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A 'Day in the Park' That Wasn't Quite So.

Today I shall tell you a tale. The sad, pathetic tale, of my BMEfest 'Day in the Park' that wasn't quite so. I have been on IAM for 3 years and using BME as my main source for Body Modification related education/information for longer. Ever since I heard of it years ago, I had wanted to attend BMEfest. Unfortunately it wasn't really an option. Prior to moving to Toronto I lived in small rural town and it wasn't in the cards to come to the city for the event. Once I moved to Toronto, to pursue a University education, I ... read more

Reality Tattoo

As anyone with their eyes open knows, tattoos are becoming more and more, shall we say, popular and trendy. In keeping with trends, within the past year, cable television has brought us two new reality television shows (also another trend) focused around tattoo shops. On A&E, we have Inked. Inked takes place in Huntington & Hart located in the Palms Casino, Las Vegas. Then we have TLC's Miami Ink. Miami Ink based in Miami, Florida (of course) follows a custom shop opened up by four friends. Although these two shows are based around the workings of tattoo shops, that is ... read more

A Modern Awakening

In the past few years, forms of the body modification culture have been gaining more and more popular attention, but I hesitate to say acceptance. Tattooing and piercing have begun to transcend their rebellious past and come to fruition as artistic expression. However, this does not mean that acceptance has been rampant. The pop culture influx of tattooing specifically has been reflected in dedicated television series such as Miami Ink, Inked, and more historical perspectives aired on the History and Discovery channels. The popularity of programming such as this reflects a fascination by proponents and enemies alike. It seems likely ... read more

The Social Psychological Perspective of Body Modification

There are many techniques within Social Psychology that are used to dissect and explain human perspectives and the interaction of these perspectives within an individual, between individuals, or within a group. Most of the social interactions that humans have can be explained by one of the many social psychological perspectives. Last summer, I was forced to make a difficult choice because of the bias of a possible employer against the Body Modification community. She made judgments about my ability as an employee based on my visible body piercings and forced me to reevaluate my social role. Her actions can be ... read more

What Makes a Good Role Model?

What makes a role model? "Mundane" people tend to see us modified people as scary, or deviants, or psychologically warped, or any number of negative things. They look at the tattoos, or the piercings, or the scars, or the stretched holes, or the brands and think "Oh, what's wrong with that person that he has to make himself so ugly? I just don't get it!" Well, as a modified individual living with a very large and opinionated conservative and decidedly-unmodified family, I've heard it all. I have four tattoos, 12 piercings, and 00ga lobes. My aunts, uncles, grandparents, brothers and ... read more

Follow-up experience to my 1st Tattoo

After getting my first tattoo nine months ago - a tiger from knee to ankle on the outside of my right calf - I was very concerned about people's reaction. As I described in my first story back in December, I had never considered getting a tattoo. My husband has many tattoos and when we got together he was the one who planted the idea in my head. I was always concerned about what other people would think about a lady with a tattoo - and this was a major mind-block for me. My husband kept saying not to worry ... read more

Comparing tattooing from the 1970's to today

I first became interested in tattoos when several of the guys came back to school for our senior year with tattoos. This was in the middle 1960's. But it wasn't until the early 1970's when I got my first two tattoos. At that time there weren't as many tattoo shops around like there are now. You also saw a tattoo artist at country fairs. I was a little scared to get a tattoo even though I knew where a shop was located in the same city I was working in and I knew of artists at two fairs. It wasn't ... read more

We Were Meant To Feel Pain

The most commonly asked question that modified people get from the mostly non-modified public is: why? I was sitting with one of my closest friends in the world last night, we were up all night attempting to finish an essay he had due the next day. We stopped to take a break from the massive amounts of writing he was doing--and I was helping with--and I took him to bmezine.com just to give him an insight as to the kinds of modification I am interested in, as well as a glance as to what the modification culture involves. My dear ... read more

Richmond Suspension Social/BBQ 2005

I had been looking forward to the Richmond Suspension Social for a good long while since we, Holy City Suspensions, had been asked to do the suspensions. I was so excited to see all the good Iam people again that I had met at the past Raleigh BBQ. After a good month of planning, we were ready to head up to Richmond to see some great people, and hopefully help some people change their lives in the process. We were not going to Richmond for us, we were going to Richmond for the people who wanted to suspend. We get ... read more

Looking the Part - nonmodifying mods

Even though in today's world it seems there is more and more of a tolerance for those who live a more alternative lifestyle be it a slightly modified lifestyle or one that is more extreme, there is, ironically, a taboo aura that seems to follow those that choose to live a more altered existence. Like any taboo, it seems there is a following for various reasons, one being the full experience of having the modifications done to just experiencing the culture and community. For me personally, owner of 1 tattoo and double pierced lobes (non-stretched), it is definitely not about ... read more

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