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My tragus piercing

I'd been planning on getting my tragus pierced for a few months, I had already stretched my ear to a 3mm and my ear was looking quite empty. Originally my girlfriend was gonna take me to get it done (she's really into piercings) but one sunday morning my mother decided to give me fifteen pounds and I had nothing to do so I thought I'd go get it done. The only place i knew i could get it done for under that was Blue Banana, I've heard an awful lot of bad things about them and I was a little ... read more

15mm plugs - 18mm tunnels, painful but worth it

Okay, so I've been stretching my ears for a few years now. My one ear was at 15mm and the other at 1/2 inch. I've been at this size for a while and I thought it was about time to go bigger. I wanted to move up a few sizes for a while but I could never save enough money. Finally I saved up about $25 and figured it was enough to buy at least one tunnel. My ears weren't the same size as it was so it wouldn't matter. During my spare at school, my friend took me to ... read more

My Industrial...AT LAST!

I've always loved my body modifications, having my ears stretched to 8mm in both ears, my nose, tragus and belly button pierced and my gorgeous fairy tattoo. Ever since I was 14/15 I wanted my industrial done, after spending my IT lessons in school surfing BME and seeing a girl who worked in The Mirage in Las Vegas, USA who had the most perfect industrial I've ever seen! When I was 17 two of my friends had theirs done, but sadly both of them took them out due to a fault by the piercer in my local town, who pierced ... read more

Happy 18th to myself!

Yesterday was my 18th birthday, so to celebrate, I decided I wanted to get myself a cool new piercing. I already had four holes in each earlobe, but that was the extent of my piercings. I had always really wanted to get something cool in my upper cartilage, but I wasn't really sure what I wanted or where exactly I wanted it. This was my first "serious" piercing, i.e. it was the first time I'd actually gone to a studio and had something done with a needle and real body jewelry. I was so freaked out before I went in! ... read more

My Spur of the Moment Tragus

I had my first piercing when I was six, my lobes, pierced with guns which I no longer wear. Once I turned seventeen I was itching for a piercings, because tattoos are sadly not allowed in my family. My mother took me in July to get my navel pierced, and then I caught piercing fever. People had always warned me it was an addiction, and now I completely understand. All I wanted was more and more. However, I decided it would be best to wait until the end of September when I would turn eighteen. That way after that I ... read more

Conch piercing and healing.

Well like everyone else let me start off by saying I've had a few other piercings, 4 lobe holes (1st ones 7/16ths, 4th ones retired) and I had a self done septum when I was like 15 (Also retired, not recommend at all, I was young and I obviously could not pierce a straight line to save my life.) It was my 18th birthday and definitely time for a legit piercing; nothing gunned or homegrown. I was much more interested in piercings when I couldn't actually go out and get one on my own, but now seeing as I'm in ... read more

My DIY cartilage experience gone bad

Ok so first I would like to say that I have my navel, nose and 4 piercings in each ear and had the middle near the cartilage in my right ear done and I've never had any problems with them. They all healed up perfectly well. So it was last saturday night (October 18, '08) and my friend samantha was spending the night. And after a long night of downing caffeine and talking about ex boyfriends Samantha suddenly turns to me, at 2 o'clock in the morning, and says "Hey Nessa I wanna pierce my cartilage". I had always thought ... read more

Two cartilage at once? Not such a good idea.

I have thirteen piercings most of which are self done and all of which I've had little to no trouble with so when I decided I wanted two cartilage piercings (piercings number 14 and 15) next to each other getting them both at the same time didn't seem like a horrible idea. However since I am sixteen I still live with my parents who hate piercings which makes getting them a problem. I don't like doing cartilage piercings myself because its hard to see exactly what your doing and no one like uneven piercings so I usually have one of ... read more

Getting my ear to two inches

Well I really wanted to get my ears pierced so I wanted to do them cheap, and the only place around was WalMart. First off never go there for your ears, guns are bad for your ears, but when I went there I did not know about that. So I went in and paid the money and then I was done sitting there at a 18 gauge. I went home and found out my ears did not like what was in my ear so I took it out and I just so happen to have a 16 gauge crescent that ... read more

Tragus Piercing = Love.

I've had quite a love for piercing for a while now. I had my ears done when I was little, and pierced my own second and third sets of lobe holes myself. Then, just before i turned 15, I had my navel pierced. Since then, I had gone over a bunch of piercing that I thought i wanted, but wasn't quite sure. One day, and I'm not sure how I decided on this, but I decided I wanted to pierce my tragus. I can't remember where I first saw the piercing. Maybe here on BME, or come to think of ... read more

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