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Piercer going cross country on moped to find home

I am 24, and have been piercing for about 7 years. I have recently been doing more of the extreme types of body modification, learning everything I can as I go. I live in an area that has very little acceptance of modified people, and the market for piercers and tattoo artist here is one of the worst Ive seen. A local shop is doing a "but a $40 tattoo, get a free piercing" deal right now. When I first came here, $10-$20 was the average going rate of a piercing. Now let me say this: I am not now ... read more

NorCal SusCon

I got a bit nervous when I saw NorCal SusCon up on the BME Events page. I'd been looking to do my first suspension, and seeing this as an opportunity to get that done, I began my usual routine of trying to talk myself out of it. "San Jose," I thought to myself. "Let's wait for a SoCal SusCon." One month later I'd made my deposit (for my own suspension) and was packing my bags. I'd never been to an event like this (or any BME meet, for that matter), so I wasn't entirely certain what to expect. I'd also ... read more

Setting myself free....

I consider life a journey of discovery. I cannot, and will not define myself in any one way. I have no label. I feel that every day that I live, I change. Each experience adds something new and different to my life. I cannot be who I was yesterday. I think that is impossible. Some say I have no sense of self. But I do, my sense of self is that I am ever-changing. I accept it and I love it. Body modification to me is something new. Something I only recently allowed myself to enjoy. I say allow because ... read more

My Life and Death as a Modified Person

I must first warn you, this is somewhat of an autobiography. Before you make any assumptions, no, I am not suicidal; no I am not going to kill myself; and no, I did not die. I am writing this because I want people to know what it is really like to be a modified person, not just someone with tattoos and piercings. Personally, I see being a modified person, not as a choice, but a way you're made. I shall begin at the age of two. My mother took me to get my first ear piercing, standard left lobe, no ... read more

The best birthday I could have asked for.

You know when sometimes you'll get an idea in your head and then assume it'll just stay like that? Well that's how I'd been living my life for, well... all of its duration, so it never occurred to me that little suggestions in October 2005 would have actually came to me hosting a mini IAM meet just after my birthday at the end of January 2006. It all just started off as off-hand comments about how it'd be nice to spend some time with some of my favourite people around my sweet 16th and ended up with some wicked memories. ... read more

Lets "hang out"

So, here I am, 19, totally into the body modification culture and I had never seen a suspension in real life. That all changed this weekend when a couple of "IAMers", my boyfriend, and I all went to the ROP (Rites of passage) BBQ in Pittsfield, Mass. I had seen many pictures of suspensions on bmezine, and my piercer has hung a couple of times, as well as helped pierce a couple of time. While waiting to get my first tattoo back in July, he had nothing to do, so we sat and he told me a little about suspensions ... read more

BMEfest - A Negative Experience Can Turn Positive!

After my BMEfest 'Day in the Park' experience didn't go as planned (A 'Day in the Park' That Wasn't Quite So), due to my extreme shyness, I wasn't entirely sure that I even wanted to attend the evening portion of the event. However, my boyfriend, Brandon, encouraged me to do so. Around 8:00pm Brandon and I ventured out into the rain to the subway station. Compared to those who had to buy plane tickets or drive long distances to attend BMEfest, our journey was not far – perhaps a 20 minute subway ride. While on the subway my nerves were ... read more

Do Not Think! Do Not Fear!

I painted my fingernails black as a kind of my own memento: "do not take anything seriously! Just open up and embrace everything that you are about to encounter." Very symbolic and pathetic to some degree but I guess I needed all confidence I could find in myself. Once more I checked my backpack and a small notebook with phone numbers of two IAM-ers I was supposed to meet in a few days. This is it; there is no way back now, I guess? It was all delayed – all of this should have taken place last year when I ... read more

The greatest weekend

I thought I'd give you an insight into the best weekend of my life. The whole thing started with a random text message from the BME Phonebook forum on IAM. I got a text from a lady called Laura (IAM: Lozza_mc) and after that we began talking online and it was hinted that I should go to her birthday meet in February. At that point I didn't think that it'd happen but I spoke to my close friend and fellow IAM user Amy (IAM: Altered) and she seemed up for taking the trip to Penrith and staying in Laura's house ... read more

Finally, I get to attend BME fest!

"Hey Jamie what are you doing on Canada day?" "Nothing much just going to Toronto for the day" "Oh yeah, want to come to BME fest with me?" "What the fuck is that?" So I told her it's one of the most sought after body modification events that occur on a yearly basis and people come from all over the world to attend one of these things. I was determined to go but wasn't exactly sure how I was going to manage this one. That is until I called one of my best friends in Ontario and she along with ... read more

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