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The evolution of my tattoos

The evolution of my lower leg tattoo/s (A work in progress) This is the story not of a first tattoo, or even a tenth tattoo, I am heavily tattooed, all large pieces, I have around ten, so this is more like a story of an eleventh , twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth tattoo, though I have brought these separate , related ideas together into one cohesive design, which I hope will eventually cover my entire lower right leg. It is also most defiantly my nerdiest tattoo. All my other tattoos are ravens, wolves, nature spirits, adder snakes and so forth, in ... read more

Eyeball tattoo diary

On wednesday 9th on June I got both of my eyes tattooed. Pure black. There's quite a few pictures of them around already as it's utmost extreme thing to do and if anyone, ever, wants those done, they should be 2000000 % sure that they know all the risks and are ready to live with them in the worst case scenarios. The whole eyeball tattooing started with Shannon and Pauly (with few others if I don't remember incorrectly) in 2007. These were done by Howie (LunaCobra) and later on he did few more. To my knowledge he's done 6 in ... read more

Double Helix, Double Pain

I've had an interest in body modification for a few years. After my first holes, I was satisfied for a few years. When I was 14, I fell in love with double lobes. After much pleaing, bargaining, and persistance, I got my second pair of piercings at 15. However, I wanted more. I set my eyes on a double helix after seeing a picture of a woman with a CBR on the bottom hole, and a stud on top. It was beautiful. So I set about trying to convince my parents to let me get my cartilage pierced. My mom ... read more

Large gauge tongue piercing

I always saw a tongue piercing as the final frontier for myself. I am a DIY, non-professional piercer (which i would not recommend to ANYONE), and I have pierced almost every part of my body except for my tongue. For some reason I was always too scared to ever attempt piercing my own tongue, but had no problems piercing my nipples and VCH. A tongue piercing was always at the bottom of my list of piercings I wanted to have, until I began reading up on split tongues. My ultimate goal, at this point in time, is to have my ... read more

Twitter Tattoo!

I'm never the type of person to post on forums or take a person's opinion on a forum seriously. I'm the type of person who would rather do extensive research on an artist before committing to a tattoo. I didn't even end up doing that either when I decided on David Engbaek to do my teacup tattoo. In fact it was twitter that connected me to him. I'm a blogger with about 4,000 subscribers worldwide and I found one follower particular. Back then his moniker was "ottotattoo" and one day out of sheer curiosity, i decided to peep his online ... read more

A Body Modificationand Bonding Weekend

For the longest time a friend of mine, Natalie, has been saying we should meet properly (we met on an online forum) and on a split second decision three weeks ago we set a date for a fun weekend. During those three weeks we decided we should get a tattoo to mark the occasion – just something small and a little random - a puzzle piece with rainbow colours “washing” through it. I got it all booked in with a local artist in my home town of Stamford called Adi Earl (of Earl's Tattoo Studio). Three days before Natalie was ... read more

My lovely venoms.

I've always been a big fan of unusual things; I love people reacting to me like they've never seen something before, so obviously I've never been a big fan of central tongue piercings. I wanted to push my love of unusual piercings even further, and after looking around online, I fell in love with the idea of venoms. I'd never seen anyone in real life with them before, and they looked so much sexier and attractive than a silly old central one. Being 16 and still at school, I didn't have much money, so I decided to get them done ... read more

first piercing

I have been thinking of getting my nipples pierced for a long time. Then one day came when I decided that I would get my nipples pierced. I first made a call to one of the tattoo and piercing shop which was quite well known. I told the person which I assumed to be the piercer that I will be on my way down in about an hour's time. He said okay. To my dismay, when I reached the shop, he told me that he had a tattoo appointment at that time and that he was not able to do ... read more

Tongue Web Piercing

About a year and a half ago, I became obsessed with piercings. I would browse BME all the time, reading stories and looking at all the pictures. At the time, I had two standard lobe piercings on each ear, and a belly button piercing (which went horribly wrong, by the way, but I'll save that for another stoy). Now, my parents were quite strict, and only just allowed me to get my second lobes done the year before (and the belly button was done without their permission), but I really wanted to get a new piercing. I was a bit ... read more

Another spontaneous tattoo!

Both times I've gotten tattoos, it's been spontaneous. Even though I have the idea in my head of what tattoo I want, I have never had it booked or decided what day I get it done- I just decide on the day that I should go and get it. I think, in some ways, it's better that having it booked a week in advance or something, and then knowing exactly when it's going to happen, and not being able to wait until that moment, or having time to think about it some more and chicken out, or what have you. ... read more

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