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Self-Pierced Lobes

I can't say it was a bad experience or anything, piercing my own ears.

It wasn't painful in the least. Just sore for a few days after the initial piercing.

They're not that uneven. You can only tell if you're looking for it.

My right ear actually, told to me by a professional, was done/pierced perfectly.

I've done several piercings in my spare time, actually. Such piercings include - multiple [5-6] pairs of ears, including some stretching, one lower lip piercing, a Monroe [self], a knee [non-deep], and several other piercings. Though I'm not certified, I don't charge for my work, and it's, truthfully, as good as any professional. I take the same care - disinfecting, changing the gloves, sterilizing the metal pieces, and after-care as any other professional. It's an enjoyable hobby, and helps me in preparation for a piercing apprenticeship.

I decided on a whim that I wanted to pierce my ears, after seeing so many people having it done. I was at the non-consentable age of 17, so I had to either convince my father - not likely - to allow me to go get my ears pierced, or do them myself. And I figured that doing it myself was cheaper and less of a hassle for everyone. So I went and bought two 14-gauge plastic barbells, 91% alcohol, and a pack of 7 sewing needles. The barbells were able to be bent and what-not - probably not the right material for a fresh piercing, as all fresh piercings should have non-porous jewelry, such as glass, steel, or bone.

The sewing needles weren't the best choice, obviously, but they worked just fine. Hollowpoints are the way to go, because they actually take the skin from the hole, not just stretch it.

I marked where I thought they should go on my ears, only to mark my left ear just a millimeter too low or so - oh well. I used ice, only to reduce the chance of swelling. I personally didn't recognize that the marking on my left ear was too low, until I scrutinized the actual placement and symmetry of both piercings. I certainly hope it doesn't affect my stretching too much.

I placed a potato behind my right ear, as I didn't have any cork or anything of the sort, and through the needle went - both sides, quickly and painlessly. It bled a little bit - not much at all, truthfully. I left the needle in for a little bit, 5 minutes or so, to allow my skin time to stretch. The jewelry went in as the needle came out. And I had never been happier about the way I looked personally.

Then the second one came, and I was blissful - thus why I've got 5 more piercings.

And yes, I cleaned the potato before it went near my ear, haha.

A few months later, I started to stretch. I stretched size-by-size and didn't skip except from 12 - 8, with the consent of my professional piercer. The first day I stretched was from my 14 to my 12 on the day of an orchestra concert. Thankfully 14 - 12 isn't a huge jump, so there was no tightness or pain or swelling or anything of the sort.

When Ashley Herron of Mainstreet Tattoos in Ashland, OH [who also did my septum] stretched my ears to the next size, going from pincers to single flares, she skipped 10, because the stretching needle fell out the back. She asked if I felt anything, and considering how it just slid through and fell out, of course I didn't feel anything except the cold steel slide through the holes in my ear. From my 8-6, she did the same thing, but didn't skip a size. I went to single flare tunnels. I stretched from 6-4, however, with two steel pincers. From those steel pincers, I inserted the steel plugs two days after, quickly and painlessly. From those steel plugs, I went to two bone plugs that I had bought a few months ago, still size 4. And I rocked those for a while - one of the lightest and nonchalant pairs of ear jewelry that I've ever worn.

Recently, I purchased blue glass spirals to stretch to the size 2, and I purchased two size 0 vortex tunnels to go in next, which I'm quite excited about, because it's nearly time to size up again.

I'm planning to go to a half-inch, possibly bigger, but I'm not exactly what I want with the jewelry, so we'll see what happens.

Going into the studio to get my 3 lip and bridge professionally done - I don't want anything to go wrong or look wrong with those.

As for my septum, I currently have a size 14 orange pincer - the original size of the piercing, too. I'm considering sizing up, but I've not completely decided that.

Recommendation? Don't do it yourself - unless you "absolutely have to have the piercing[s]"


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 Jan. 2013
in Standard Earlobe Piercing

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