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My early little Christmas Present

So I know everyone says how much they were into piercings when they were little and all that jazz, but I found some to be really cute and had started to plan what I wanted at the age of about 8 or 9. Anyway, onto my experience. I saw my first scaffold at probably 9 years old, it was strange, and I found it fascinating, hence my growing interest in body modifications It happened today (5th December 2008, 14:14). I have currently started my first year in college so the rules of piercings/hair/tattoos and things have basically vanished, and I ... read more

Tragus Piercing

I've wanted my tragus pierced for a long time and it took a while to build up my courage to get it done, I knew who I was going to trust to do it as Iv let Salamanders do everyone of my piercings. I made my way up to Derby with my best friend who was also having he r tragus done and I booked in to have my tragus pierced, while I was waiting I felt really nervous and sick which I'm sure most would before getting a new piercing, I was talking a load on nonsense to my ... read more

DIY Piercing and My (Bloody) Stetching Experience

The History Well, to start off, I had never had a piercing up until early October. I'm only 16, and I had to convince my mom to get my ears pierced. She kept putting it off, so I resorted to doing it myself. I always had stretching in mind, even before I pierced my ears. So one Tuesday afternoon, I got home from school, grabbed my hollow 14 gauge surgical needle, and did it. I should mention that sharp pains hurt me a lot. Every story I read on BME, the person always feels no pain. Piercing me hurts, I ... read more

My small entrance to the world of body mods!

My mind was first opened to the world of body modification when I was about 13. I had signed up to a local radio stations forum and a user had started a thread, named simply "Tattoos and Piercings." It was love at first sight. Ever since first stumbling upon that thread I knew I have wanted body modifications. I fell in love with them and soon decided my first piercing would be a helix cartilage piercing. The one thing that stood in my way; Parents. They would not allow it until I was 16(the normal age for ear piercings without ... read more

my ears can handle more metal than i thought they could...

I have the smallest ears that you have probably ever seen. I think that they haven't grown with the rest of my body since I was six years old. Honestly. I got my first lobe holes gunned at claire's when I was nine. Then I got bored and did my own second holes earlier this year. I started gauging them at around the same time. Now my ears are six, and that happened about a day before I got my rook. I wasn't sure that I wanted a rook at all. At first I wanted both a rook and a ... read more

the start of a happy life

Well like lots of other 14 year old girls I wanted to be different and I wanted to stand out (I still do) I'm not sure when I started my fascination with piercings, I guess I just loved the way they looked and all the different kinds of jewelry that could be put in. But these days piercing are getting incredibly popular, but to me a helix was better than nothing. One thing that was on my side was of that my sister had gotten hers done with our mum when she was 12 or 13, I was currently 14 ... read more

Diary of an Anti-tragus

31st March 2007 I'm not 100% on how the actual piercing was done, this is the first needle piercing that I've gone in for all by myself, with no one to hold my hand.So I was more interested with not passing out. Day 1 Holy Crap! It feels like my entire ear has been pierced.....it aches on the front, it hurts on the back, it canes up the top, and it's painful down the bottom. I am taking my Advil religiously.....I don't think its helping too much, But on the plus side my ear isn't swollen, just sore. Laughing hurts...so ... read more

My Snug Piercing-- and the Lesson It Taught Me

About three months ago, I had a friend over. She had wanted to get her nipples pierced for quite a while, and I had wanted a snug piercing for a few months. My parents were not going to sign a consent form so that I could get the piercing professionally, even though I told them I would pay for it. I figured I would have to wait until I was 18 (I wasn't even 17 yet when I decided I wanted the piercing). And on that night about three months ago, she randomly got a call from her guy friend ... read more

My Dermal Adventure

Hey all, so this is my grand dermal punch adventure: So, I have wanted to gauge my ears for a great while, but I have never had the intestinal fortitude to do so until recently. I don't know why I never did it seeing as how I have a septum piercing and a body covered in traditional tattoos. I have always admired people with gauges and always wanted a pair of my own. So two days ago I finally built up my courage to take the plunge into the wide world of gauging. I just thought I would share my ... read more

The road to recovery

I'm not entirely sure why outer cartilage piercings have a reputation for being 'easy piercings' amongst those who have none themselves. Many people sport a helix or two, often even ones inflicted with mall-style guns, yet the piercings lack the same horror that, say, an industrial or a surface anchor elicits. But it seems a lot of people have trouble healing these suckers, with healing times apparently averaging a year, sometimes taking even longer. To my (dis)credit, this was something I wouldn't find out until after this particular piercing experience. It's common knowledge that the state of one's physical health ... read more

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