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My stretching journey.

My stretching journey.

First I'll tell you my current mods: i have 3mm septum, bridge, 15mm tongue, frowny, 27mm lobes, 4mm second lobe, both nipples, navel, Meatotomy, one tattoo, three scarification's and multiple retired piercings.

At the age of 14 I wanted my ears pierced for no real reason so I asked mum if I could and she said yes and left it at that.

About a week later we went to the chemist in town to get it done. (Yes I no tat its apparently bad but hey I was young and didn't know) So I picked out the studs I wanted and she asked me if I was ready, I sat down in the chair and got them done. It was pain free apart from a bit of tenderness, she gave me my aftercare sheet and off I went.

Fast forward a couple of months. My art teacher at school had his ears stretched, nothing big just 14mm and I loved them they were so different id never seen anything like it. I had the idea of stretching my ears. About a week later I went down to body art my local tattooist where I me Mick the piercer (who does all my piercings now). And asked for the smallest plugs he had, which were about 3mm so I bought them for about $20.

When I got home I tried putting them in but because I had no clue how to stretch me just got random things from around the house like phone chargers and forks to ram through the hole. Eventually after a lot of blood and pain I got one in but the other wouldn't budge so I just let it heal up.

A couple weeks later I decided I wanted my ear bigger so I found a little ting in the house to shove through which was about 4mm, which wasn't to painful to stretch. A week later I still wasn't happy with the size so I got a nail and put it though I kept doing this till it was 6mm.

I decided I wanted another piercing so I got a second lobe on my left ear (which I presently started stretching) whilst I was at the tattooist I saw a six mm claw so I got it as well and wore it in my lobe.

Having one ear stretched looked funny so I wanted my other one done so eventually I got it to 6mm so they were even. Roughly 2 months later I got a set of blue 8mm tapers. After I bought them mum said no bigger but there was some 10mm black plugs with red stars on them that I wanted, clever me told mum they were 8mm so she bought them for me after about an hour of pain and blood I got them in.

I found a pair of single flair tunnels, only problem was they were 12mm. On the 20 min walk home I put one of them in easily and the other bled like crazy. Once they healed I could stick part of my pinkie finger through the hole but I wanted to be able to stick the whole thing through so I bought a 15mm knitting needed and shoved them through, but walking around with it in my ear looked stupid.

I went and had a look for some tunnels but the closest size they had was 17.6mm so I got them. That night I was extremely drunk and thought it would be a good idea to put them in (huge mistake) bled like crazy, painful, swelling, and hurt like hell. I got one in my left ear but the right ear wouldn't go in eventually I ripped it and it went in, wow that was the worst stretch ever.

I left them about a month and they were fine apart from a small blowout and I got a set of 20mm silicone tunnel and popped them in with ease. After a while I got over them because everyone started doing it because it was "cool" so I took them out and let them close up, they got to a loose 14mm after about three weeks.

I didn't like having small lobes I wanted bigger so I popped the 20mm back in which hurt a bit but not too bad. But they still weren't big enough so I tapped them gradually to 25mm in about a month, then dad told me no bigger than 20mm so when I was home I would take them out and loosely put I the 20mm and went I went out id put the bigger ones back in . After seeing a pair of black 30mm plugs I decided they were for me, I started taping my 25mms really quick in about a week I was at 30mm with gross looking lobes.

I started trying to find work but nobody would hire me with big ears so I sadly downsized back to 14mm and hey presto I found a job so I started stretching again they are currently at about 26 or 27mm but this time I'm taking it slowly and listening to my ears. My current goal size is 38mm so hopefully I'll be there in a couple of months then who knows. I'll put some picks up when they get there.

How I stretched my ears was not the correct way, I highly recommend you do not use this method.

If you're ever around Taree go down to fallen art or in Newcastle go to sacred art because Mick is a top piercer.

Thanks for reading.



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on: 27 Jan. 2013
in Ear Stretching (past 1/2")

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