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Cranial and Dental Modification among the Maya

Evidence of body modification can be seen in almost every culture throughout history. Some of the most common forms of body modification include tattooing, body piercing, the filing and reshaping of teeth, and the binding of different parts of the body such as the head or feet. When analyzing skeletons the only forms of body modification that can be seen is that of work done on the teeth and binding done to different parts of the body. The other examples we only have record of from pictures and ethnographic accounts since there is no evidence left on the individual’s skeleton. ... read more

The Beginnings/My Short Story

I’ve been wanting to be a piercer since I was in middle-school. I guess I've always had a fascination with the human body. I also had a deep fascination boarder-line obsession with the different ways the human body can be modified for the sake of beauty,sacrifice,ritual,religion,etc. I also found medical oddities, and freak-show literature, and culture very interesting. From virtually living in the Mutter Museum to studying the art of Joel-Peter Witken, HR Geiger, and others, I found my niche in what I am passionate about and what interests me the most. I knew I wanted to be a piercer ... read more

In Defense of the Shopping Mall Ear-Piercing

This story is about how it took me twenty-five years to get my cartilage pierced. Back in 1983 when I was a teenager, there were no such things as piercing studios. It must seem hard to believe to teenagers nowadays, but back then if you were a guy, just having an earring was considered pretty freaky. Go to Youtube and type "Kristy McNichol Matt Dillon" into the search bar, and you'll get to see a clip from the movie Little Darlings. That's what teenagers looked like back then. Boys and girls alike all had long, feathered hair and fashion hadn't ... read more

My Interest in Modification

I realized from a very young age that I was different. I don't think I fully comprehended what my future might hold, me being interested in the things I was, but I can't say that I have regrets about any of it. I remember being a mere six years old and headed into kindergarten when I asked my mom if I could have my ears pierced. She was reluctant and I was persistent. It wasn't long before she held my hand as the two forty-something year old ladies with piercing guns surrounded me. Her curly blonde haired and big brown ... read more

A Masochist's Tale - Self-Mutilation/Body Modification

***Warning: There are other outlets for the pain,frustration,anger,hopelessness you feel inside. BME is proof of that. Explore those options before following in these foot steps.*** I figured I'd take the time to reveal a bit of myself to this community. Reveal what body modification means to me. And share my self-mutilation story. I started self-mutilation when I was 12 years old. It started with cutting and progressed to burning later in life. The first time I did it it was either with scissors or an exacto knife. But I was trying to carve an upside down cross into my upper ... read more

Piercing and Tattooing with Ehlers-Danloss Syndrome

Basically, what this relates to is the difficulties in healing piercings & tattoos for those with Ehlers-Danloss Syndrome. There are several types of EDS, but whatever type you may have, healing piercings, and to a lesser extent, tattoos, can be made more difficult by EDS. Tattoos are the easy ones to heal, but the hard ones to get. My skin has a great deal of elasticity, and feels thinner than the skin of a "normal" person. When being tattooed, the skin doesn't provide the same level of resistance to pressure that yours might. Imagine trying to push a pin through ... read more

My take on "Modern Primitive"

"Modern Primitive" The Art of Body Modification Is my personal favorite art, but it is quite often misunderstood, judged, and shunned. The only boundaries that exist are the ones your body has. You can take it as far as your body will let you, letting it become a part of who you are as a person. Identifying who you are, individualizing your look, leading to the ultimate happiness: Loving Yourself, Being YOU. It's a test on your strength, persistence, and dedication. You are the artist, you are the canvas, you are the ART. This is an art that tests your ... read more

a bit of my mind

Just recently, I made the choice to have the word smile tattooed on me. That's the start of this story, although it really isn't. At first I was considering having it on my forearm, in big old English letters, but the day before it was inked in, (thank god) I chose to have it done on my inner bicep in my own writing. That day I also had the small gun on the inside of my index touched up, as it was just a few smudges of black ink somewhat resembling the shape of a gun. I know that tattoo ... read more

Experiencing a Thaipusam Festival

I had been in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia for three days, and finally it was January 30, 2007. This year1 the Thaipusam Festival would begin at midnight, on January 31st. I had been planning my trip since October and it was the only reason I had come to KL, which is said to be celebrated the biggest here. My thesis exhibit for graduate school is a video and photography project on body modification and practices, such as suspension and scarification. I came to see this festival and to take photographs but also to experience it and to have a greater ... read more

The Fire Still Burns

Some of you already know in detail,some may not. Regardless, I feel the need to tell the story. One year ago this week... May 22 2006. Evolution Body Piercing , in Providence RI, Burned to the ground. This was all courtesy of a "chef" at the restaurant in the space next to us,that had been out partying all night and hadn't slept, going in to work on a catering job,starting a grease fire while cooking a beef brisket, and not knowing how to put out a grease fire, he turned on the ventilation fan which sucked the fire into the ... read more

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