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Ungrateful gun, transformed to Gold!

I was about 15 going on 16 when I was taken to the local mall and was allowed to get my wonderful ears tortured by that ungrateful gun. Don't get me wrong I loved my new found love of sparkling metal and zircon.

It was a wonderful feeling knowing I had something different to show as my personality, as some friends have pointed out, was dull. I was blessed with the "shyness" gene and quite fond of it.

I was always looking for something to bring me out of my shell. I tried the usual wearing of different types of jewelry and clothes. You know, necklaces, watches, rings, etc. Not to say that I don't wear any of these items these days, as a watch can be very convenient. They just weren't me at the time.

I finally thought to myself what can I do that will make me stand out to my friends and family? A new ring? Maybe a new watch? A friend of mine freed me of my decision. He came home with a fresh new lobe piercing on his left ear. Of course done by the ungrateful gun at the local Wal-Mart. I thought it looked really good, and at that moment I knew what I wanted. I wanted my ears pierced, not just one, but both.

Growing up I lived with my Grandparents, as my mother is deceased, and my father wasn't really around much. How was I to convince my grandparents to let me go along with my new desire? My grandparents were really set in their ways and to have a teenager living in their house wanting to put holes in his body was just a no way, no how situation. Well I sat them down, told them what I wanted to do, and of course was hit with the usual, "NO!" It took about 3 months of begging and bothering to finally get them to let me go along with what I so longed for.

It was August, my birthday was right around the corner and the new school year was starting toward the end of the month. Me and my grandmother took a trip to the local mall for the usual new clothes for the new school year deal. We did this every year as I hated buying clothes from the local Wal-Mart as it was common to wear the same piece of clothing as someone else. Being a teenager and shy I always wanted to look and be different.

We arrived at the mall, did our usual shopping, had some lunch then it was time for my new desire to become a reality. We went around the different places that offered ear piercing and finally decided that Claire's would be the place. The lady that did the piercing assured us that she used a new gun every time. As I sat in the hot seat I watched as she opened up the cellophane and opened the box to the new jewelry I was allowed to select. They were white gold with a zircon stone. Not to big or not to small, they were perfect to me. Sure enough she popped out the plastic white gun out of the box with one stud already loaded and ready to go. She marked my ears with a purple marker and made sure that is where I wanted them. Of course I wanted them to be perfect so I fussed a little and had her change the marks a few times. Finally they were perfect. She counted, 1-2-3... bang. Left ear was done. 1-2-3... bang. Right ear was done. She lifted up the mirror and I fell ab solutely in love with my ears. She gave me aftercare instructions and some saline solution and I was on my way.

The healing part was easy. Right after a shower I would push the stud forward let some saline drop between the lobe and the stud and twist the stud a couple of times. I would do this to the front and back of the stud on both ears twice a day. The first few days there was a crust forming on the back part of the stud but was easy to take off with some saline solution and a q-tip. Sleeping took some getting used to as I am a rough sleeper. I like to twist and turn and sometimes they would get caught in the blanket. All was well, no serious complications arose due to my sleeping habits. The healing went without problems and I was able to change my studs to CBR's in the 6 weeks they said I would be able to. I kept to my calendar very religiously as I was anxious to put in some new CBR's.

I bought a pair of 14 gauge CBR's at the local tattoo and piercing parlor, Valley Tattoo, went home and poured me a cap full of rubbing alcohol and a cap full of saline solution. I let my CBR's soak in the alcohol for 15 minutes, then let them soak in the saline solution for another 15 minutes. I would do this to clean the CBR's as it was touched by the tattoo parlor staff. I set me up some paper towels and washed my hands. I then poured the new CBR's onto the stack of paper towels. I slowly worked my piercing studs out, as they are very hard to take off due to the stud clasp being locked to the post. I prepared for what I thought would be a painful transition but to my surprise wasn't painful at all. I slipped my new CBR's in without a hitch. I cleaned them with some saline solution, moved them around a bit and was done. Immediately I fell in love with my new look. Everyone at school was full of compliments, I then knew I was satisfied.

I left my 14 gauge CBR's in for a long time and would periodically get some new ones here and there just so they looked as if they didn't lose their shine. I wore them all 5 years of high school, yes 5, I was held back a year. I just could not see myself without them, they were a part of me. I was aware of the different sizes/gauges of CBR's that were available at my fingertips but was afraid to pursue any stretching of my lobes as I had read about blowouts, and other complications arising from this type of practice. It wasn't until a friend of mine started asking me why I wouldn't go no further than a 14 gauge. Of course I explained to him why and he looked at me with this blank stare. I laughed and we went on about our day. After some thought about stretching and influence from friends I decided I would go with the next size. I went and purchased a pair of 12 gauge CBR's and waited for my Friday to come so that if I had any problems I would have my weekend to deal
with it. My friday came, I went home, did my usual sanitation ritual and proceeded to do my first stretch. I know it wasn't a major stretch but it was one step further. I removed my 14 guage CBR's and started trembling when I put the 12 close to my first victim, my left ear. To my surprise it slipped right in with minimal pain. I finished my right ear, cleaned up, and was surprised at how great they looked even just being a little thicker than the 14's. At this point I was hooked. I wanted to keep going.

The next few weeks I stocked up on 10 gauge, 8 gauge and 6 gauge CBR's. I was determined to get to a six. About every three or four weeks I would stretch to my next gauge I opted appropriate. Before I knew it I was wearing my sixes, healed and looking like gold. I loved my new found hobby of stretching. Although, I never went past a 6 gauge as I felt I would like my earlobes to still be or at least feel intact.

After about a year or so with my 6 gauge CBR's I regretfully let them go and went back down to a regular post earring. The hole shrunk and I didn't wear anything for a few years. Now I am 25 and have begun the long road to my 6 gauge wonders once again. I know a 6 gauge is small compared to what people do today but I still think they look appealing. I may try going to a 4, I have not decided just yet. I have recently went from a standard stud to a 14, then now I am on my 12's, as of a week ago. I will be stretching again on my Friday to my 10's. I still practice my sanitation ritual as I believe a healed piercing can still give you problems if you are not careful or clean. I will post pictures of my progress starting with my 12's as I did not get any with my 14's. I hope it will be as wonderful as before.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 Jan. 2013
in Standard Earlobe Piercing

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