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Ear Stretching Journey

My stretching journey started when I was 10 years old, one day while playing in the local park I saw the owner of the local piercing shop and was mesmerized by his 2" ears, it was then that i new what i wanted. The next day i went down to "cosmetics plus" with my brother and purchased five 14g CBR's, and since i didn't know anything about stretching i assumed that i would be able to stretch just by putting many small gauge rings into the same hole. After about a month i had managed to get them all in ... read more

Hypertrophic Hell

I decided one day that I must be cursed. This is because my mind and heart adore body modifications, piercings especially, yet my body seems to detest them!! My first piercing was my navel, even before my earlobes. This was in February 2007. It was a well done piercings and I had no issues with. Earlobes followed in March. Then in June I decided on a nose piercing, a plain, simple stud through my left nostril. The process was slightly painful but well done again and for about a month everything was just great, it looked awesome, seemed to be ... read more


This article traces Jim Ward's contributions to the field of body jewelry, looks at the Mass Manufactured crap that has limited the ability for expression, and ends with a glance at the promising future of Custom Craft from companies like OneTribe. PREFACE: I'm in graduate school for Metals & Jewelry. You'd think that, in an environment devoted to exploring the art of adornment and craft, people would be interested in the body as an infinite canvas. But something as simple as Stretching (or Distension) is written off so thoroughly that it almost seems to offend in an unconscious manner. I've ... read more

whoopdedo a bridge

So this is the story of my bridge piercing. It starts in January of 2010. I had just gotten my first piercings [nips] and started my journey with the needle. I became infatuated with piercing, soaking up any information I could, and spending LOTS of time on BME. In January I had my nipples done and soon after my vertical philtrum and inversed vertical labret. I knew what the next step was in completing my facial project: The Bridge. Well, after about 2 & 1/2 months, a best friend, Rachel, surprised us all with a visit. She had been gone ... read more

Western Views of Footbinding in China

No one is quite sure exactly how the process of footbinding was first started or how it, gained popularity. According to an account given by John MacGowan, an English missionary who helped start the anti footbinding movement in China, footbinding started in the Imperial court sometime between 497 and 501 AD, when one of the emperor’s favorite dancing girls, who had small, deformed feet, wore beautiful silk bandages and shoes in order to hide them. In order to try and gain the favor of the emperor many of the other women in the Imperial court took to binding their feet ... read more

First suspension - 4 point Suicide

At a very young age I saw suspension for the first time. I was watching "Ripley's Believe it or Not" on TV with my parents, and I was fascinated by the "strange" looking men dangling from hooks in their flesh. My mother was absolutely horrified by it and had no interest in giving me an explanation as to why people chose to do it. I eventually forgot about it until years later. When I was about 12 years old my parents bought a computer, and I had access to whatever I wanted on the Internet. My aunt had just become ... read more

Vertical Industrial Explosion!!

Firstly I should point out that (despite the title) my industrial piercing did not explode, it just looked like it had! My 28 year old friend finally decided that after 10 years of wanting it she was going to get her tongue pierced. I went with her having been through the experience and tried to calm her nerves. She was so nervous that the only thing I could do was get a piercing myself (shame...not!) to prove it was nothing! After a few moments contemplation I decided to go for a vertical industrial through my helix & conch. So I ... read more

My wonderful Belly

I gave birth for the first and only time 6 years ago, on the 18th of March 2005. I have a wonderful little boy named Tobias (his portrait is on my middle back (done by an artist who had 8 years tattooing experience, but had despite drawing many portraits never tattood a portrait but wanted to, but without portraits in his portfolio couldn't 'sell' the idea of a portrait tattoo to any-one, so I donated my back for him to do his first portrait tattoo, the result is better than a lot of portraits I've seen & not as good ... read more

Finally getting the tattoo I'm proud of

This is just my story about a tattoo I've always wanted to get (well, let's not say always, but for the past five years), and perhaps a warning about getting a tattoo as well. I was raised on a 30 foot sail boat when I was a kid, and for twelve years we lived strictly off the sea and what the sea could provide for us. We travelled through South America typically, though to get there from Canada was a long journey through the US and then the Bahamas. That part of my life is something I hold very close ... read more

Finally got an industrial.

For a little over a year, I have been wanting an industrial piercing. I was afraid that I would not be able to get one since I have small ears. I have read online some ears are not suited for Industrial piercing cause they are too small, some parts of the ear sticks out or whatever. BUT after a year of wanting one I got up the money, and courage, to get one. I went to a place called Lucky Draw Tattoos. My friend had recently gotten a tattoo from them, so I thought it was a good place to ... read more

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