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My Decision is a Daith!

I have wanted my Daith pierced for a very long time, since I got into piercings at 12. I haven't gotten my Daith until now because I feared my ear wasn't compatible with this piercing. So I ended up getting other piercings, monroe, tongue, lobes (stretched), snug, rook, inner conch, tragus, anti-tragus, belly button top and bottom, septum, nostril, and even my hip. I had just successfully pierced my tragus. Which I used a 18g sterile autoclave needle, and 18g ring. I've been doing my own piercings with professional equipment for 4 years. I am in no way saying that self-piercing is good you should always go to professionals but i know exactly where to place and pierce and my uncle showed me things when I was younger when he used to live around here. when I decided to get my daith pierced I wanted to go get it done at Sacred Art where my friend has gotten several tattoos. I told my mom for christmas I wanted a new ear piercing she wasn't thrilled but agreed. I was planning on g etting my vertical tragus but was afraid it would reject. So I decided that I would finally get my Daith pierced. I asked my mom on the 15th and she said we would go get it done on the 17th! Which was so much sooner than I thought! I was extremely excited and nervous. I was finally getting my Daith piercing!

I had to trudge my way through school and was trying to get the thought of how painful it would be off my mind by doing perm wraps in Cosmetology. When I got home from school I quickly called my friend Jen to please come with me as I really wanted someone with me who wasn't my mom. She agreed and said after we could hang out at her house. We went to Mcdonalds to eat and get my sugar level okay before I got a needle shoved through my ear. We got to Sacred Art and I handed Stacy my school id and my mom handed her liscense, we signed some papers than my mom left to go to Walmart since she hates needles and seeing them performed. We waited for a few minutes while she set up the equpment. I picked out a small 16g CBR ring that would fit perfectly in my small ear. I looked in one of stacy's piercing book albums to see her work. I have never gotten a piercing here at Sacred Art and was relieved to see she had done several cartilidge piercings and even surface piercings and microderm als!

So me and Jen went into the room. Stacy was really nice and explained the aftercare to me saying never to touch it besides cleaning and gave me a aftercare sheet and piercing lotion. I sat on the chair and told her what I wanted as she marked my ear. It was higher than I wanted but stacy said the rest of it would be nearly impossible to pierce since i have very small ears. I said okay and layed down. She cleaned my ear and set up the needle and told me to breathe in and out. I breathed in and felt a sharp pain quickly slide through my ear. It wasn't painful just a sharp pinch and some burning. She slid in the ring and cleaned it off and said I was done. Stacy said to stay layed down until I felt completely fine. So I told her about when I got my Rook pierced which I asked the guy for a inner conch and he pierced my rook which rejected after a month because he pierced it too thin. I felt a pain in the very back of my skull but it soon passed and I stood up to see my piercing.
She wouldn't let me touch my hair to pull it back so she pushed it back with new gloves so Jen could take a picture to show me. I LOVED IT!

It was perfect and one of the beautifulest piercings I have ever seen. It really filled out my ear good since there was only 3 lobes and a 2g stretched lobe on this ear. I thanked her and we paid 35$ and gave her a 5$ tip. We left with my ear feeling a burning sensation which was lovely and the cool air felt good. I could not wait to smoke a cigarette! After Jen bared with me for a 2 minute smoke in the freezing cold we got in the car and left for her house.

It was a great expirence my piercing is perfect and I've had no problems yet with it! Since it is placed higher than a actual Daith piercing I can see it without spinning my head around. Stacy is a great piercer and Sacred Art is a wonderful clean and friendly place to go! I highly reccomend getting the daith piercing to anyone it is defenitly worth the 2 seconds of stinging! Cheers!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 Jan. 2013
in Daith Piercing

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Artist: Stacy
Studio: Sacred+Art
Location: Nazareth+PA

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