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Personal Reflection on Body Modification.

Body Modification and Its Meaning in My Life: A Personal Reflection on Body Modification. Body modification has always played an important role in my life, as well as many others in the world. It is such a widespread practice, that there is no inhabited continent where it is not practiced. There are many degrees of body modification, and it is mainly in Western society where many are separated from the normality of society because of their modifications. There are many reasons why people get their modifications, reasons varying from simply cosmetic to rites of passage to personal spiritual meaning. My ... read more

Becomming A Respectable Tattoo Artist

I have always had a fascination for extending my artistic abilities into the world of tattooing. However, starting out as an apprentice in a professional studio was out of the question because here in my country (somewhere in Africa) there are only two studios and in my opinion definitely not professional. I will explain. I finally took the plunge and ordered my first tattoo kit which comprised of a liner, a shader, tattoo inks, books of flash designs and an instructional video. I couldn't wait for delivery and the 6 weeks that it took to arrive seemed like an eternity. ... read more

Waifs and Strays will take over the world!

A couple of weeks ago, a new girl joined IAM, her name is fairyclaire and she actually lived near me! I couldn't believe it! No-one from IAM seems to live near me, and I thought that it would be great to meet her. I became a major stalker on her IAM page (I out stalked Dee easily!) and couldn't wait to organise a mini meet between myself, fairyclaire and Dee. All intents and purposes it was supposed to just be a day out with the three of us, hanging out and getting to know each other in person. But then ... read more

Remembering my first piercing... nearly 20 years later

I grew up a military brat... US Air Force to be exact. In 1982 dad got orders to be stationed in Misawa Japan. We were living in Florida the time. The florida stint was the first I could recall knowing so many civilian kids. They weren't nice. They made fun of us for moving to Japan. I'm sure you can muster up some negative stereotypes of Japanese (and oddly, Chinese) people they threw at us (myself and my brothers). It wa brutal. I'd never recognized such hostility toward "different" people. I would not miss moving away from those people. By ... read more

Suspension at Download Festival

I have always been quite intrigued by suspension. It has never been a ritual that I myself have been interested in experiencing, but I have, with great interest, read BME members experiences of suspension. Like all mods/rituals I often find the stories behind them more interesting than the event or end result. I know that my personal mods(piercings) came about when I went through a great deal of emotional change. In June this year I went to my first music festival, Download which is an annual festival based at Donnington Race track. As well as being overwhelmed by the amount ... read more

Suspensions in the woods

It was a bright sunny day, a perfect day to have a suspension meeting outside in the woods. And that was exactly the plan for that day. Colin came by to pick me up (and buy my boyfriend's bass guitar). Together we drove to the train station in Venlo, the meeting point for the event. We met Be, Steffen, Bert and his friend, who were already at the station. One by one others followed: Jan, Jerry, mpatshi, Marisa, Dan, Sharon, combatiple, Kor, Brigitte, Rule, and several non-iam people. When everybody had paid their entrance and/or suspension fee to Brigitte, we ... read more

Great Lakes BBQ v.05

Every year I go to the Great Lakes BBQ and come home complaining that I didn't meet near as many people as I'd hoped to, because I'm painfully shy. I usually bring an entourage of non-iam friends, so I at least have company while I hide in the corner and people-watch. Unfortunately, none could come this time around! So this year, I decided that I was determined to meet at least 5 people that I had never talked to before. Fully expecting to fail, I helped load up the car and we were on our way! My younger brother and ... read more

A Family Brought Together

A lot of the people I know who have any form of body-modification have often had trouble with one or two relatives, or with members or their chosen religion, due to the fact that what they choose to do with their own bodies isn't "normal." This experience is along the same lines, but has a different ending when compared to most of the situations that my acquaintances have experienced. Generally when a friend has done something like getting a piercing, or a tattoo, or anything like that, his or her parents or guardians have had some problem with it. This, ... read more

Sandy Cracks UK

Were they real? How could I be sure, unless I met them all? Would I be laughed at? Would I feel left out? How would I know unless I went ahead and went through with it? I was browsing the Events board on BME, looking for something, anything, that was happening close to home, and not in another country! Eventually I found something... and it was called SCUK2. SCUK2, what is that? I check, and found it to be a BBQ/Munch/Meet, which was to be held near Liverpool! I signed up, and started the process of getting to know people ... read more

"My Mexican Vacation" or "How BME Fest Changed My Life"

I arrived at La Paz airport at about 7:30 pm, local time, on the twenty-second of June. I was exhausted from a trip that I had started four take offs and four landings earlier in Newark, NJ. There were other IAMers on my final flight, and I looked forward to seeing if anyone was staying at the same hotel, so that I might share a taxi. I said hello to the other IAMers and started chatting as we waited around the baggage carousel. One by one, everyone picked up her or his luggage and walked through the security set up. ... read more

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