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Painless Anti-tragus

Two days ago I went to get my anti-tragus pierced for my 18th birthday. I had been waiting to get this piercing for about two years, and had to wait until I turned 18 because my parents won’t sign for it. Other than the anti-tragus, I have 10 ear piercings- 3 pairs of lobes, 1 extra lobe on the right ear, and 3 cartilage on the left ear. I self-pierced everything other than two of the lobe pairs which were done at Claire’s when I was younger and unknowledgeable of their evil piercing gun ways. Thanks to Claire’s I have ... read more

my painful anti-tragus

There's only so long you can go for without wanted to get a new piercing its totally addictive and I was having this all to familiar feeling a couple of weeks ago. To feed my piercing habit I decided I would get something on my right ear pierced (due to the fact that I was beginning to feel a little lopsided as I have a 0ga flesh tunnel, 3 lobe, 2 helix and my tragus pierced in my left ear and only 2 lobe piercings in the right), so I decided to search the BME site for inspiration. I narrowed ... read more

My painful antitragus piercing

I am 'into' the whole body modification and piercing thing, and i felt like i would like a new ear piercing but i could deciede what to get pierced. I foudn the idea of getting my rook pierced quite appealing, so i went to my prefered studio (Tattoo 2000 -in rugby), and also arranged to meet a friend (sean) and his girlfriend (becky) there. Sean was to get his inner ear conch done, and i still wasnt sure what to get pierced. I had rook in mind but still wasn't certain.... I had already told sean i wanted to be ... read more

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