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My all amazing Daith.

My name is Courtney, I just turned 15. I currently only have my lobes, nose, tragus and now daith as my mum has only just allowed me to get some of the piercings I want but there will be plenty more in the future that is for sure. I have caught the piercing bug after having my sisters friends who's an alternative model living with us (Search her! LadyBel Genocide) and she's covered it piercings and tattoos. Also my sister have quite a few herself.

So it was my birthday in two weeks and I already decided with mum that I wanted to get 4 navel piercings- top, bottom and both sides. She agreed and said I could get the first 2 (Top and bottom)in a week or so and my sister agreed to take me there if I went to her piercer in freo, which I had planned on already as I'd heard good things about them from a couple of friends.

On the day of my piercings we drove down to Fremantle (which is a good hour and a half drive from my town) to Glamour, we walked in and I was taken into one of the piercing rooms straight away, no appointment was necessary, Lana one of the 3 piercers took one look at my navel and called in Andrea (Another piercer) to take a look at it and then they both agreed that my navel was could not be pierced as it was on a weird angle because I have scoliosis. Needless to say I was devastated, I had came a year before to get a single navel piercing and they said it was impossible and to come back in a year and I did and it was still impossible.

I didn't want to have come all the way out to freo for no reason so I decided to have a look in their portfolios and pick something out. After about 15 or 20 minutes I decided on either a industrial, daith or rook. After talking to Lana we decided on the Daith and I picked out a largeish ring with a purple gem on it. She started getting things out and told me to lie down and turn my head to the right.

Lana asked me which side and I decided to put it on the right side because I already have nose and tragus on the left side and wanted to even it up a little bit, so she marked me up and got me to check it and see if I liked it, and of course I did. Lana told me lie down and turn my head to her. She said I should probably close my eyes as there was no way for her to hide the equipment from me and I didn't want to see the needle or I would freak out.. Or pass out, which ever came first. The piercing itself was incredibly painful, I was told it's the equivalent to getting your clit pierced and that it's the most painful cartilage piercing you can and a few tears did escape when the needle was going through. But I have a really low pain threshold. It took awhile for the needle to get through as it's not the easiest place to get to and then more pain for the jewelery to get through, but not nearly as much. After it was all done the piercing still stung alot but I looked in the mir ror and I loved it. ^-^

Lana then gave me all my aftercare instructions one a sheet and wrote even more instructions on the back , which were really simple just spraying it with their spray once a day for 10-15 days then 3 times a week for awhile, it was sore for about an hour afterwards then I didn't notice it till I had an itchy ear and went to scratch it forgetting about the piercing and hit it and it hurt. I did have a little discomfort for a few nights as that's the side I slept on but now it's all fine.

The piercing was $65 all up because the actual piercing jewelry I picked was the more expensive one.

Glamour is actually really affordable and professional, and I recommend them to everyone I even took a couple of their cards to give to my friends who are all planning on going their now for their piercings and I suggest that everyone go there for their piercings if they're in the area! I had to get me first 3 piercings at Essential beauty which I was really unhappy about but I really did have no choice.

Hope this helps anyone who wants to get it, it looks amazing and the pain was really worth it. xx.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 Jan. 2013
in Daith Piercing

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Artist: Lana
Studio: Glamour
Location: Fremantle%2C+WA

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Thursday, May 2, 2013 @9:29 p.m.
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