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Worth it?

Last year, I went through a really hard time in my life and in an uproar of stupid teenage rebellion I ran away from my problems, psychologically and physically. With an Amtrak ticket from Penn Station to Springfield Massachusetts I felt like the further I went, the easier life would get, so from Massachusetts I would buy yet another train ticket elsewhere.

On my way to the city, the train stopped at Jamaica and the first thing I saw was "Free Piercings." The sign brought a smile to my face and beckoned me to step off the train. Lured by the shiny billboard and crowded streets I walked around for a bit and ended up a cute little parlor I had gotten my other piercings at. I touched my ear and knew exactly what I wanted done. It worked for me in the past: Have a hole in your heart? Well then make a hole in your skin.

A man about 22 years old took out a marker and marked where he thought I should put it. After looking at it from every possible angle, I nodded excitedly and put down the mirror. He took out a disposable needle, put on his gloves, and went right to it. I barely felt a thing. It was a slight pinch when the needle first broke through my skin, but honestly, pulling it all the way through and inserting the bar didn't make me scrunch my face in pain like I thought. I could literally feel the needle go through skin then cartilage then skin again. It's a thick piece of cartilage so I thought it would hurt more, but it didn't. Since I don't have much meat in that area, an eyebrow bar did the trick. It gave my ear enough room to swell up and still left me a little space to clean around it. Luckily my ear didn't swell up until later on that night.

I quickly ran back to the train station and hopped on the next train, desperate to get to my destination. Even though I couldn't touch it, I constantly took out the mirror in my bag to look at my newly acquired hole. It was perfect. Cute, rare, and unique. I loved it from the moment I even thought about getting it, and now that I had it, I loved it even more. Surprisingly, I could sleep on it that very same night and every night after it. The swelling was minimal and unlike my other piercings, the hole didn't shift. I cleaned it every day with a warm salt water mixture at night and alcohol in the morning. But for the first three days I didn't touch it at all. I only used a cotton swab to wipe away any secretion or dirt from around the bar. The only hassle was not being able to brush my hair without fear of hitting my ear. Or when people hugged me and the side of my head would be crushed against their chest, that was when I felt the pain. Sometimes, (I had long hair at the tim e) my hair would wrap around the end of the bar and when I pulled my hair back, the bar would pull along with it.

While it was healing, the worst mistake I could have made was continually moving the bar up and down. This promotes dirt to seep into the hole and consequently infect your piercing and it also tears away at the newly healing skin depending on how recent you pierced it. The rook heals according to your body. The sicker you get, the longer it will take for the skin to heal. It took mine 8 month to fully heal, while it took my friend only 3. I developed a bubble over the top and bottom which I eventually popped and cleaned but like I said, everyone heals differently. Some may heal perfectly and others may look like they will heal nicely and gain a keloid later on. You never know, all you can do it take care of it and nurture your piercing as if it was a pet.

The rook needs day to day attention and if something isn't right, then something needs to be done. After it is healed, it will be worth it. I love it so much! I alternate between eyebrow bars and lip ring hoops. There are so many different ways to decorate and show it off. There are even ways to hide it when dressing up. I recommend it to anyone! Not many people have it and in that way I'm proud ( not just of this one, but all of them), and I definitely don't regret the decisions I made that day. I'm currently going on 10 piercings and I'll keep on going. =]


submitted by: lokita_bme_anon
on: 27 Jan. 2013
in Rook Piercing

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