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De como me inicie al body piercing

Aun recuerdo cuando mi hermano mayor se perforo el lobulo de la oreja izquierda .Toda la familia se escandalizo,todo el barrio lo comentaba.Seria el año 1984 y en Argentina si un hombre llevaba el pelo largo o las orejas perforadas era terrible para el resto de la gente. En esa epoca si un varon decidia perforarse el lobulo tenia que ser el izquierdo ,ya que hacerlo en el derecho era de "maricas" mito que aun hoy sobrevive...y quiere ramificarse hay tipos que cuando vienen a perforarce la ceja o la nariz me preguntan de que lado se hace. Fue ese ... read more

BMEFest 2005

In 1994, when I first joined AOL, I met a guy in a chat who introduced me to the rec.arts.bodyart newsgroup (RAB). On RAB, I met a bunch of jerks... and some really special people. One of them is Shannon Larratt. Before I learned better than to put my emotions out on the web, Shannon provided some honest emotional support for me. I could open up to him without fear of him spilling my secrets. Indeed, he was a constant source of reassurance. I don't think that Shannon knows how much he has done for me. Imagine being the fat ... read more

My first BMEfest, just great.

It was a regular Wednesday for most people in the most polluted city, but not for me, I usually wake up at 7:30am but that day my alarm clock went off 30 min earlier, I've has as awake as I could be I knew something big was about to start and I was ready for it. The plane left at 10:00 and I was more calmed ready to embrace everything that should happened, there's no turning back it's all in motion and I'm loving every detail. Arrive, taxi, hotel and I meet the first BMEfester Rana iam:HolyJesusBoner we arranged to ... read more

How I Spent My Summer Vacation....

I has a pretty stressful couple of weeks/months leading up to going away for BMEfest. I was broke, depressed, stressed, broke, unemployed, broke, did I mention broke? I worried constantly about going away. Would I have enough money? Would I regret losing a week of job hunting time? What the hell was going to happen to me when I came back? I knew I was going no matter what, but the knowledge did not fill me with the happiness I knew I should be experiencing. Finally Jen, (savagerabbit) was here and I had managed to scrape together some money for ... read more

Living in Rural Florida and Being Heavily Tattooed

I grew up in Indiana, about 20 minutes from Chicago. When I was younger I pretty much stayed in my little town in Indiana. But when I grew older, into my teens, I ventured to Chicago quite often, sometimes staying over night there with friends. When I turned 18 I moved out and went to live with my really good friend, Michelle, in Chicago in her small apartment. It was a hole in the wall, but she was smack dab in the center of everything it didn't matter. Besides the fact that we were hardly ever home. We were always ... read more

Lifestyle Open Information Day

Saturday the 23rd of April - Lifestyle, my favorite piercing shop, was having its open information day. A bunch of iam-ers were going to be there, so I decided to go too. I met most of them before at the first Truth Seekers Syndicate Event that I attended, but there were also a few people I didn't meet yet in real life. The open information day meant discounts on jewelry, live psy-goa-trance music by DJ Alphar, drinks and candy, and of course: modifications! At 2 pm Ego Kornus was going to do a ritual performance, Rule would be traditionally tattooing ... read more

ModfestV3.0 - " I became a true believer "

In my first article about Modfest I focused on its history and philosophy. This time I am going to share with you the story of my first visit at Modfest and show it to you through my eyes. This happend about a year ago. I had never heard about this event before and had no idea what this event was all about, until I heard about it from my friend. He partcipated in all previous Modfests and, knowing my interests in body modifications, told me I should attend the event, too. His stories about Modfest, my passion for body modification ... read more

Body modification in Jomon Japan

Hello all, here's a bit of research I did about body modification in Japan in the Jomon period (10.000 - 300 BC. circa). I hope you enjoy it, even if it is by no means exhaustive, as I only had access to material in English - so please DO NOT quote it elsewhere or the like. In case you're interested in the subject please refer to the enclosed bibliography. Thank you! **** Body modification in Jomon Japan. In this essay I would like to review the evidence of practices of body modification in Japan during the Jomon period. Moreover, I ... read more

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