) and I had did my own second lobes by myself over the summer. (I know, another no-no but they came out alright. Guess I'm lucky) So by the time school swung around, I was aching for another piercing. Now ... read more

My Coming of Age with a Forward Helix

So I am terribly unexciting when it comes down to my experiences with piercings, or at least i was until yesterday. I, like most girls, got my ears pierced with a gun at the mall when I was about eight. I had fully resigned myself to being a one piercing kind of girl until I started really noticing other peoples' piercings. Eventually, I got hit with this urge to go get pierced. I started looking around for something that would suit me. I'm fairly simple in my tastes and didn't want anything too large or common. Having a unique piercing ... read more

Long awaited and much loved.

During the summer I came to the conclusion to extend my collection mods to include a pretty micro-curved barbell in my rook. I fell in love with this piercing when I was 13 and have since been pining for it, with no avail to mother dearest, whom only actually found out what it was called this morning. I was finally permitted to allow a stranger shove a needle through my ear cartilage, a procedure hurting only me, which is why it still seems ridiculas that I needed her permission at all, as she recognised that she was in fact saying ... read more

Industrial at Bodywork 2, Liverpool

So, I have a couple of lobe piercings in each ear, and a ring in my lip on the right side. Other than that, I'm a piercing newbie. I'd been thinking about another body mod for some time - I don't have a design for another tattoo that I'm happy with yet, but I'd been slipping back into 'everyone-else' mode again, and wanted to feel special, unique, myself. A brush with an old, bad relationship also meant I wanted to feel like my body belonged to me again. Piercing was looking more and more like the way forwards. I wanted ... read more

from pierced to 12mm in a week

OK, well two weeks ago now I was at a skate park doing the usual, and my friend came up to me and asked me if i wanted my ears pierced. I thought, why not, so he went around the skate park asking for a badge of someone. After getting the badge, he sterilized it by lighting a match under it and running it up and down, and also by dipping it in vodka. He then stuck the (sterilized) badge into my left ear. It was not painful at all, and was over very quickly. I left the badge pin ... read more

Forward Helix

After I got my bridge pierced, I was ready to get another piercing almost right away, however, I knew it had to be somewhere either not noticeable, or on my ears, because seeing my dad's reaction to a facial piercing made me think that maybe I shouldn't get anymore for a little while. So, after searching on BME for a while, I was contemplating what I was going to get. I had thoughts on a snug, a tragus, a rook, and a vertical tragus, but in the end I kind of spontaneously decided that I wanted my daith pierced (yeah, ... read more

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